Affirmations for attracting a specific person (33+)

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Affirmations for attracting a specific person 

  • I accept others the way they are 
  • I am a non-judgmental person 
  • I am a strong, beautiful and brave human being 
  • I shall be appreciated for the qualities I possess 
  • My heart will never get broken by the right person  
  • I am going to be the priority of the person I love 
  • I shall be given utmost importance by the dream partner of my life 
  • The Universe is aligning everything so that I can meet my perfect partner 
  • The Universe shall present my perfect partner just when I am ready for him/her.
  • I have loads of love in my heart to share it with others 
  • I am a very cheerful and fun-loving person 
  • I am attracting a man/woman who is going to value my existence in their lives 
  • I am precious and I am going to be loved 
  • I can easily attract the opposite sex towards me 
  • I am charming 
  • I have a great personality 
  • I am extremely beautiful and magnificent 
  • I am  very thankful for the love I have received 
  • I have forgiving 
  • I have a very open heart 
  • My special someone is waiting for me 
  • I am about to meet my special someone 
  • I am attracting true love 
  • I am attracting the purest form of love 
  • I am so grateful that the person I love loves me back 
  • I am manifesting a supportive partner 
  • I am manifesting a very charming and amazing partner 
  • I am excited to get into a relationship 
  • I am all prepared for a commitment 
  • I deserve to have a pure partnership with the love of my life 
  • I am attracting my soulmate 
  • I feel really happy that my soulmate is around the corner 
  • The Universe has loads of abundance and love 
  • The people around me are in love with me  
  • I am surrounded by people who care a lot  about me
  • I am extremely respected by the people around me 
  • I am attracting a happy and healthy relationship 
  • I do not want any in toxicity in my relationship 
  • I am manifesting a very loyal partner 
  • The partner I am attracting is very understanding and considerate 
  • I am attracting unconditional love 
  • I have the capability to love someone unconditionally 
  • I radiate love outside in the Universe
  • I am a whole person and I am prepared to receive love 
  • The Universe has planned an amazing partner for me 
  • I am unconditionally loved by the people in my life 
  • I could not be more thankful for all the amazing people I have in my life 
  • I shall be cherished by the person I love 
  • I am followed by love wherever I go 
  • I spread the love that I receive 
  • I love everyone in my life 
  • I am thankful for all the abundance in my life 
  • All the love in the world is welcomed  
  • I am magnetic 
  • I can easily attract love 
  • I am a love magnet 
  • My partner will find me attractive 
  • My partner shall respect me with all his/her heart 
  • I radiate love vibes wherever I go 
  • I trust the Universe that it is about to send my partner to me 
  • I understand and feel love 
  • I can love very deeply and passionately 
  • I shall be loved very passionately
  • I shall not settle for a partner who is not right for me because I deserve the best 
  • I am attracting the partner I deserve 
  • I am beautiful and have a wonderful personality 
  • I shall give my hundred percent to make the relationship work 
  • I just know that the dream partner is somewhere out there 
  • Love returns to me in abundance 
  • The Universe is guiding me to the right place where I shall meet the person of my dreams 
  • Everything happens for a reason and I know that Love will happen to me when I am completely ready for it 
  • I have the ability to shower love endlessly 
  • I shall be showered with love unconditionally 
  • I am attracting a man who is going to be better than my dreams
  • I cannot be more thankful to the Universe for this amazing gift of love 
  • I am so overwhelmed with joy that my search for my soulmate is over 
  • I have the ability to create anything that I want.
  • My life is filled with great abundance in every area.
  • I accept and allow success in all areas of my life.
  • I firmly believe in my ability to attract success.
  • Great things are coming to me today.
  • I attract everything that I desire.
  • I am totally committed to achieve my goals and dreams.
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • All good things flow into my life.
  • I am a Powerful Money Magnet.
  • I attract success into my life effortlessly.
  • I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life.
  • I am a magnet for financial abundance and prosperity.
  • I am attracting positive and abundant people into my life.
  • I am positive, passionate and successful.
  • I learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future.
  • I easily attract the things that I desire most.
  • My positive belief in myself is transforming my life.
  • My dreams are manifesting before my eyes.
  • I am filled with limitless potential.
  • I AM worthy of love, abundance, success, happiness and fulfilment.
  • Abundance surrounds me everywhere I go.
  • I rejoice in others success, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Everyday I turn my dreams into reality.
  • I have the power to manifest wealth and abundance in my life.
  • The power to be successful is within me.
  • Everything I need for success comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • Every day I attract people who help me achieve my goals.
  • I am Living the Life of my Dreams.
  • Money flows easily into my life.

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