Affirmations for approach anxiety (33+)

Affirmations for approach anxiety

  • I am a fearless man
  • I approach women with confidence
  • I always approach without hesitation
  • I am an easygoing and confident guy
  • I approach women all the time
  • Women like it when I approach them
  • My mind is relaxed and calm
  • I always go after what I want
  • I am at ease when approaching a beautiful woman
  • Women are attracted to my forwardness
  • I will approach any woman
  • I am developing a carefree attitude around women
  • I will transform into the kind of guy who effortlessly approaches women
  • Women will appreciate my confidence
  • I will think positive and be excited when approaching
  • The more I approach, the easier it will become
  • I will take a deep breath and just go for it
  • Approaching women is starting to feel fun
  • My confidence is growing stronger
  • Approaching women is becoming easy
  • I have fun approaching women
  • I love meeting new women
  • Talking to women is easy
  • Approaching women is just a normal part of my life
  • Women love that I am so naturally relaxed around them
  • I can start a conversation with any woman I want
  • The more I approach women, the easier it gets
  • I always have a great time meeting new women
  • My attitude is naturally positive and outgoing
  • Others see me as a calm and easygoing guy
  • I’m strong and confident
  • I believe in myself
  • I am awesome!
  • Confidence is my natural state
  • I choose to feel confident
  • I have a brave heart
  • I feel safe and secure
  • I radiate confidence everywhere I go
  • People see me as a confident
  • I deserve to feel good about myself
  • I completely and honestly love and accept myself
  • I’m happy with who I am
  • I love myself deeply and unconditionally
  • I am worthy of experiencing the wonderful life
  • My feelings of self-worth are growing every day
  • I am enough
  • I am brave, I am loved, I am good enough
  • I am worthy of a wonderful life
  • The love I have for myself is the basis for my confidence
  • Self-worth is what I thrive on
  • I am beautiful, inside and out
  • I am worthy of acceptance
  • I am aware of my strong qualities
  • I accept myself for who I am
  • I feel safe and secure within myself
  • I can be myself, regardless of the situation
  • People love being with me
  • I am keeping my body healthy
  • I am ready to forgive myself for mistakes I make
  • I am positive and optimistic
  • I attract only positive things
  • My life is filled with positive things
  • I have a positive mindset
  • I focus only on the positive side of things
  • Positivity is the key to an amazing and happy life
  • I am a magnet for positivity
  • My brain is wired only for positivity
  • I am choosing to be positive
  • I don’t let things bother me
  • I am an essential and positive part of the universe.
  • I am still and calm
  • I am a happy and joyful person
  • Nothing can take away from how worthy I am of joy
  • I deserve to be happy
  • I am grateful for the chance to participate in life
  • Today is an amazing day
  • I am a good reason for today to exist
  • Perfection is overrated, I am excellent, and that is good enough
  • I am good enough
  • I have amazing grades
  • I love to learn new things every day
  • I am a magnet for new information
  • I am smart and intelligent
  • I understand everything easily
  • I absorb new information easily
  • I am open to learning new things
  • Studying is fun
  • Being smart is an amazing feeling
  • I deserve to get the information I need
  • I am calm and content
  • No problem can be solved with worrying
  • I have a clear and sharp mind
  • I am thinking clearly
  • I have faith and belief in my ability to solve problems
  • Nothing can disrupt me
  • I enjoy being in a peace
  • Flow is my natural state
  • A calm mind is the best thing for me
  • I love meditation
  • Every decision I make I’m closer to my goals
  • I trust my gut
  • I take full responsibility for my decisions
  • I am in charge of my life
  • I will do what’s in my best interest
  • I trust in my ability to decide
  • I choose happy and awesome life
  • My life is filled with the right decisions
  • I will listen to my heart
  • My gut is always right

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