Affirmations for a higher self (71+)

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Affirmations for a higher self

  • I am focused on finding the answers to my questions within me
  • I have complete faith in the guidance I receive from my higher self
  • I am in tune with the infinite wellspring of wisdom, grace and peace that resides within me
  • I am ignoring all disruptive thoughts and voices
  • I am always connected with the wise part of me
  • I am open to receive the messages my higher self wants me to hear
  • I know that my higher self loves me unconditionally and has my best interest in mind
  • I am effortlessly tuning into my highest truth
  • I am becoming more and more me
  • I am amazed by the insights and gifts I receive
  • I am going to practice connecting with my higher self each day
  • I will be open to receive the messages I receive and to accept them as my truth
  • I will completely trust the guidance I receive from my higher self
  • I will accept the happiness and joy my higher self wants to offer me
  • I am transforming into someone who is highly intuitive and deeply receptive
  • I am learning to let go of everything that no longer benefits me
  • I will appreciate and cherish my true essence
  • I will accept all the parts of me that I am now unaware of
  • I am going to dissolve all limitations placed on me by others and open myself to be who I really am
  • I will let myself be guided by the power I feel within me
  • My higher self has all the answers I need
  • My thoughts are calm and my spirit is ready to connect with the infinite wisdom
  • There is a part of me that knows the way and I am now tuning in with it
  • My higher self knows me, believes in me and loves me unconditionally
  • Being connected with my higher self makes me feel able to move mountains
  • My life is getting better and better now that I am in tune with my true essence
  • I am naturally in tune with the source of infinite knowledge and abundance
  • The energy of my higher self is creating miracles in my life
  • The connection I have with my higher self is growing stronger each day
  • It is comforting to know that I am not alone
  • It is so fucking easy for me.
  • I am a millionaire.
  • I believe in myself and the things I do SO much.
  • I am amazing.
  • People love to pay me and give me free things.
  • I love my life.
  • People LOVE to hear about what I’m doing and want to be a part of what I’m doing.
  • It is a blessing to just be around me and help with what I’m working on.
  • I love attention. I love for everyone to see me and my life all the time.
  • I am optimistic and filled with enthusiasm, the world continues to reward me at an accelerating rate and I know with conviction that the future ahead of me holds immeasurable happiness and prosperity.
  • I accomplish more in less time than ever before.  I have world renowned work ethic and work get things done in record time.  I feel unstoppable, powerful and smart.
  • I effortlessly achieve my goals every single time.  I set high goals, achieve them in record time.  I feel powerful, smart and courageous.
  • I am creative at helping others solve their challenges, I have helped other people improve their lives and I feel proud and special.
  • I always give more than what I am paid for, all of my clients are happy and they spread the good word about me every single day.  I feel powerful and smart.
  • My life is filled with harmony and happiness.  Life continues to issue good fortune and wealth my way and I feel energetic and excited.
  • I have a mindset of wealth and abundance, I can achieve anything that I want to and I feel so powerful and unstoppable.
  • Abundance is my natural state, I see abundance everywhere I look and I know that life will always be this way for me.  I feel at ease and proud.
  • I am a people and money magnet, good people and huge fortune are attracted towards me every single day and I feel powerful and smart.
  • Money flows to me easily, frequently and abundantly, I feel gifted and unstoppable.
  • Prosperity is mine and I deserve it and I expect it.  I feel gifted and deserving of my good fortune and prosperity.
  • I know my value, I honour my worth, I am worthy of receiving abundance and I feel proud and at ease with what the world continues to give me.
  • I’m open to receive more money and success, I deserve it and will be a good steward of it.  I feel in control and at ease.
  • Creative ideas for money and success flow from me, I feel powerful and gifted.
  • Everywhere I look I see abundance and opportunity.  I feel intelligent and gifted.
  • Money is positive energy that takes care of my worthy needs and desires.  I feel completely at ease receiving and managing huge amounts of money every single day. 
  • My income is constantly increasing and I deserve it.  I feel gifted and powerful.
  • Money flows quickly to me and from unexpected sources.
  • I am a positive resource and people love to do business with me.  I feel special and gifted.
  • I create wealth with honesty and integrity, I feel honoured and at ease with my business and everything that I do.
  • I am now easily and effortlessly attracting unlimited financial prosperity and abundance into every aspect of my life.  I feel exhilarated.
  • Everything I touch returns riches to me, I am unstoppable and I feel courageous and powerful.
  • I always have enough money for anything that I want to do in life, I feel at ease and gifted.
  • The more money I have the more money I can use to help myself and others, I am an excellent steward of money and I feel honoured and gifted.
  • My work is always recognized positively, I am unique and my work is world-renowned.  I feel honoured and intelligent.
  • Abundance is my natural state of being, I feel at ease and comfortable with every moment I experience in life.
  • I am a business genius; I am creative and make effective business choices.  I feel intelligent and unstoppable.
  • Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways, it’s attracted to me from every different angle possible.  I feel gifted and powerful.
  • I give myself permission to live an abundant life, I deserve it and I will live the rest of my life from this position of abundance and power.  I feel exhilarated and intoxicated on life.
  • I love money and money loves me, money is sacred to me and I do great things with it.  The world is a better place because of me and what I do with my large amounts of money.  I feel confident and gifted.
  • I have great skill at managing my finances and always have money in abundance.  I feel at ease and happy.
  • I am very comfortable having large sums of money, I am an excellent money manager and do great things with it.  I feel confident and powerful.
  • I release all doubt, fears and negative beliefs about money.  Money is a good thing and I deserve large sums of it.  I feel at ease and powerful.
  • I am unlimited in my power to be successful in my business, I feel courageous and gifted. 
  • I always attract the right clients at the right time, great clients are attracted to me and there is never a shortage of them.  I feel at ease and powerful.
  • I have absolute certainty in my ability to generate any amount of income I choose.  I am one of the smartest people in the world and I am rewarded for this every single day.  I feel gifted and honoured.
  • I am willing to let fear go and live in harmony with all life, I deserve the best of everything and I have no problem receiving it.  I feel gifted and special. 
  • I release all of my past beliefs that have limited me from becoming rich, I now think from a position of power and abundance, I am rich and successful and I deserve what I have and more.  I feel entitled and honoured.
  • I choose to be successful in each and every area of my life.  Business is just one area of my life and I excel at every single one.  I feel gifted and honoured.
  • I’m successful in everything that I do, I surprise myself with my ability and achievements and I feel inspired and gifted.
  • I choose to be successful in each area in my life, I feel happy and accomplished.
  • I am in perfect mental and physical health!”
  • I grow happier with each passing day!
  • Good luck always finds me!
  • Money is flowing into my life now!
  • I have a brilliant mind!
  • I am humble.
  • I am fearless.
  • I am graceful. [Insert just about any adjective into these sentences to create your own mantra.]
  • I see the world with a positive glow, and I bring positivity with me wherever I go.
  • With every breath, I am getting healthier and healthier.
  • I am healed, whole and healthy.
  • I am a vibrant soul radiating in a healthy body.
  • I am making the changes I need to make a stronger, happier body and soul.
  • I am prepared to succeed.
  • I deserve to have a successful career, and I accept it now.
  • I do work I love and am well prepared for any obstacle that comes before me.
  • I do not let setbacks affect my goals for the future.
  • I am loved, loving, and lovable.
  • I will not settle for less than I deserve.
  • I am attracting unconditional love and abundance.
  • I must fully love myself before I can fully love anyone else.
  • Financial success is mine and I accept it now.
  • Wealth flows to me from all directions.
  • Abundance flows into my life with ease and grace.

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