Affirmations for aura (41+)

Affirmations for aura

  • All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.
  • Deep at the center of my being, there is an infinite well of love.
  • Each day is a new opportunity. I choose to make this day a great one.
  • Every cell in my body is happy, healthy, relaxed and at peace.
  • Every cell in my body vibrates with positive energy.
  • Everyday, in every way, my life is getting better and better.
  • Everything is happening for my highest good.
  • I am attuned to other people’s energy
  • I am becoming more tuned-in to other people
  • I am connected to the whole. I am one with the Sun, the Earth, the Air, the Universe. I am Life Itself.
  • I am developing a natural ability to see auras
  • I am finding it easier to sense subtle energies
  • I am fortunate for the blessings I will receive today. I am looking forward to the opportunities that will come to me, today.
  • I am happy, I am healthy, I am content, I am peaceful, I am prosperous, I am abundant, I am infinite consciousness.
  • I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.
  • I am naturally tuned in to other peoples thoughts and feelings
  • I am relaxed and open to attracting positive energy from the universe.
  • I am seeing more and more auras
  • I am starting to pick up on other people’s energy
  • I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.
  • I believe in the power and presence of God in me right now. God is the mastermind working through me in the now.
  • I can easily sense energy
  • I can expand my energy awareness infinitely
  • I can see peoples auras
  • I choose to honor, love and respect myself. I have the power within to decide what I want, and how I want to live.
  • I effortlessly let go of thoughts that drain me and refocus my attention on thoughts that empower me.
  • I enjoy reading people’s energy
  • I express gratitude for all the good that I have in my life and all the good that is coming to me every single moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • I give my problems to the great mind of God, I let go of them, confident that the correct answers will return to me when they are needed.
  • I have an aura of positive energy surrounding me at all times.
  • I have strong extrasensory perceptions
  • I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to, with comfort and ease.
  • I know that my body is a manifestation of pure spirit, and that spirit is perfect, and therefore my body is perfect.
  • I must become that which I say I am. Therefore, I boldly declare – I am Rich! I see it and I feel it. I am rich in health, happiness, love, success and prosperity.
  • I see auras around people
  • I see other people’s moods in the form of auras
  • I sense energy everywhere I go
  • I sense subtle forces
  • I visualize emotional energy
  • I will see auras around people
  • I will sense the energy of other people
  • My awareness is completely open
  • My extrasensory perceptions are strengthening
  • My extrasensory perceptions are strong
  • My mind is filled with positive, nourishing thoughts that uplift me and raise my vibration.
  • My mind is open and aware
  • My mind is opening up to hidden universal forces
  • My mind is tuned-in to other people’s thoughts and emotions
  • Seeing auras is a normal part of my life
  • Seeing auras is easy
  • The universe guides me in miraculous ways. My life is filled with perfect synchronicities.
  • There is nothing that is too good for me. Whatever good I can see myself having, I shall have.
  • Tuning into the energy of others is something I just do naturally
  • Viewing auras comes naturally to me
  • Viewing auras is becoming easier

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