Affirmations for a career change (41+)

Affirmations for a career change

  • Every project I touch works out well.
  • It’s okay to have a job when others don’t.
  • Changing careers is risk-free for me.
  • I am excited to have this job and I like it.
  • I like my job and make most of it!
  • I have the freedom to keep this job or find a better job whenever I want to.
  • Today and every day, I use my skills and education in satisfying ways!
  • My career is what I make of it and today I make it a happy and successful experience.
  • I climb the corporate ladder with integrity and confidence!
  • My career depends on my performance and I always take ownership of it!
  • I am creating the career of my dreams. First it appears in my mind and then in my world.
  • As I put my intention for a great job out into the Universe, the Universe responds with great job opportunities.
  • I always see possibilities! I refuse to accept dead ends in my career.
  • My job does not define me, but I can define my job!
  • What I do in my job makes a difference! I feel it! I see it! I know it!
  • As I align my career with my true potential, the money and the happiness flow to me!
  • Job change is an opportunity to have the career I want. This time I choose a great career for me!
  • No more excuses! I deserve a job that fulfils me and now I am ready to find it!
  • My perfect job offer is reaching me right now!
  • I committed to my happiness in this job search and my determination pays off!
  • I am passionate about work! I am ready to contribute! I communicate that energy in every interview!
  • Every no for my wrong job gets me to closer to the yes that is perfect for me!
  • I visualize myself in my dream job. I open my eyes and I go make it happen!
  • Breathing in, I know I am worthy of y ideal job. Breathing out, I have it!
  • I ask and I receive! I seek and I find! I ask for my ideal job and today I find it!
  • The negative news about jobs is about averages. I AM above average!
  • I accept changes in my career and job and make the most of it.
  • I easily and effortlessly learn new methods and processes.
  • I am always ready to learn and grow in my job!
  • I accept constructive feedback and put it work for my benefit!
  • My career is an important part of my personality.
  • I return home safely from all business trips.
  • I always meet and honour deadlines.
  • I’m passionate about my line of career.
  • I love what I do for a living.
  • I know which direction to take in my career growth.
  • I am certain to reach the top of my field.
  • I deserve a promotion and I get it.
  • I enjoy my work and it shows.
  • I am a powerhouse in my field of career.
  • I am positive I will soon find my perfect job.
  • I deserve a job because I’m willing to work hard and will always do my best.
  • I have a lot of skills and will be an asset to any company.
  • I know the right job will be offered to me if I stay patient.
  • I am going to find a great job today.
  • I have always been an exceptional employee, any employer would want me.
  • I am a great team player and enjoy working with others.
  • My confidence is at its highest, I know I’ll find a job soon.
  • I know my resume explains I have all the necessary qualifications and experience required.
  • I know amazing jobs will start appearing soon.
  • I am doing everything right to find the perfect job.
  • This is the challenge I’ve always wanted and am perfectly prepared for.
  • My dreams are coming true because I manifested this and believed in myself.
  • I cannot wait to show my new work colleagues that I am a great team player.
  • I am excited to show my boss that I will deliver on everything I promised them.
  • I am excited to learn all about my new role and gain new skills.
  • I am excited to meet new team members and be part of a team.
  • I will not let myself or my new boss down.
  • This job is everything I’ve always wanted.
  • This is a great career move and a big step up.
  • I feel blessed for each new day and for securing this job.
  • I have unique skills and talents that I will be able to demonstrate in my new role.
  • It’s never too late to change careers and follow my dreams.
  • My dream career is waiting for me, I just need to go after it.
  • I have all the skills and desire needed to change my career.
  • I am adaptable, flexible, and able to change my career if that’s what I want.
  • I can work in any industry, role, or career I set my mind to.
  • I believe in following my heart and know it will work out.
  • I am blessed to be able to change careers.
  • I will be just as successful in any career path I choose.
  • I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.
  • I excel when I am presented with new challenges.
  • Changing my career is the kind of challenge I need right now to show my best.
  • Being committed to my job brings me joy.
  • My career gives me a feeling of great satisfaction.
  • I always dress appropriately for work.
  • Looking professional is an option I choose today.
  • In silence I receive my best ideas.
  • I plug into my creative energy source when at work.
  • I have abundant positive energy at work today.
  • I enjoy my travel to and from work every day.
  • I chose to be fair to all in my business.
  • I have a great future ahead of me in my career.
  • My work, my joy and my family are nicely intertwined.
  • I now believe I’m the perfect person for this job.
  • My work is my friend and we are perfectly matched.
  • Loving my work it’s what Creator intended.
  • I’m free from allowing work to overwhelm me.
  • I always find ways to keep my work interesting.
  • I am meant to finish my current projects on time.
  • Regardless of my profession I am treated with respect.
  • I have many positive qualities that an employer is looking for. I will get hired!
  • The work I do is important to me and I am good at my job!
  • The work I do inspires others to do a great job.
  • I am appreciated and recognized for the value I bring to our company.
  • I am finding my dream job, I am on the right path!
  • I surround myself with people who support my goals, and dreams.
  • I work on improving myself every day!
  • I love my job and the people I work with!
  • I appreciate the work others do and show this appreciation.
  • Something great is going to happen at work today. An opportunity will present itself!  I open myself to the possibilities.

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