Affirmations for award-winning (31+)

Affirmations for award winning

  • I have the talent.
  • I Reserve to be acknowledged by people!
  • I have worked hard!
  • I am doing the best I can.
  • Skilled people like me deserve all kinds of awards.
  • I attract appreciation.
  • I am the winner.
  • Who can play like me?
  • I am the best among the lot!
  • I will be awarded for my job!
  • I do my chore with perfection.
  • My team won because of my leadership.
  • I deserve to be the hero of the night!
  • I believe in hard work, not luck!
  • I am the winner.
  • No one can compete with me.
  • I give my opponents herd time.
  • It is not easy to win against me.
  • I am the best speaker.
  • I am a deserving candidate.
  • People are lucky to work with a person who wins awards.
  • I do not compromise with quality.
  • I should be awarded for my punctuality.
  • I am not predictable.
  • I am stuffed with good talents.
  • The company is rising under my entrepreneurship.
  • I have always given my best.
  • I will not divert from my aim.
  • I will be awarded.
  • I am a genius.
  • I have a great bond with winning.
  • I do not take my opponents lightly.
  • I admire my capabilities.
  • I am known for my work.
  • Everyone wants to work with me.
  • I am honored everywhere I go.
  • I do work effortlessly and that is why I am entitled to many awards.
  • My achievements have made me what I am today.
  • I am here to win.
  • When I am in the match opponents already know who will win!
  • Award-winning is entirely my thing.
  • I am glad people appreciate my efforts.
  • Awards encourages me to work with extra dedication.
  • My willpower is strong.
  • I won’t stop until I get the awards.
  • I aim to become an entrepreneur of the year.
  • I do want shortcuts in my life.
  • People award me with trophies because I am a deserving candidate.
  • I can lead the team.
  • My focus is very clear in life.
  • I do not like ambiguity and partiality when it comes to award-giving- a deserving candidate like me should be given awards.
  • My team always wins.
  • I am doing the best I can do in life.
  • I am already doing the best I can.
  • I do not say no to new opportunities in life.
  • I am not a failure.
  • I am not someone who gets distracted from my goals.
  • I do not wish to pass exams without recognition.
  • I am always attracted to the first position in life.
  • I have a belief in my capabilities.
  • I am a born champion.
  • People get scared of competing with me.
  • I have adequate knowledge of my field.
  • I am capable of great stuff in life.
  • Winning awards are no big deal for me.
  • I am a magnet to attract awards in life.
  • Getting recognized for what I love is the best part of my life.
  • I am getting heard.
  • People can’t stop talking about me.
  • Everything I do helps me to win.
  • I make a great team who are potential winners.
  • My institution and consistency help me win several awards.
  • I am at the top of all my colleagues.
  • Awards make me happy and also motivates me to work harder.
  • I excel in all the fields.
  • Losing is not my thing.
  • Getting what I deserve makes me feel good.
  • I just have to give my best rest everything is manageable.
  • I will not give my winning approach.
  • I can handle tough and stiff competition effortlessly.
  • I just need the opportunity and I will make the best of it.
  • I am the best my team could ever get.
  • I have a very positive approach to competition and victory.
  • Emerging as a victory is no big deal for me.
  • I do not get anxious when I get a tough competitor.
  • I like experimenting with new fields and matches.
  • Competition brings out the best edition of me.
  • I will keep striving to be perfect.
  • I am able to live up to my expectation.
  • My team and family could expect more from me, I am the best.
  • I look at the bright side of all conception held in the office and life and emerge as a winner.
  • I like being challenged!
  • I am the best version of me.
  • I keep improving and hustling to get awards.
  • My hard work is not wasted, people know my potential.
  • Getting a good thing in life is my thing.
  • I am not scared of presenting and testing myself with all other intellectuals.
  • I have plenty of awards and many more are to come.
  • I will fill all the empty spaces in my home with awards and medals.
  • That check will be entitled to me.
  • I have won several awards and scholarships because of my talent.
  • The world needs talented and bright candidates like me.
  • I have an abundance of awards and trophies.
  • The more I get awards the more I carve for it.
  • I have a great appetite for recognition and appreciation.
  • I get applauded for my job.
  • My aim is not to make others lose but to win.
  • I keep doing the good thing.
  • People competing with me have to face a tough time.
  • I am not greedy but I do not get enough awards!
  • My team is lucky to have me as their teammate.
  • My motto in life is clear and sorted.
  • I do not want money but I am hell ready for awards, keep that coming!
  • It is like victories come to me effortlessly.
  • I am born to lead and top.
  • I do not have any second thoughts, what I want, I will get them.
  • I love playing and winning.
  • I know all the tactics that can make me win.

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