Affirmations for a spouse (47+)

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Affirmations for a spouse

  • You give a lot to our family and I appreciate how much you give and do for us.
  • You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.
  • It is because of you that I want to be a better man.
  • It feels wonderful when you tell me how much you care for me.
  • You are a wonder woman who can perform any task given to her in the best possible manner.
  • I have learned a lot of things from you.
  • In my years with you, I’ve seen you grow so much.
  • Let’s plan something for the weekend. Just you and me and scheduling all those things which both of us love doing.
  • You are so much fun to be with and I enjoy each and every moment of my life with you.
  • What a fantastic meal! You cook the best food in the world.
  • We should definitely watch a new season and this time, I’d love to go with your choice.
  • Thank you for your patience, diligence, and affection in running this house.
  • Our kids are so fortunate that they have a mother like you to look after them and to bring them up.
  • Mother like you quote
  • God really wanted me to be happy and that is why he made you my wife.
  • You always manage to bring out the best in me.
  • You are such a compassionate and kind-hearted person.
  • I like to hear your voice when I’m really stressed out at my workplace. It relieves me of all the worries.
  • You are still as beautiful to me as you were the day we got married.
  • you are still beautiful to me quote
  • My favorite place to be is to be with you anywhere and everywhere.
  • I wouldn’t be half the man I am today if it wasn’t for your support and love for me.
  • You make loving such a fun thing to do.
  • Loving is fun quote
  • You complete me.
  • The best thing that happened to me was when I chose to marry you.
  • When I’m gone this week, just remember, home is where the heart is and my heart is always with you.
  • I love your eyes. They are like my whole world.
  • The best part of being married to you is that I get to love you unconditionally.
  • I love going out with you. So, what are you doing tonight? 
  • The laundry can never stop coming in but you never quit too. You’re so amazing with everything you do and I really appreciate all your efforts for our family.
  • You are such a hard worker and put your sweat and soul in everything you do.
  • You are so smart and have an answer to all my problems.
  • I value your insight and your take on every situation is nothing less than a valuable resource for me.
  • You have so much to offer. Will I ever be able to repay you?
  • I admire your inner strength and the way you stay composed during all situations.
  • You are such a great friend and always have the best advice for everyone.
  • You are such an amazing mother and will always be.
  • You are always ready to make a compromise for the sake of our happiness.
  • I really don’t know what I would do without you in my life.
  • You make me such a proud and happy man.
  • I’m amazed to see your determination and the kind of woman you have become with time.
  • You have accomplished so much.
  • You are so considerate and thoughtful giving the best opinions about situations.
  • Thank you for respecting me, my family, and my choices.
  • I am so grateful that I can trust you with anything. 
  • I have complete confidence in you and know that you can do anything.
  • I am so proud to be your husband and of being associated with such a wonderful person.
  • God knew what I needed and this is the reason that he brought us together.
  • I respect the kind of woman you are and your morals.
  • Hats off to all the hard work you put in managing this household, excelling in your career, and bringing up the kids.
  • You have some great and creative ideas.
  • You are such a desirable woman. I would give up everything just to be with you.
  • Your instincts are so strong. I rely on your intuition.
  • You are such a refined and organized woman.
  • I can face anything if you are by my side.
  • I married a hard working woman and a winner.
  • Our kids love (are going to love) you so much because of your caring attitude.
  • You are the best woman I know.
  • I don’t deserve your kind of woman to be in my life but I am so glad that you are mine.
  • I want to grow old with you and need your presence and support at every stage of my life.
  • Thank you for being such a kind soul towards me.
  • You are such an awesome lover.
  • I don’t need anything else in this world if I have you in my life.
  • I look so ordinary in front of you but I am glad that you chose me as your life partner. 
  • I shall always remain faithful to you.
  • You will never be wondering in your life where am I because I’ll be right beside you.
  • Thank you for believing in me and always standing by me.
  • I appreciate your loyalty towards me and our family.
  • I love the way you overcome all our differences and make sure that nothing goes wrong between us. I appreciate such efforts of yours.
  • You are so creative.
  • I know you work so hard to please me and believe me, you are successful even without trying.
  • You make the best desserts in the world.
  • You are such a talented woman and capable of doing anything and handling any situation.
  • You never stop giving to me, our family, and our society.
  • You look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit. No one else would have been able to pull it off better than you.
  • You understand what is going on in my head even before I voice it.
  • You took my breath away when you walked into the room.
  • I really love your family. They are fun people to be with and are so genuine.
  • You bring me so much happiness and joy.
  • I love the home which you have created for us and the way you manage it.
  • You work so hard to make things wonderful for all of your family.
  • You always understand my language of love.
  • I am a better man today only because of you being in my life.
  • You are such a unique and different person. No wonder I lost my heart to you.
  • I am so happy that I made the decision of marrying you.
  • You will always be in my heart and stay safe in it.
  • I will never hurt or break your heart.
  • You are all the things which I wanted in a woman.
  • You are the perfect choice for me and I could have never found anyone else better than you.
  • I would never want any life other than the one I am living with you.
  • You are my dream girl.
  • You are a very beautiful person both inside and out.
  • You have everything that takes to make wonderful things happen.
  • You impress me so much and motivate me to become a better person.
  • You are a woman of values and integrity.
  • I admire you so much.
  • I am so proud of you the way you handle different situations and maintain your composure.
  • You are no pushover. I love your spine of steel.
  • You always think about me and our family before yourself.
  • You are one in a million and you are mine.
  • You are mine quote
  • You make everything worthwhile. I wouldn’t want anything else.
  • I love you so much.

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