Affirmations for anxiety and depression (29+)

Affirmations for anxiety and depression

  • I don’t need to seek sleep; sleep will find me.
  • Falling asleep is inevitable, it is coming, it is staying.
  • My sleep belongs to me, I own it and I am in charge of it.
  • The stress that has kept me awake is transient and it has no power over me.
  • Tomorrow I will awake refreshed.
  • I deserve to be reenergized and I will fall asleep.
  • I will have good dreams that connect me to the universe.
  • My sleep tonight will wash over me and heal the deepest parts of me. I will awake in charge of my reality.
  • There is nothing easier than falling. Tonight, I will ‘fall’ to sleep. I will land in the morning. The morning will be soft and bright.
  • Sleep loves me like an old friend.
  • Happiness belongs to me. I own it and deserve it.
  • I can feel my worth in every cell of my body and in every corner of my mind.
  • The time I need for myself is abundant and I will take it.
  • New things will find me and I will take to them.
  • There is no person in my day who is more important than me.
  • You are the center of your universe and that is the best possible thing.
  • I am grateful for the past, even the painful bits, which are not my fault.
  • I have more strength that I can feel at one time. Sometimes, I don’t feel strong, but I am.
  • I am beautiful, kind, strong and worthwhile.
  • I am a good reason for today to exist.
  • My past does not define me, my present is free.
  • Doom is a lie that keeps me weak, today I will be strong.
  • The things that have hurt me have no power over me.
  • I am a good person who deserves to be happy.
  • Leaving the past is not difficult, it happens with out any effort, I do not have to turn back.
  • Today is a sunrise, the rays bleach out the past.
  • I am not God, I do not need to be.
  • Perfection is overrated, I am excellent, and that is good enough.
  • I am willing to make amends for genuine indiscretions but not for false ones.
  • I am not deserving of guilt and today I will be free.
  • Simple answers will present themselves
  • The unknown is exciting
  • Life is not complicated, life is straightforward.
  • Becoming my best self is happening, I just need to let it.
  • My choices come from the deepest part of me, they are instincts, they are correct.
  • I love my choices.
  • I am grateful for the chance to participate in life.
  • Making decisions for myself is fun.
  • I am the right person to be in charge of my path.
  • The universe is not out to get me, I am part of the universe.
  • Many of my concerns are not founded in reality, let go.
  • I can’t worry a problem away.
  • The solutions to my problems are around the corner.
  • Tomorrow, I won’t remember today’s problems.
  • I will only spend energy on problems that matter.
  • I deserve to be free from worry.
  • I will not be tormented by thoughts that have no power over me.
  • Worry itself means nothing.
  • Worry is leaving me, draining away with every passing second.
  • I will be free from concern, like a dear in a meadow.
  • Sadness does not define me and is leaving me.
  • Feelings are transient and the good times are coming.
  • I deserve to be happy and free.
  • There are colors beyond the grey and I am beginning to see them.
  • I am not how I feel.
  • I will feel like the person I remember who was content.
  • My journey is winding, I am in a dark place, but the sun is rising.
  • With each moment that passes, my head and soul are becoming lighter.
  • I am a beautiful, selfless person.
  • Nothing can take away from how worthy I am of joy.
  • People are not out to get me.
  • Anger is burns me as well its target, today I will not be angry.
  • I have everything I need to be kind.
  • My experiences will not irritate me.
  • Calmness is at my core and will pervade all my interactions.
  • My irritation will be replaced with level headed interest.
  • I can be empathetic towards those that get at me.
  • Today, I will be in the moment and I will be content.
  • I will not be overwhelmed.
  • I will react to the world with kindness, I am kind and selfless.
  • I will be still.
  • Contentment is radiating throughout me and spilling out into the world.
  • I do not need to seek calm, calmness is with me, today I will let calmness become me.
  • Serenity is in every fiber of my being.
  • I feel alleviated from the jagged thoughts and feelings that once drove me.
  • Not only will I be calm, but the quiet in me will affect those around me for the better.
  • I am not agitated; I’m in command of my thoughts and movements.
  • I can cope with everything that is coming.
  • Today is a lake I am floating in.
  • I will let the tide take me to my destination and my destination is the right one.
  • Clarity of purpose is drawn to me.
  • There is no doom round the corner that I will not overcome.
  • I know the difference between a feeling I need to act on and a lie, the lies will fade away.
  • Nothing is trying to hurt me.
  • All my plans for improvement will come to fruition.
  • I am on the correct path and the good times are hurtling towards me.
  • I am selfless and the path is clear to me.
  • My spirit is about to be at peace.
  • Quiet and serenity are my map and my path.
  • My life is simple and I am the master of it.
  • Problems will fade and I will still be here.
  • I am an essential and positive part of the universe.
  • All my endeavors will be blessed with luck and love.
  • I am perfectly equipped to rock today.
  • I am still, in command and loved.
  • Control is happening for me, without a need to struggle.
  • Whatever has happened to me I am still a worthy, amazing person with a lot to give.
  • When I step away from this moment, I will feel a supreme sense of purpose that will stay with me.
  • Contentment is my natural state, today I will be natural.
  • I have a superpower and that superpower is to reset and start again.

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