Best Affirmations for a Bigger Bum (23+ Fail-Proof Assertions)

Affirmations for a bigger bum

  1. Affirmations for a bigger bum
  2. Everyone notices how much bigger and toned my thighs are.
  3. I am achieving the body of my dreams.
  4. I am aware that my soul isn’t my physical body and that my physical body is only temporary therefore I can change it to however I see fit for myself and only for myself because I love myself and who I have become from being grateful and open to receiving gifts from the universe.
  5. I am healthy.
  6. I am so happy with my hourglass figure.
  7. I eat what I need to eat every single day to maintain my figure.
  8. I go the extra mile to cook homemade meals and make sure I drink my protein shake everyday to reach the amount of calories I should be eating a day. I stay away from chips and candy and chose to eat nuts and smoothie bowls, fruit, and cheeses as a snack.
  9. I have wide hips that complement my small waist.
  10. I love the way my body looks.
  11. I no longer suffer from bloating or excess fat because I’ve stayed on top on my eating and stomach vacuums before I get out of bed every morning. I feel a lot more comfortable wearing low rise jeans now and bodycon dresses.
  12. I now buy curvy jeans from my favorite stores and wear leggings and dress most of the time to show off my wide hips.
  13. I take my vitamins, get enough sleep, mediate, and drink enough water for my body weight. I also make sure that I plan out my week in a way that it helps me reach my goal to the fullest and cut out any bad habits that slows me down to stay true to myself to stay happy. Mental health is just as important as physical health.
  14. I’ve been more confident and outgoing because the clothes I have now hug and fit my body in a way that I feel comfortable in
  15. Imagine that because of your lifestyle change and the foods you have been eating and the daily body massages you do with pumpkin seed oil or olive oil that your breast have visible improvements of elasticity and possible size by the increase of blood flow caused by massaging them.
  16. Imagine you are at the gym or the grocery store and someone kindly stops you and respectfully asks for advice or tips on how you got your waist to your desired size leaving you feeling on top of the world because you feel admired and looked up to and respected.
  17. Imagine you feeling content and happy that you finally love how you look 100%.
  18. Imagine you noticing that you have to buy new jeans because it is so hard to pull your jeans over your ass because it is so big now.
  19. It is easy for me to gain weight and muscle.
  20. My breasts are fuller and perky.
  21. My butt is getting bigger every single day.
  22. My stomach is getting so flat.
  23. People ask how I have such a small waist.
  24. The amount of friends and people that have commented on how much bigger and toned my thighs are is crazy. I feel so sexy and appreciated that other people are noticing what I love about myself which is my body.
  25. You’ve been going to the gym or doing home workouts and fueling your body with the best foods and hydrating it with water that your body is saying thank you by giving you muscle and weight in the areas that you want it to be only.

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