Affirmations for body dysmorphia (21+)

Affirmations for body dysmorphia

  • Growth and change take time.
  • I admire and love my body.
  • I am capable of much more than being thin or sexy. I have more important gifts to contribute to this world than how I look.
  • I am confident that my body is just fine.
  • I am responsible for my happiness.
  • I avoid comparing my body to other people’s.
  • I have a body to be proud of.
  • I have to remind myself that my worth is not dictated by my exterior – that who I am on the inside and how I am with others in every day life is how my worth should be calculated.
  • I know my body is unique and precious.
  • I see my body exactly as it is.
  • I stay relaxed around other people.
  • I take a relaxed view of my body.
  • I’ve had to break up with my scale and put it in a place where I can’t check my weight daily
  • I’ve had to do positive affirmations to myself to remind myself that I am beautiful and smile to reiterate those feelings
  • I’ve had to focus more on measurements versus how much I weight to determine progress with fitness
  • I’ve had to take stock in who I surrounded myself with including God and the best friends and family I could ask for to ensure I had positive support around me
  • My body image is improving every day.
  • My body is an instrument for good, not an ornament for display. I can do amazing things thanks to my mind and body.
  • My body is beautiful.
  • My body proportions are just right.
  • My life has value and purpose.
  • My value does not come from my appearance. Nothing can diminish my value.
  • One day at a time.
  • Other people compliment me on my body.
  • Progress, not perfection, is my goal.
  • There is more to me than my body. My size or attractiveness does not define who I am.
  • Treating my body with respect leads to health and joy.

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