Affirmations for BK Shivani (25+)

Affirmations for BK Shivani

  • Co-operation, not competition is my nature.
  • Conflict is not in a relationship. Conflict is in the mind.
  • Everything I hear is clean.
  • I always have a choice.
  • I am a HAPPY SOUL.
  • I am a PURE BEING.
  • I am a WISE SOUL.
  • I am an ANGEL… light and pure.
  • I am easy.
  • I am focused.. disciplined… alert.
  • I am God’s Angel.. He uses me to give His purity and powers to all.
  • I am happy when others achieve.
  • I am the creator of every feeling.
  • I am the creator of every though and feeling.
  • I am the MAster.
  • I appreciate them for who they are.
  • I balance it with the knowledge..
  • I can see only goodness in every being.
  • I change the conversation.
  • I choose which thought to create.
  • I choose which thought to hold on to.
  • I choose which thought to release.
  • I choose who ad what stays on my mind.
  • I create my every emotion.
  • I decide for how long to think.
  • I don’t let people to tell me about others’ weaknesses or problems.
  • I empower everyone I meet.
  • I forgive myself, by not blaming them for my hurt.
  • I heal myself.
  • I let go of uncomfortable emotional patterns.
  • I let go of unhealthy habits, dependencies, addictions.
  • I radiate happiness and love to everyone.
  • I radiate my highest vibration to the present scen. My peace and power elevates even the next scene.
  • I relase the pain I’m holding on to.
  • I remain clam.. at ease today…
  • I share all that I know with everyone.
  • I shift the focus to their qualities.
  • I strictly refuse to listen.
  • I take care of my emotional diet.
  • I take personal responsibility.
  • I understand that I and everyone else recieve exactly what we deserve, as per consequences of past and present karmas.
  • Irrespective of the stimulus
  • It’s MY mind.
  • My every action is an inspiration.
  • My every thought empowers others..
  • My every word is a blessing
  • My mind is not in my control.
  • No one can hurt me.
  • Practice Humility, Compassion and Unity. Heal yourselfto heal the planet.

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