Affirmation for appreciation (31+)

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Affirmation for appreciation

  • I am so grateful to be alive.
  • I am grateful for all the blessings I have.
  • I live my life with awareness and gratitude.
  • I choose to be thankful no matter my circumstances.
  • I am thankful for the Universe and all Her abundance.
  • Life gives me abundant blessings to be grateful for.
  • I find something to be grateful for everyday.
  • I am grateful for each day.
  • I am so blessed for everything I have.
  • Gratitude grounds me to the present moment.
  • I find gratitude in every experience.
  • I find gratitude and joy everyday.
  • Each day blesses me with more things to be grateful for.
  • Gratitude in challenging times helps me grow.
  • I am grateful for a life that makes me happy.
  • Happiness and abundance finds me.
  • I am attracted to people and situations that bring joy.
  • I am healthy and happy.
  • I am attracting joyful experiences into my life.
  • I choose to find the positive in difficult situations.
  • I practice gratitude and cultivate joy.
  • Thank you for another day.
  • I can’t wait to start the day.
  • I embrace today with open arms
  • I am ready for a new day filled with opportunities
  • I align myself with joy, peace, and prosperity
  • I am aware of my body’s strength and capabilities
  • I am capable and calm in any situation
  • I am full of vitality and I love my life
  • I am grateful for the abundance in my life.
  • I am attracting wealth and prosperity.
  • The Universe blesses me with a great deal of abundance.
  • I am grateful for all my financial blessings.
  • Thank you Universe for your guidance
  • I am thankful for the positive relationships in my life
  • I have so much to be thankful for
  • Thank you for health, vitality and abundance.
  • I am thankful for new beginnings.
  • I am grateful for all that I have.
  • I appreciate all the people in my life.
  • I feel blessed beyond measure.
  • It feels good to show appreciation.
  • Gratitude is my superpower.
  • Gratitude clears the path to my manifestation.
  • When I’m grateful for what I have, I attract more of it.
  • When I’m in a state of appreciation, I’m aligned with my higher self.
  • I am thankful for my inner guide.
  • I am in awe of the magnificence of the Universe.
  • I trust that I am exactly where I need to be.
  • I know that I’m being guided by the Universe.
  • I choose to focus on all that’s thriving.
  • I direct my attention to everything that is working.
  • I’m grateful for all the lessons.
  • I’m willing to see obstacles as lessons.
  • Every obstacle teaches me something important.
  • It feels good to give and receive love.
  • Gratitude gives me positive energy.
  • I’m grateful for my job.
  • I’m thankful for my family.
  • There is so much to be grateful for.
  • I find something new to be grateful for every day.
  • I actively look for things to be grateful for.
  • I always turn to gratitude to lift my spirit.
  • I show my appreciation through love and kindness.
  • Gratitude is my fuel through hard times.
  • Gratitude is a state of mind.
  • I raise my vibration through appreciation.
  • Appreciation is the best way to restore my vibration.
  • I have an attitude of gratitude
  • My thoughts are focused on positivity and thankfulness
  • I am sincerely grateful and this attracts positivity into my life
  • I take time to be grateful for something as simple as a blue sky or the sound of laughter
  • I am grateful for my family
  • I am grateful for all my material possessions
  • I am thankful for simply being alive
  • My life is full of so many things to be grateful for
  • Each Morning I give thanks for another day of life
  • I am grateful for all the positive things that are still yet to come my way
  • I am developing an attitude of gratitude
  • I will be thankful for each day of my life
  • I am beginning to feel a deep sense of gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life
  • I will strive to appreciate everything
  • I am transforming into someone who is always focused on positivity and gratitude
  • I am starting to feel more gratitude for the things I used to take for granted
  • Others have been noticing that I am much more positive and appreciative
  • Having an attitude of gratitude is starting to feel more natural and normal
  • My attitude of gratitude grows stronger with each passing day
  • I will always be thankful for whatever life brings my way
  • An attitude of gratitude comes naturally to me
  • I just naturally have an attitude of gratitude
  • My mind is always effortlessly focused on positivity and thankfulness
  • Gratitude is something I just naturally feel all the time
  • Thankfulness, appreciation, and sincere gratitude are all important parts of who I am
  • I find it easy to maintain an attitude of gratitude even in difficult situations
  • I am the kind of person who just always appreciates whatever life brings my way
  • I find it easy to take time each day to take a moment and feel sincere gratitude
  • An attitude of gratitude is the key to manifesting a better life for myself
  • I love the feeling of being deeply grateful for something as simple as a hug from a friend
  • I am thankful that I have a place to live. I am safe and comfortable. I enjoy living in my home and look forward to returning there at the end of each day.
  • I even appreciate the negative experiences in my life. These experiences are learning moments and allow me to be more grateful for the positive experiences in my life. Challenge is good for me.

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