Affirmations for 21 days

Affirmations for 21 days

Day1: I am loved deeply.

Day 2: I am free to express what I’m feeling.

Day 3: I believe in my intentions.

Day 4: I live in the present moment.

Day 5: I know the right thing to do.

Day 6: I am immersed in abundance.

Day 7: I am safe.

Day 8: I trust my intuition.

Day 9: I am loveable.

Day 10: I honor my commitment to myself and others.

Day 11: I make my life and no one else makes it for me.

Day 12: I deserve pleasure in my life.

Day 13: I live in harmony with myself and others.

Day 14: I believe in what I know is true.

Day 15: I love and accept who I am.

Day 16: I am grounded and centered.

Day 17: Who I am is enough.

Day 18: I am guided by inner wisdom.

Day 19: I express my truth with confidence.

Day 20: Energy fills my life.

Day 21: I am open so love may flow through me.

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