5 Adolescent group therapy discussion topics

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are adolescent group therapy discussion topics?”. We will enlist the various adolescent group therapy topics and elaborate on the various discussion topics.

What are adolescent group therapy discussion topics?

Adolescent group therapy discussions are therapy sessions that are based on small groups with a focus on various goals that need to be discussed in detail within the group among adolescents.

The adolescent group therapy topics include specific topics that are related to various challenges of adolescent age and the conflicts related to adolescence period.

The various adolescent group therapy discussion topics are either based on psychoeducation  or    are process oriented. The adolescent groups based on psychoeducation include the topics that the adolescents need to know inorder to address the issues of adolescence and cope with the adolescence conflicts. The process oriented adolescent therapy groups  are inclined towards free association and sharing of life events. 

The adolescent group therapy discussion topics include the following :

  • Self help group
  • Medication group
  • Interpersonal therapy group
  • Encounter group
  • Psychodrama group

Self help group

The self help group discussions in adolescent group therapy are based usually on single issues. The self help group discussions are usually led in a group by a member who has successfully survived a problem.  

The self help adolescent therapy groups are not majorly facilitated by professionals. An individual who has coped with the problem, survived the problem or has successfully struggled with a problem. 

The survivor who addresses the adolescent group therapy members  instills motivation among the group members to overcome their problems and believe in life after getting the problem resolved.

For example, a startup company owner can lead a group session for adolescents who plan to be entrepreneurs.

Medication group

The adolescent group therapy discussions based on medication groups are based on compliance with the prescribed medication and motivate them to reintegrate in life with a decreased sense of isolation due to the physical condition for which medication is prescribed.

The medication group can be led by a doctor or a rehabilitation specialist or a nutritionist that helps the individuals to overcome the side effects of medications that they are taking and helps them to focus on the positive changes being brought about by the medicines being taken.

For example a clinical nutritionist can lead a session for cancer patients to motivate them for chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions that are believed to be harmful for skin and hair in general.

The medication group adolescent therapy sessions are meant for decreasing sense of isolation among the physically ill and disable individuals based on medications and drug therapy.

Interpersonal therapy group

The interpersonal therapy group discussions topics are based on focusing on the present relationships and the relationship dynamics of the members of the members of the adolescent group. 

Since adolescence is marked with emotional reactivity, the adolescents often tend to have distorted relationships with peers, siblings and family members. 

The main focus of interpersonal group therapy of adolescent groups is to psychoeducate the adolescents about the relationships and socialization skills.

The focus of the interpersonal therapy group is to understand the relationship conflicts related to current relationships in the life of adolescents. The interpersonal therapy groups focus majorly on the present relations instead of the past relations.

Encounter group

The encounter group sessions in adolescent group therapy are based on intense and immersive situations that occur within adolescent therapy groups. It aims on a change with higher impact on the therapy group as compared to the general discussions in adolescent group therapy.

Psychodrama group

The psychodrama group in adolescent group therapy is based on enactment of the general life situations in order to get better insight about adjustment issues and coping. Psychodrama involves role play scenarios within the adolescent group therapy and pretend play situations to gain knowledge about behavior modification for desired outcomes.


The current blogspot was based on the question “what are adolescent group therapy discussion topics?”. We learned the various discussion topics that are related to adolescent group therapy discussion. 

Frequently asked questions : adolescent group therapy discussion topics

What are some topics for group therapy?

Some topics for group therapy are as below : 

  • Family Dynamics
  • Childhood trauma
  • Substance Use and addiction
  • Future goals in life
  • Personal hygiene
  • Self-Care
  • Habits

What are some issues in group counseling?

Following are some of the challenges faced in group counseling :

  • Transporting patients to group
  • Setting up and running the session
  • Wide functional variability among patients
  • Gaining full alignment and engagement from therapy staff
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution within a group

What is adolescent group therapy?

Adolescent group therapy is a type of clinical modality that is used to facilitate the adolescents to overcome their conflicts related to identity and adolescent age.

What are the four types of group therapy?

The four types of group therapies include the following :

  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Vocational training groups
  • Interpersonal process groups
  • Cognitive behavioral group


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