Affirmations for after break up (33+)

Affirmations for after break up

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage
  • My heart is whole, healed, and happy.
  • I trust the process of love and life.
  • I know that no matter what, I am ok.
  • Everything happens for a good reason.
  • This relationship did not work out because there is a better person waiting for me.
  • I am a strong and wonderful person with a lot to offer.
  • I will attract a better person into my life.
  • Love is my guide in all of my relationships. I am healed and whole.
  • I am grateful for everything I learned in my last relationship.
  • I send Universal love, peace, and happiness to my former partner.
  • I know that I will be okay.
  • I am excited to start my new life.
  • I am worthy of love even when my heart is hurting
  • I am a loving, peaceful, joyful person. I am loved and lovable.
  • This break-up is the beginning of a positive new direction in my life.
  • Even though I may miss some things about my ex and my relationship, I am happier and healthier being single.
  • I choose to break free from negativity.
  • I don’t need anyone else to make me happy.
  • I find strength through my struggle and trust my greatness.
  • I choose happiness, health, and harmony instead of dis-functional relationships.
  • I would rather be healthy and single than in a relationship that is unhealthy.
  • Never ever give up on your dreams or your perfect life.
  • I love myself. I love my life Love is all there is.
  • I am loving and compassionate to myself at all times.
  • I am likable, lovable, and worthy.
  • I will take what I learned and create a new magical relationship with someone else.
  • I love being alone and spending time with myself.
  • Every day I am becoming a better person with more love to give.
  • I choose to release anger, hurt, and negative self talk.
  • I trust that I am worthy, lovable, and loved.
  • Everything in life happens for the greatest good.
  • I am psyched and delighted for my fresh start.
  • I am free to be the most exquisite version of me.
  • I am grateful for having loved and for the lessons I have learned. I am whole.
  • Letting go of hurt helps to heal my heart.
  • I love myself and my life and I am worthy of love in my life.
  • I am strong, resilient, peaceful, and happy.
  • Having risked opening my heart to love. I choose to live in love in every moment.
  • Each day in every way I am peaceful, healed, happy, and whole.
  • Love, forgive, and move on.
  • My life is perfect just the way it is.
  • I am worthy of love even when my heart is hurting.
  • I forgive my ex.
  • Everything is unfolding as it is supposed to.
  • I am healing more and more every day.
  • I am not a burden and it’s not selfish for me to nourish myself in whatever way I need.
  • I am connected to so many people around me, and they don’t mind taking care of me right now.
  • I will get through this. This did not end me.
  • I did my best. I am trying my best. I am doing what I need to be doing.
  • It is completely normal that I am upset or devastated over this breakup.
  • It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to take the time and space I need to heal.
  • All of me is good and lovable. I can be all of myself at all times.
  • It’s OK to think about my ex, to question what happened, and to replay every detail in my head. But eventually, I will move on.
  • I am infinitely deserving of love.
  • I do not measure my worth on this breakup.
  • I will be better than I’ve ever been before.
  • This happened for a reason.
  • I will love again.
  • I will not only think abou all the great things from that relationship.
  • I trust that this will pass.
  • I did my best in my last relationship.
  • I know that one day I will see this as a blessing in disguise.
  • I accept my feelings as they are.
  • I accept this break up for what it is.
  • I know that I will be in the most beautiful relationship someday.
  • I am ok, I am safe.
  • I am loved, loving, and lovable.
  • Only I can determine my worth.
  • I have so much to be grateful for.
  • My heart will heal.
  • I am so deserving of a loving relationship.
  • I forgive myself.
  • I trust that I am taken care of.
  • I am allowing myself to let go.
  • I take care of myself.
  • I give myself permission to heal.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am enough.
  • I trust this is happening exactly as it should.
  • I am strong and powerful.
  • I release what doesn’t serve me.
  • Sometimes you just have to accept what you’re holding on to just doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t let your life be controlled by what was.
  • I’ve stopped caring about finding someone. I’ll be open to it if something comes along that doesn’t feel forced but for now I’m content being single
  • Don’t go back. No matter what.
  • Realizing that letting go is the only way forward
  • I leave him/her to universal justice and set him/her free.
  • I am ready to be healed, I am willing to forgive, and all is well.
  • The past is over and cannot be changed. This is the only moment I can experience.
  • As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
  • I have more and more happiness and love and I give as much love and happiness as possible; I get much more of it back.
  • I give myself the gift of freedom from the past and move with joy into the now.
  • I now choose to release every negative, destructive, fearful idea and thought from my mind and my life.
  • I draw love and romance into my life, and I accept it now.
  • I am putting the past well and truly behind me to focus on the present and future.
  • The universe is taking me to a better safer place.
  • I move beyond old limitations and now express myself freely and creatively.
  • I forgive myself for not being perfect. I am living the very best way I know-how.
  • Healing happens. I get my mind out of the way and allow the intelligence of my body to do its healing work naturally.
  • I forgive the person that hurt me and I forgive myself or staying.
  • I say “Out!” to every negative thought about the past that comes into my mind.
  • I release any feelings of competition or comparison from the past.
  • I am in a joyous, intimate relationship with someone who truly loves me.
  • I trust myself to deal with any problems that arise during the day.
  • I am an amazing human being and the right person is out there for me but I have to be patient.

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