Affirmations for baseball (35+)

Affirmations for baseball

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  • I am a top performing ball player.
  • I am an incredibly fast runner.
  • I am an amazing hitter. 
  • I am committed to practicing baseball.
  • I was born to win at baseball. 
  • I have amazing hand eye coordination.
  • I am committed to always winning. 
  • I am the best baseball player in my league.
  • My mind is committed to winning. 
  • My opponents and teammates see me as an amazing baseball player.
  • I will continue to train regularly. 
  • I will boost my batting average each time I play.
  • I will boost my hitting distance each time I play. 
  • I am improving my focus under pressure.
  • I will always throw perfectly on target pitches. 
  • I will stay committed and motivated to win.
  • I am increasing my coordination as a baseball player. 
  • I will always do all I can to win game.
  • I will consistently hit impressive home runs. 
  • Every ball that is hit to me I will catch.
  • I am a natural born baseball player. 
  • My opponents and teammates see me as a naturally gifted ball player.
  • I find it easy to always throw the ball to my target. 
  • My teammates know that I always hit home runs.
  • I find it easy to win. 
  • I have amazing coordination.
  • I am always motivated to practice. 
  • I am naturally driven to play my best.
  • I am a star ball player
  • I am a fast runner
  • I am a great hitter
  • I am dedicated to practicing
  • My body is built for baseball
  • I have excellent coordination
  • I am motivated to win
  • I am skilled at baseball
  • My mind is focused on winning
  • Others see me as a great baseball player
  • I will practice regularly
  • I will improve my batting average
  • I will increase my hitting distance
  • I am sharpening my focus
  • I will throw perfect pitches
  • I will stay motivated
  • I am improving my coordination
  • I will do everything I can to win
  • I will hit home runs
  • I will catch every ball that is hit to me
  • I was born to play baseball
  • Others see me as a naturally gifted ball player
  • My throws are always on target
  • My teammates expect me to hit home runs
  • My batting average is stellar
  • Practicing baseball is fun
  • Winning comes easily to me
  • My coordination is excellent
  • My motivation to practice is high
  • My drive to play well comes naturally
  • When I’m on the mound I am relaxed and in complete control.
  • When I bring my ‘A’ game I’m practically unhittable. I always bring my ‘A’ game!
  • My fastball overpowers hitters.
  • My curve ball baffles hitters.
  • I am the best pitcher on this team and this year it shows on the field!
  • I am the closer on this team. I always slam the door shut on our opponents!
  • I can succeed with any of my pitches anywhere in the count!
  • I am a great clutch hitter. I thrive on driving in the big runs!
  • Game after game my batting average is rising!
  • This year I am hitting the ball with more authority than ever before!
  • When I’m at the plate I am relaxed and in complete control!
  • I am the toughest out this pitcher will face all day!
  • I am a great home run hitter!
  • When I get on base I make things happen for my team!
  • I am a great catcher! 
  • I have a rocket arm built for throwing out runners!
  • A great first baseman lives within me! 
  • Today that first baseman takes the field!
  • I am a great second baseman! I am a great second baseman! I am a great second baseman 
  • I get better and better each and every day!
  • I am a great shortstop! 
  • I make tough double plays look like a breeze!
  • I am great third baseman! 
  • Nothing gets between me and the foul line. 
  • My glove sucks balls up like a vacuum sweeper.
  • A great left fielder lives within me! 
  • Today that left fielder takes the field!
  • I am a great center fielder! I have the speed and the instincts to make amazing plays in the gaps!
  • I am a great right fielder! 
  • My arm is strong and getting stronger. 
  • Runners better not run on me!
  • I am a good forearm passer
  • I can receive the serve well with my hands
  • I play tough defense
  • I am a good hitter and have a variety of shots
  • I have a strong serve that I can place where I want.
  • I am a consistent powerful hitter.
  • I am fast and quick.
  • I am a varsity player.
  • I am confident.
  • I am prepared and focused
  • I am a winner.
  • I am a quick runner.
  • I am very agile on the baseball field.
  • I am confident in my reflexes.
  • I can throw, bat and field very well.
  • My team relies on my skills.
  • I am a star performer.
  • I am always in high spirits when it comes to playing baseball.
  • I am motivated and confident about winning always.
  • I am happy that my body is fit and in perfect shape to play baseball wonderfully.
  • My hand-eye coordination, and the harmony of my physical and mental abilities are always on point.
  • I love it when others appreciate me for my baseball skills.
  • I am happy that even my opponents are in awe of my baseball skills.
  • I am committed to giving my best shot every time I play the game.
  • My hitting skills are beyond amazing.
  • I have a strong arm, which makes me one of the best fielders on my team.
  • I can do well regardless of the fielding position I take.

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