Affirmations for 11/11 (15+)

Affirmations for 11/11

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage
  • All Souls are Equals (11 looks like an equals sign connecting Heaven and Earth)
  • Each Breath I Take, Connects Me to Source. I am Sunlight seeking itself
  • Every One Counts
  • Every Seed I Plant, Has the Essence of Perfection
  • Every Soul Wants to Grow Up, including Me. I see the Soul and Forgive the Behaviour
  • Everything and Everyone, Everywhere, is Lining Up to Help Me Grow
  • I am a Leader leading Leaders. I am a Teacher teaching Teachers. I am a Healer healing Healers.
  • I am a Teacher of Oneness, I have Come for Peace
  • I have Come to Build a Bridge, so Come, Let’s Build
  • I Live Each Moment Fully, Leaving Nothing Unsaid, Leaving Nothing Undone
  • I See the Oneness. I Spread the Oneness
  • I’m Creating a Forest to Protect my Creations. I Deserve Support and Attract my Soulmates Now.
  • I’m not Crazy! I’m Remembering Who I Am
  • It’s about to happen for you.
  • It’s Time to Awaken and Stand Up for My Rights
  • Keep believing, keep praying and watch your life change for the better.
  • Magic Happens When I See What ‘Good’ Sees. My Vision is Healing Completely.
  • My Turn is Coming. It’s Safe to Get in Line. Karma is Kind
  • So many blessings.
  • So many breakthroughs.
  • The Doors have Opened, because I’m Ready to Go Higher.
  • There is a Divine Order. I Trust in the One Love and Take Action to Connect
  • We All Need Space to Grow – I Give my Happiness Room to Dance and Sing
  • We’re ALL Ones of a Kind
  • What I Am, is What I Attract (as I alter my thoughts and actions, I instantly recreate my energy levels and results)
  • Won. Won. Won. Won. Just Turning Up is Success. I have Already Won. I am Already One.
  • Your time is coming.

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