Affirmations for building confidence (39+)

Affirmations for building confidence

  • I am confident
  • Day by day my confidence is increasing
  • Today and always, I am fearless
  • Today I take action confidently
  • Being confident comes naturally to me
  • I am free of all fears of failure
  • I am confident and determined
  • I am naturally fearless
  • I easily overcome any failures or setbacks
  • I have one hundred percent trust in myself
  • I am now bold and brave
  • I am competent, smart and able.
  • I believe in myself.
  • My personality always shines forth
  • I am outgoing
  • I have overcome shyness
  • I meet new people with ease
  • I speak out with confidence
  • I stay persistent and push through setbacks
  • I can easily overcome any of life’s hurdles
  • I face anything that confronts me
  • I am prepared for life
  • Today I face my life head on
  • I have full confidence in myself
  • I have all the power I ever need
  • I am in control of my life
  • I easily tap into my own inner strength
  • I go with the flow of life and succeed
  • Being motivated and positive is normal for me
  • I always succeed in spite of setbacks
  • I am easy going, relaxed and social
  • Confidence comes naturally to me
  • I positive, friendly and confident
  • I believe and love myself
  • I stand up to anything
  • I am naturally strong
  • I was born with an inner strength
  • I am confident
  • My confidence is increasing
  • I recognize the many good qualities I have
  • I see the best in other people
  • I surround myself with people who bring out the best in me
  • I let go of negative thoughts and feelings about myself
  • I love who I have become
  • I am always growing and developing
  • My opinions resonate with who I am
  • I am congruent in everything I say and do
  • I love and accept myself unconditionally
  • I approve of myself and feel great about myself
  • I radiate love and respect and in return I get love and respect
  • I am a well loved and well respected person
  • I am a cultured and wise and yet, a humble person
  • My high self esteem enables me to respect others and beget respect in turn
  • I am free to make my own choices and decisions
  • I am a unique and a very special person and worthy of respect from others
  • My high self esteem allows me to accept compliments easily and also freely compliment others
  • I accept others as they are and they in turn accept me as I am
  • It matters little what others say. What matters is how I react and what I believe
  • All is well in my world and I trade love and acceptance with the world
  • I have high self esteem as I respect myself
  • I deserve all that is good. I release any need for misery and suffering
  • I release the need to prove myself to anyone as I am my own self and I love it that way
  • I am solution minded. Any problem that comes up in life is solvable
  • I am never alone. The universe supports me and is with me at every step
  • My mind is filled only with loving, healthy, positive and prosperous thoughts which ultimately are converted into my life experiences
  • My mind is full of gratitude for my lovely and wonderful life
  • I consciously release the past and live only in the present. That way I get to enjoy and experience life to the full
  • Through confidence I can achieve anything
  • I respect myself and I get respect from others
  • I make every decision with total confidence
  • I love and accept myself exactly as I am now
  • I confidently face any challenge
  • My confidence in my abilities increases every day
  • I am becoming more confident every day
  • I trust my inner voice to guide me
  • I am well respected and well accepted person in the society
  • I am the director of course of my life
  • I am persistent and self reliant in whatever I decide to do
  • I face challenges with courage and conviction
  • I am proud to be me
  • Friends love me and people respect me
  • Myself belief grows daily
  • My self esteem becomes better daily
  • Self confidence is what I thrive on
  • I enjoy life more with better self esteem
  • I always go after what I want in life
  • Confidence is my natural state of being
  • Doors to amazing opportunities open to me
  • Confidence is my second nature
  • I am full of vitality and confidence
  • Thanks to my confidence, my life is exciting
  • Today God blesses me with limitless confidence
  • I make important decisions peacefully and confidently
  • I express my ideas easily, and I know others respect my point of view
  • I have pride in my past performance and a positive expectancy of the future
  • I am kind, compassionate and gentle with myself.
  • Today, I will be a better me than I was yesterday (this is number one because it is the most important one to me).
  • I can do anything that I want to do in life. All I have to do is to just believe in myself.
  • I have the power and ability to create a positive change for myself, and also for those around me.
  • I believe in myself and I believe in my decisions.
  • Happiness is a choice, not a want. Today, I will focus on being as happy as I can be and cherishing every gift in my life.
  • My ability to overcome any challenge in life is limitless, and my ability to succeed is infinite.
  • Forget what others think of me. As long as I am happy with who I am, that is all that matters.
  • The past is the past. Today, I will focus on the present and live the legacy that I want to leave.
  • I am beyond blessed to have an amazing family, fantastic friends, and a wonderful job.
  • I will only focus on the positives in life. There is no room in my heart for negativity.
  • No mountain is too high, no valley is too low. I will overcome any obstacle.
  • I deserve the best and I can now accept that. Every day of my life, I will strive to make myself proud.
  • I am stronger than any illness and negativity that might impact my life.
  • I will live in the moment to provide a better tomorrow for myself.
  • The past is the past, and I am at peace with it. I have learned from my mistakes, and I have become a better person for what I have learned.
  • Today, I will manifest all of my wildest dreams so that I can turn them into a reality.
  • Everything in life happens for a reason. Even if I do not know what that reason is, it will benefit me.
  • God has a plan for me. He doesn’t give me anything in life that He doesn’t feel that I can handle.
  • I will embrace all of my difference and unique attributes. I am an amazing person just the way I am.
  • Nothing can stop me. As long as I believe in myself, I can and will achieve happiness and success in my life.

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