Affirmations for anger (31+)

Affirmations for anger

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage
  • Acting out my anger is a choice, a choice that I choose not to do.
  • Anger is temporary. Peace is forever.
  • Anger management is changing my life for the better.
  • Being calm and at peace is part of my nature.
  • Being calm, relaxed, and in control is normal for me.
  • Controlling my anger comes naturally to me.
  • Diffusing anger is easy for me.
  • Each day it is becoming easier to diffuse my anger.
  • Each moment wasted being angry is a moment of being happy that is forever lost.
  • Each time I breathe in anger I choose to breathe out peace.
  • Each time I chose peace of mind over anger my life gets better.
  • Each time I feel anger, I choose instead to focus on my passions.
  • Each time I release the anger in my heart, I regain space for peace.
  • Every day I cultivate peaceful energy in my body.
  • Free of anger. I am happy, peaceful, and loving.
  • I allow myself to acknowledge angry feelings without losing control.
  • I always speak my mind rather than let frustrations build up.
  • I am a calm and loving person.
  • I am a forgiving person.
  • I am a naturally calm, easy-going, and positive person.
  • I am a passionate, peaceful, and powerful person.
  • I am a powerful, peaceful, and playful person.
  • I am able to calm myself down and detach from anger.
  • I am able to diffuse my anger and channel it in a more productive way.
  • I am at peace and harmony with everyone and everything.
  • I am becoming a positive person whom others can turn to without fear.
  • I am calm, focused, and relaxed.
  • I am controlling my anger by changing my anger-triggering thoughts.
  • I am counting to ten.
  • I am doing it!
  • I am free of anger and live in a state of joy.
  • I am free of anger, hatred, and discontent.
  • I am free to be happy, peaceful, and joyful.
  • I am gaining more and more control over my emotions.
  • I am handling this well.
  • I am in control of my life and emotions.
  • I am in control.
  • I am made of love and patience.
  • I am now becoming peaceful and free of anger.
  • I am responsible for my anger.
  • I am starting to effectively manage my anger.
  • I am transforming into someone who confronts problems constructively.
  • I attract peace and harmony in all situations in my life.
  • I believe that it’s possible to break free from anger and live a better life.
  • I can admit it when I make a mistake.
  • I can do better next time.
  • I can express my anger in a respectful way.
  • I can feel my anger and still stay in control.
  • I can notice when I am becoming angry.
  • I can remember to count to ten and take deep breaths.
  • I can take a break if I need to.
  • I can talk things out with other people.
  • I choose a life of peace, love, and joy and will not waste a single moment being angry for no reason.
  • I choose now to release anger and reclaim my happiness.
  • I choose to be calm and relaxed.
  • I choose to respond from love and compassion in all situations.
  • I choose to transform my anger into positive action.
  • I clear all the ways I allow anger to direct my life!
  • I clear all the ways I am inflamed with anger!
  • I clear all the ways I dwell in anger!
  • I clear all the ways I feel like boiling over with anger!
  • I clear and release all my angry thoughts and feelings!
  • I clear and release any and all ways I am holding on to anger!
  • I control my anger by expressing myself in a firm yet positive manner.
  • I dedicate my life to peace and harmony.
  • I express my anger without shaming the person.
  • I find it easy to calm myself down and relax.
  • I forgive myself for my past angry outbursts.
  • I get angry at the behavior, rather than the person.
  • I have a right to assert myself.
  • I have the power to regulate my emotions.
  • I love myself enough to be calm and release anger.
  • I notice when I am becoming angry and I choose to deal with it in a positive way.
  • I now choose to stay calm in difficult or frustrating situations.
  • I owe it to myself to manage my anger.
  • I refuse to wast my life being angry when I remember that happiness is my birthright.
  • I release all my embodied anger!
  • I release all my righteous anger!
  • I release all the emotional shocks and traumas which have created resulted in this anger!
  • I release all the vengeful anger!
  • I release all this burning anger!
  • I release my anger, and instead I choose peace, passion, and playfulness.
  • I remain calm even when under intense stress.
  • I remember to breathe deeply when I feel angry.
  • I transform and heal my anger to passion and choose to use the energy positively.
  • I transform anger into peace.
  • I transform my anger into peace and offer my peace to the world.
  • I transmute the anger into the energy of peace.
  • I walk my life in a state of peace, love, and joy. and I refuse to allow anger to change my course.
  • I was able to be angry without exploding.
  • I will choose a different way to respond.
  • I will control myself.
  • I will remain calm and centered in frustrating situations.
  • I will remember to stop, relax and think before I act.
  • If I feel angry I can take a step back and remain in control.
  • In the past, I would let anger cause me suffering. Now I choose to be peaceful.
  • It feels better to act out of love than anger.
  • It feels better to let go of anger!
  • It feels great to handle my anger.
  • It is important that I learn to manage my anger.
  • It is my choice to feel anger or peace. I choose peace.
  • It’s ok to be angry, but I must express it in a controlled way.
  • Making mistakes and learning from them is part of being human.
  • Managing anger will help to repair and strengthen my bond with friends and family.
  • Managing my anger will create a better life for myself and my loved ones.
  • Next time, I will notice that I am getting angry sooner.
  • No matter what happens on the outside, I am at peace on the inside.
  • Outside circumstances and situations will not take away my inner peace.
  • Staying relaxed is becoming easier.
  • Thinking positively in tough situations is just something I do naturally.
  • When I apologize to others, it helps lessen the effects of the anger.

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