Affirmations for black obsidian (15+)

Affirmations for black obsidian

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage
  • I am a creator who is full of success and happiness
  • I have a protective Obsidian shield around my aura that keeps away negative people and draw in positive people
  • I peer into the mirror of time and extract the information that I need
  • I reflect upon my reflective Obsidian and visions emerge
  • I remain calm and blissful no matter what happens around me
  • I replace my fears, doubts, and anger to hope, confidence, and serenity
  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall… I attract the fairest of them all
  • My Obsidian stone fills me with passion and I burst forward toward my goal like an erupting volcano
  • Only those with goodwill and positive intentions may enter into my colorful aura
  • The Law of Attraction is drawn to me through Obsidian gemstones
  • The power of Obsidian keeps me safe when I engage in lightwork and spiritual healing
  • Time is a manmade construction- everything is in the here and now; I have access to infinite knowledge through the matrix of my subconscious mind
  • When I gaze into my Obsidian, I can mentally transcend time and space
  • When I have a destructive thought, I recognize it, appreciate it, understand it, and quickly let it go
  • When I have a negative thought, Obsidian transforms it into a positive opportunity
  • With Obsidian by my side, I’m a warrior, not a worrier

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