Affirmations against depression (31+)

Affirmations against depression

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage
  • You are valued even when you’re not productive.
  • You are loved despite your sadness.
  • You are not sick because of a lack of effort or a failure at adjusting faulty thoughts.
  • You are appreciated even when you can’t contribute much.
  • You are needed even though you feel worthless.
  • You are separate from your depression.
  • You aren’t any less of a person because certain people can’t understand your illness.
  • You have persevered and persevered and should celebrate your tenacity.
  • You are strong in your weakness.
  • You are much more than your opinions of yourself.
  • Your brain is your friend (despite what you hear).
  • Your discomfort won’t last forever.
  • You are resilient.
  • You are a silent warrior.
  • You are okay where you are right now.
  • I have the confidence to achieve my goals and create the life I want for myself.
  • I’m grateful for the abilities and values that make me who I am and help me succeed.
  • I take another step toward positive change every day.
  • Making time each day for my favorite activities brings me joy and gives me strength for tomorrow.
  • I am not depressed!
  • I have a good future!
  • I just need to keep myself together!
  • I got this!
  • I can’t break like this!
  • This is a tough time but I am tough too!
  • God is testing me, well, I will not fail him!
  • People will know me for my strength!
  • I am a strong boy!
  • Nothing can last for a lifetime, not even difficult days!
  • This has to pass!
  • I can take care of myself!
  • Everything is fine!
  • I am strong and talented, I can overcome this!
  • No setbacks can lower my confidence!
  • I will not overthink from today onwards!
  • I am fine!
  • Nothing can go wrong if I am strong!
  • I will not let this rough time decide my future!
  • I will prove everyone wrong who thinks I am weak! 
  • I will take care of myself!
  • I know I can get over this!
  • People will see my positive side!
  • It’s okay to be sad!
  • It is no big deal!
  • This is just a rough day!
  • I have fought many battles, I will fight this one too!
  • I will love myself!
  • I Connor let my inner peace be killed because of some random person!
  • People’s opinion doesn’t matter for me!
  • I know I can handle this!
  • I will protect myself from everything possible!
  • I will raise it every time I fall!
  • Nothing can make me depressed!
  • I have full control over myself!
  • I cannot be at war with myself!
  • I will keep myself above anything!
  • I will treat myself kindly and gently!
  • I will not be harsh on myself!
  • I will again mine peace of mind!
  • I am broken but not shattered!
  • It’s okay to feel like nobody!
  • Time will heal things for me!
  • I will go with the flow!
  • I will not enforce things on myself when I can’t do it!
  • I accept my state and I will work to do things okay for me!
  • This is just a journey, not a destination!
  • All this will one day make me a better person!
  • I will not kill my happiness for something that is not worth it!
  • I can do this!
  • One day I will be fine!
  • I will work on myself!
  • Things are okay!
  • I deserve to be loved!
  • I will be kind to myself!
  • I will be a good person in this world full of awful people!
  • I will think positively!
  • Life is too short to be in war with me!
  • Everything will fall into their right places with the passing time!
  • I will not overthink!
  • I will work to change things!
  • I will not surrender to these predicaments of life!
  • One day I will be okay!
  • I will take everything lightly and positively!
  • I will protect my sanity!
  • I will cry my heart loud when I want to!
  • I will not let the brain rule me!
  • I will be the light that the world needs now!
  • I will heal from every trauma!
  • I will take setbacks as a lesson and move on!
  • I will practice the art of letting things go!
  • I will accept those parts that cannot be changed!
  • I will be the change!
  • I know I am a good human, I don’t need to prove anyone!
  • People will accept me if I accept myself first!
  • I accept myself with all the flaws!
  • I will search for my strength during weak times!
  • I can do wonders once I get out of this!
  • I need to get out of this self-pity!
  • I am learning from the things I am going through!
  • I have faith in myself!
  • I will search for a ray of hopes in dark times!
  • The world needs a better version of me and I won’t disappoint them!
  • I will have to overcome this!
  • I Willie above this emptiness!
  • I will get a job for myself and maintain a healthy routine!
  • I will stay fit! 
  • I will walk away from all those things and relations that make me feel like shit!
  • I am not boring, I am fun!
  • I will not prove myself to those who don’t want to see my good side!
  • I need to broaden my thinking!
  • I will wait for things to take its turn!
  • I am calmed!
  • I will enjoy my company if no one wants to give me company!
  • I will not expect much from life and people!
  • I will reach my goal one day!
  • I will not bother about what people have opinions regarding me!

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