Affirmations for asthma (15+)

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Affirmations for asthma

My asthma is controllable

I am superior to my asthma

My lung inflammations are few and far between

I rarely have asthma attacks

I am a healthy individual

Asthma is not prevalent in my life

I am intelligent with tracking my asthma

Asthma is easy to constrain

I have power over my asthma

I have my inhaler with me at all times

I will stop letting asthma dominate me

I will stop being inferior to asthma

My asthma is becoming feasible

I will stop being subject to asthma’s abuse

I will always be prepared in case of an asthma attack

I will control my coughing

I will stop having trouble breathing

My lungs are growing stronger by the day

I will not be ashamed of my asthma

Asthma will not define me

 Breathing is always easy

I am naturally dominant over my asthma

I am free of asthma’s hindrances

Asthma is just east to confront

I can handle asthma with little difficulty

Asthma simply doesn’t bother me

I am always able to deal with my asthma

Asthma is only a small nuisance in my life

I face asthma head-on

I naturally make peace with my asthma

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