Affirmations for abundance and prosperity (33+)

Affirmations for abundance and prosperity

  • I am in the process of increasing my income, change is on its way
  • My business has infinite potential
  • I am so grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities
  • I am so happy that new income comes to me from multiple sources
  • I am so thankful that I am prosperous in so many ways
  • Money is energy and a positive exchange of energy
  • I now willing release negative emotions about money that no longer serve me
  • Wealth is a natural state for everyone
  • I create money and abundance though passion and love
  • I invest in myself
  • I allow myself to have more
  • My revenue in steadily increasing ___% each and every month
  • Money comes to me easily when I do what I love
  • My profits increase regularly
  • I effortlessly attract abundance, prosperity, and money
  • Money comes to me easily as a fair exchange of my spiritual gifts.
  • I am prosperous in so many ways
  • The universe is very abundant & there is enough for everybody
  • As the universe expands so does my consciousness about money, wealth, and abundance
  • The source of my prosperity is within me
  • I love my life as it changes into greater abundance on all levels of my being
  • I am willing to accept a greater state of prosperity fro my highest good
  • I feel more and more creative every day
  • I am open to change and starting something new
  • I picture abundance for myself and others
  • I live in an abundant universe
  • I experience my abundance everyday
  • I am always supported in everything I do
  • My creativity guides me to new opportunities
  • Every task I undertake brings me closer to my desire
  • I live my life expressing my soul’s gifts
  • I love working on my growth
  • As I express the divine nature of my soul, abundant energies come to me as a result
  • I am persistent in achieving my goals
  • I work passionately every day on my goals
  • I focus on my success every day
  • I chose to do things that make me feel good
  • I focus on prosperity daily
  • I focus on my daily tasks with love
  • I make each day memorable
  • Everything I do fulfils me
  • I operate from my higher self perspective
  • My energy is always directed toward my goals
  • I am willing to change my beliefs
  • I am always in the right place at the right time
  • I always meet the right people for the right situation
  • I follow my heart’s desire
  • I am supported by my sprit guides, angels and archangels
  • I invest in myself through education and personal development
  • I seek guidance from experts in my field regularly
  • I allow myself to be successful
  • I always feel positive feelings in my heart
  • I always search for positive thoughts in my mind
  • I allow expensive things into my life
  • I allow pleasurable things into my life
  • I allow fun in my life
  • I allow passion in my life
  • I allow money to flow freely in my life
  • I believe in my unlimited prosperity
  • I chose to life in abundance for myself and others
  • My reality is the manifestation of my inner world
  • I follow my inner guidance by tapping into my inner world
  • I allow success to manifest in my life
  • I always have useful ideas that create prosperity
  • I use my creativity to gain abundance in my life
  • My ideas are always very profitable
  • I am capable of creatively harvest my own potential
  • I value myself
  • I gain more positive experiences every day
  • I allow myself to be creative
  • My unique abilities are needed by others
  • I have valuable talents that earn me money
  • My unique talents are in demand
  • My life is becoming the expression of my inner world
  • My qualities are a benefit to others
  • I give and receive freely
  • I live in an abundant world
  • I share my abundant life with everyone else
  • I inspire people about prosperity
  • I give love freely
  • I live in a safe and abundant world
  • I expect success in everything I do
  • I love people and people love me
  • I trust my abilities to create abundance
  • I trust that things come into my life when I need them
  • I surrender to the power of love
  • I go with the flow
  • I give love in every action I do
  • Everything I do adds goodness to the world
  • I love my life and I am grateful for it
  • I always receive the answers to my questions
  • I follow my inner vision of abundance
  • I see the goodness in myself and others
  • I believe in myself
  • I am confident
  • I am self motivated
  • I support myself
  • I forgive myself
  • I bring positivity to everybody around me
  • I share my talents with others
  • I am abundant in every way
  • I am in perfect alignment with my soul gifts
  • I listen to the guidance of my Higher Self to draw inspiration
  • I allow my spiritual gifts to flow through me
  • I learn how to use my spiritual gifts to create more prosperity
  • I release the need to serve my ego
  • I follow my heart as I see fit
  • I experience my own divinity through interactions with others
  • I fulfil my divine plan with love, joy and harmony
  • My prosperity grows as my sprit sours
  • I am the creator of my own experience
  • I create in tune with my divinity

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Manifestations are sometimes viewed as pseudoscience but there is some interesting research that does at least give you some reason to believe otherwise.
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