Adolescent counseling psychology (A 3 point guide)

The current blogspot wil be based on the question “what is adolescent counseling psychology?”.  We will learn the various aspects of adolescent counseling psychology. We will also discuss in detail the implications of adolescent counseling psychology regarding the nature and scope of adolescent counseling psychology.

What is adolescent counseling psychology?

Adolescent counseling psychology is a special branch of psychology. It is aimed at young people during their teenage and adolescent years with an objective of facilitating their  holistic health.

The adolescent counseling psychology is concerned  with facilitating the teenagers and adolescents form ages 11- 19 to develop a healthy personality by mentoring their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being. 

The adolescent counseling psychology works on the subjective well-being of the adolescents so that the adolescents feel more at ease while identifying, communicating and addressing their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

The adolescent counseling uses various techniques in a non threatening way to aid the adolescents in overcoming their conflicts in life that are of emotional nature. The adolescent counseling is mostly based on solution focused approaches, drawing and art therapy so there is a less need to confront the adolescents or break their defenses.

What is the importance of adolescent counseling psychology?

Adolescent counseling psychology has immense importance in our daily life based on its significant objective. Through adolescent counseling, parents are better able to train their teenage children for transition to adulthood. 

Adolescent counseling psychology helps adolescents to lead a life free of conflicts by addressing the impact of various traumatic childhood events in the form of  parental separation,birth of an offspring, parental conflicts, abusive parents, childhood abuse and bullying. 

Adolescent counseling psychology helps adolescents to enhance their socialization abilities by overcoming the underlying emotional anxieties.The adolescents are better able to focus on their relationships within family and in their surroundings, as a result of adolescent counseling.

Adolescent counseling psychology  tends to focus on the subjective wellbeing and psychological well being of adolescents. It tends to research, study, control, manage and predict the various behavioral patterns and relationships between various variables that foster the adolescents’ well being and help them sustain their mental and physical health at equilibrium.

Adolescent counseling psychology also studies the broad aspect of identity crisis that is related to the adolescent age. It explores the mechanisms that are related to identity formation of adolescents. 

Adolescent counseling psychology does not only focus on the adolescents but also on the family of the adolescents. It tends to remove the emotional distances between the adolescents and their families. Since adolescence is a period of peer influence and the adolescents tend to focus more on their friends and peers instead of their family members and their siblings, the adolescent’s usually have conflicts with their parents.

The adolescent counseling psychology utilizes parental management techniques and interventions along with family therapy interventions to overcome and resolve the various conflicts between adolescents and their family members. 

Being adolescents, individuals are often more prone to get involved into destructive coping strategies. The adolescent counseling psychology studies and utilizes various strategies to help the adolescents to overcome their reactivity and impulsivity.

What are the advantages of adolescent counseling psychology?

The advantages of adolescent counseling psychology are as follows :

  • Adolescent counseling psychology strengthens the bond between adolescents and their families
  • Adolescent counseling psychology enables the adolescents to be more self aware
  • Adolescent counseling psychology helps us to understand the various challenges of adolescence period
  • Adolescent counseling psychology enables us to gain a deeper insight into the reasons behind substance use among adolescents and thus prevent them from falling a prey to substance use and recreational use of drugs
  • The advocacy of psychological and subjective wellbeing in schools and colleges through adolescent counseling psychology enables us to remove stigmas related to mental health issues
  • Adolescent counseling psychology helps to motivate the adolescents for a more successful academic life by exploring the various factors that determine the achievement of adolescents in education
  • Adolescent counseling psychology helps us understand the emotional vulnerability of adolescents and thus better trains us to adapt our communication patterns in ways that are non threatening for the adolescents.
  • Adolescent counseling psychology helps the adolescents to identify their destructive coping strategies in the form of self humiliating behaviors, self mutualism and suicidal ideation. 
  • Adolescent counseling psychology works towards decreasing  the mood swings and temperament issues between adolescents by helping them better regulate their emotions through emotional regulation.
  • Adolescent counseling psychology tends to advocate sexual health practices and the effects of getting involved in unhealthy sexual activities.
  • Adolescent counseling psychology guides and facilitates the adolescents towards better adaptation to life in personal, professional, academic and social life routine.
  • Adolescent counseling psychology helps the adolescents to channelize their negative thoughts and feelings through getting involved in physical activities.
  • Adolescent counseling psychology tends to consider adolescents as patients suffering from various emotional health issues and tends to work with them until restoration of peace.


The current blogspot focused on the question “what is adolescent counseling psychology?”. We learned various aspects of adolescent counseling psychology. We focused in detail on the various advantages of adolescent counseling psychology. 

Frequently asked questions : Adolescent counseling psychology

What is adolescent development and Counselling?

Adolescent development refers to the transition of individuals from childhood to adulthood. The adolescence period is a period when human bodies of males and females are at a boom of personal, physiological and psychological development.

During this transition, the adolescents are usually at peak emotional vulnerability due to hormonal development. The counseling related to adolescents prepares  them for their transition from childhood to adulthood in a healthy manner and helps them learn healthy coping strategies.

Why is adolescent counseling important?

Adolescent counseling is important to help adolescents learn healthy coping mechanisms and resolve their underlying conflicts related to identity and emotional reactivity.

What is the need for guidance and Counselling in adolescents?

There is a dire need for guidance and counseling in adolescents.  Counseling and guidance among adolescents  helps to prepare them for the challenges in adolescent life. They feel more understood and well attended due to counseling and guidance. 

Is Counselling good for teenagers?

Counseling is meant for teenagers. Since teenage marks the start of adolescence period. The teenages need counsleing to prepare themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally to meet the needs and challenges of adolescence.