Affirmations for anxiety relief (33+)

Affirmations for anxiety relief

  • I’ll survive this, just like before
  • I contribute positively to work
  • I have the authority to slow down my breathing anytime I want
  • I have great talent and can offer a lot
  • I can easily focus on the beauty around me
  • I can persevere and remain strong
  • I can move beyond anxiety using my inner strengths
  • I can overcome anxiety by cultivating patience
  • I can make it through once I remain courageous
  • I always win once I pay attention to details
  • I will make it through following this one step at a time
  • I’m making progress in reducing this anxiety
  • I believe in my ability to get through tough times.
  • I will not stress over things I cannot control.
  • The feelings in my body are normal and I fully accept them.
  • I have everything I need within me.
  • I am a loving human being.
  • It’s ok that yesterday felt like a hard day.
  • I am worthy of good things.
  • I have an inner sense of calm.
  • My life is full of love.
  • I can cultivate the life experiences I want.
  • I will be present and calm today.
  • All of my feelings are ok.
  • I get angry sometimes, but I am full of love.
  • I can take things one day, or one hour, at a time.
  • When I go with the flow, my life is easy and filled with joy.
  • I appreciate my life and find things to be grateful for.
  • I have been through hard things before and have survived them.
  • This will not break me.
  • I let go of what I can’t change and do my best with what I can.
  • I am going to focus on things I love to get me through this.
  • This is hard, and I can do hard things.
  • I am allowed to express pain.
  • I have the ability to overcome anxiety.
  • My natural state is calm.
  • I breathe in. I breathe out.
  • I am safe.
  • My future is secure.
  • My anxiety does not control me.
  • I can overcome every obstacle that comes my way.
  • I am enough.
  • I am strong.
  • I am free and unchained from my own thoughts.
  • My world is secure and beautiful.
  • As I breathe, I relax all my muscles.
  • Tension drips away from my body and I relax.
  • I’m okay right now.
  • I’m worthy of powerfully positive moments.
  • My future looks bright and beautiful.
  • I relax and let flow happen.
  • Everything is under control.
  • My body is here and I am okay.
  • I am always calm and at ease.
  • I can feel my feet on the ground and I feel present.
  • My eyes can see around me and I feel present.
  • I am here in my body.
  • My heart beats calmly and I feel at peace.
  • I relax my shoulders.
  • I release my jaw.
  • I can hear my world around me and I feel present.
  • I allow myself to feel the weight of my body.
  • I plant my feet firmly on the floor. I am grounded.
  • I smell and taste food, and I feel present.
  • I release and allow the wave to carry me to the shore.
  • The air goes in and out of my lungs.
  • My body is soft. My mind is soft. My spirit is soft.
  • I feel more comfortable with every passing moment.
  • My world is stable.
  • I think of my loving friends and family, and they anchor me.
  • I am living in the present.
  • I accept my past. I live in the present. I am ready for my future.
  • I can feel my shoulders and jaw relaxing.
  • My breath is slow and even.
  • I am anchored in my body and in the present moment.
  • My worries are just thoughts. They are not necessarily true
  • I am in control of the situation.
  • My body relaxes, my mind empties.
  • Even if I fail at something, I accept it. It is part of living.
  • I am not alone. I have a great support system around me.
  • This too shall pass.
  • All is well. I am safe.
  • I am doing the best I can. I am enough.
  • Everything works out for my highest good.
  • Everything I need comes to me at the right time.
  • I feel calm and capable of handling anything that comes my way.
  • My anxiety will not control my life.
  • I have confidence in myself and my future.
  • I am liked, i am loved.
  • Everyone in this room is unique and imperfect as human just as i am.
  • I have interesting things to say.
  • People are not judging me, they want to get to know me.
  • I am allowed to make mistakes and laugh about them.
  • I am safe and confident to interact with people.
  • I am surrounded by kind, good-hearted people.
  • I am a good person and i have a lot to offer to the world.
  • I am happy and comfortable when meeting new people.
  • People enjoy my company.
  • I enjoy other people’s company.
  • Being in a group lets my personality shine.
  • I trust myself and my abilities.
  • I am giving 100%. I am enough.
  • I am doing a good job.
  • I have amazing skills for this job.
  • I know that I can do this.
  • I am always focused on getting great results.
  • I handle stressful situations with wisdom and clarity.
  • I am treated well and respected at work.
  • I deserve to be financially free and successful.
  • I am attracting the perfect company.
  • Any company would be fortunate to have me.
  • I am happy and successful with my work.

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