List of Adolescent Group Therapy Activities (9+ Fun Exercises)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are adolescent group therapy activities? We will discuss the various adolescent group therapy activities and elaborate each activity of adolescent group therapy activity in detail.

What are adolescent group therapy activities?

The adolescent group therapy is a type of group therapy that is meant to work with a number of people in the same setting along with one or more psychotherapists that work towards a mutually established goal.

The adolescent group therapy activities are based on the following activities :

  • Human Knot
  • Fear in a hat
  • Two truths and a high
  • Gratitude Mapping
  • Goal Visualization
  • Group Meditation
  • Walk through the talk
  • The fear cap
  • Mindful speaking
  • Graffiti wall

Human Knot

Human knot activity is used in adolescent group therapy. The activity does not require any materials for preparation. The length of the activity depends on the number of adolescents in the group therapy. 

The method for human knot group activity is simple. The adolescent members of the group therapy stand in a circle. The goal is to join hands with random members of the group. After all the members have joined hands with each other , the team then tries to untangle themselves.

The goal behind this activity is to:

build rapport among the adolescents involved in the group therapy 

Serve the purpose of ice breaking among the members of the adolescent  group therapy

Build trust among the members of the group

Encourages Participation among the adolescents in group therapy

Fear in a hat

The fear in a hat activity is used in adolescent group therapy. It aims at addressing and surfacing the fears and worries of each member of the adolescent group activity. The fear in a hat activity enables the adolescents in a group to get to know the feelings of each other in an anonymous way and lighter manner.

Through the fear in a hat activity the adolescents in a group activity tend to open up with each other. Every adolescent in a group therapy tends to write their fear feelings or feelings associated with worry on a piece of paper. 

The therapist of the adolescent group activity collects all the paper pieces in a bowl and reads them aloud on ebay one to the group. Hence the adolescents of the group get aware of the feelings of the overall group in general in a non threatening way.

Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is another activity that is done in adolescent group therapy. The therapist instructs all the adolescents in a group therapy session to write down three sentences about themselves on a paper. The three sentences should contain two truths and one lie about the self.  The papers are then read aloud to all the adolescents in a group. The adolescents tend to make out which among the three statements is a lie  and the remaining two that are true about an individual.

This activity helps the adolescents of the group to know each other better and breaks ice among the adolescents of the group activity.

Gratitude Mapping

The gratitude mapping activity for adolescent group activity is done by distributing gratitude sheets based on the following sections among all the adolescents of the group :

  • People
  • Experiences
  • Things
  • Places
  • Skills
  • Others

In each of the categories, the adolescent members of the adolescent group therapy are asked to individually write one thing that they are thankful for. Through this exercise, the positive experiences of each member are brought to light 

Goal Visualization

The goal visualization technique in adolescent group therapy is meant to focus on the goals and the various paths that lead to those goals in an adolescent’s life. It is based on the rationale that usually it is difficult for the adolescent population to overcome the challenges and obstacles in their path towards their goal.

Through goal visualization, every member of the adolescent group therapy tends to mentaly visualize the path to their goal. The adolescents draw their goal and the path to their goal on a presenting sheet that they can share with all the members of the adolescent group activity.

Group Meditation

Group meditation in adolescent group therapy is an activity based on meditation with a focus towards relaxation and stress reduction. Group meditation activity is specifically administered with the adolescents in a group therapy activity to help them ground their anxieties and let go of their stress.  

Walk through the talk

The walk through a talk session happens in an outdoor setting where all the adolescents of an adolescent group therapy walk with the therapist. The session doesn’t happen to take place in a traditional way in a counseling or therapy room.

While walking along with the therapist in an outdoor park, the adolescents tend to discuss general topics that are related to health and wellbeing.

Mindful speaking

Mindful speaking is based on teaching the members of adolescent group therapy about being in here and now. The adolescent group members tend to practice mindfulness as they get involved with each other during the sessions of group therapy.

The adolescents of group therapy learn about  wise mind, emotional mind and logical mind. They also learn to use the wise mind and be more insightful of their experiences in their present life.


The current blogspot focused on the question “what are adolescent group therapy activities?”. We enlisted the various therapeutic activities that are used with adolescent groups. We also discussed the effectiveness of each adolescent group therapy in detail.

Frequently asked questions : adolescent group therapy activities pdf

How do you engage adolescents in group therapy?

  1. Make them comfortable and build a strong connection with them
  2. Attend well to their verbatim
  3. Find out what they need from therapy
  4. Find the motivation factors behind their behaviors

What are some therapeutic activities?

Following are some of the therapeutic activities :

  • Meal planning
  • Eating dinners together
  • Gardening together in the backyard
  • Have movie night together
  • Involve in religious activities together

What is adolescent group therapy?

Group adolescent therapy is a specific therapeutic modality that is used with adolescents to make them aware of their own identity. It facilitates the adolescents to define their life goals and purpose in life while dealing with the underlying conflicts.

What is an example of group therapy?

Group therapy is specifically focused on a specific health concern related to emotional anxieties or any insecurities. The major topics covered in group therapy are usually depression, social anxiety, eating disorders, anger management and others. 


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