Affirmation for breakups (43+)

Affirmation for breakups

  • I deserve to be loved
  • I deserve to be happy
  • This is not my fault
  • I did not do anything wrong
  • I will never change simply to “keep” someone
  • I am an amazing human being and the right person is out there for me but I have to be patient
  • Sometimes bad things happen to good people
  • I am a good person
  • I am funny and smart and intelligent and pretty
  • I am a great catch for the right person
  • There is nothing wrong with me, sometimes we simply fall out of love with people
  • I am strong, I will get through this
  • I love myself and I respect myself
  • This too shall pass, I will get through this
  • I forgive myself, and I forgive my ex
  • I am worthy of love even when my heart is hurting.
  • I am a loving, peaceful, joyful person. I am loved and lovable.
  • This break-up is the beginning of a positive new direction in my life.
  • I choose to break free from negativity.
  • Love, forgive, and move on.
  • Even though I may miss some things about my ex and my relationship, I am happier and healthier being single.
  • My life is perfect just the way it is.
  • I forgive my ex.
  • Everything is unfolding as it is supposed to.
  • I am healing more and more every day.
  • I am not a burden and it’s not selfish for me to nourish myself in whatever way I need.
  • I don’t need anyone else to make me happy.
  • I find strength through my struggle and trust my greatness.
  • Each day in every way I am peaceful, healed, happy, and whole.
  • I choose happiness, health, and harmony instead of dis-functional relationships.
  • I am connected to so many people around me, and they don’t mind taking care of me right now.
  • I would rather be healthy and single than in a relationship that is unhealthy.
  • Having risked opening my heart to love. I choose to live in love in every moment.
  • Never ever give up on your dreams or your perfect life.
  • I will get through this. This did not end me.
  • I did my best. I am trying my best. I am doing what I need to be doing.
  • I love myself. I love my life Love is all there is.
  • I love myself and my life and I am worthy of love in my life.
  • It is completely normal that I am upset or devastated over this breakup.
  • It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to take the time and space I need to heal.
  • I am strong, resilient, peaceful, and happy.
  • I am loving and compassionate to myself at all times.
  • All of me is good and lovable. I can be all of myself at all times.
  • It’s OK to think about my ex, to question what happened, and to replay every detail in my head. But eventually, I will move on.
  • I am infinitely deserving of love.
  • I do not measure my worth on this breakup.
  • I will be better than I’ve ever been before.
  • This happened for a reason.
  • I will love again.
  • I will not only think about all the great things from that relationship.
  • I am happy with myself and by myself.
  • My ex was just an addition to my life and not the main attraction.
  • People come and go. My ex was one of them.
  • I feel myself detaching and getting better and stronger every minute.
  • My ex wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t either so I’m improving myself.
  • I am well aware of my true value and what I bring to the table.
  • Another person will appreciate me for who I am. That person will be someone I appreciate in return.
  • I’m happy to focus on myself now that my ex is gone.
  • From now on, I will only pay attention to people that want me in their lives.
  • My life is improving and getting better without my ex in it. I’m truly happy to be alive.
  • My heart will heal.
  • I am stronger than I know.
  • Everything that isn’t meant for my highest good must leave.
  • The universe is taking me to a better safer place.
  • My life will be better then I can ever imagine.
  • I deserve Endless Love and Happiness.
  • I give myself Endless Love and Happiness.
  • I am a lovable person.
  • Just because someone didn’t recognize my worth does not mean I will not find love again.
  • I know my worth. I deserve to be loved.
  • I deserve to be treated well.
  • I deserve the best things in life and love.
  • Just because it didn’t work out does not mean my life is over.
  • I forgive the person that hurt me and I forgive myself or staying.
  • Every heartbreak is a lesson learned.
  • This breakup does not define my life.
  • My life is bigger than this breakup.
  • The universe may have closed this door for me but many more doors are opening in matters of love for me.
  • I am healing.
  • I am and will move on.
  • I am letting go.
  • I release all emotions that no longer serve me for my highest good.
  • The universe has a bigger love in store for me.
  • I am ready to receive that love.
  • I am loving and I am ready to be loved.
  • Being single gives me room for personal growth. Being single allows me to give myself the personal attention that I so very deserve.
  • I am grateful for the universe saving me from what wasn’t meant to be mine.
  • I am valuable, I know my value.
  • Every heartbreak I’ve ever endured has made me stronger.
  • My time for true love is coming.
  • I am attracting people who are ready to love respect and cherish me.
  • I am ready for true love.
  • I am open for true love.
  • I receive my True Love openly and freely.
  • I release all the past hurt that is holding me back.
  • I am now reclaiming my power back to me.
  • Thank you for your lessons.
  • Thank you for my struggles, as they do not define me they GROW ME.
  • I am ready for my Soulmate.
  • I lovingly accept all the love from Myself and from my Soulmate.

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