9 Adolescent activities

The current blogpost will be based on the question “What are adolescent activities?”. We will enlist the various activities that are necessary for adolescents. We will also learn about each activity in detail and discuss the importance of each activity for the adolescents.

What are adolescent activities?

Adolescent activities are the various activities that are recommended for adolescents during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. These activities are based on the various developmental changes, physical development and socioemotional growth of the adolescents.

The adolescent activities are important for the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of the adolescents and they help them grow adequately and progress towards the milestones achievement of their age. 

Following are some of the adolescent activities :

  • Social play
  • Independent play
  • Guided play
  • Theater 
  • Activity camps
  • Volunteer works
  • Sports
  • Art classes
  • Educational Trips 
  • Game nights
  • Zumba 
  • Mimic me
  • Interview

Social play

Social play refers to socialization and interpersonal relationship development. Social play is based on playing with same age mates and forming interpersonal relations that also have a positive influence on the adolescent’s emotional well being.

Independent play

Independent play in adolescence is related to the adolescent’s autonomy and decisiveness. Adolescents are able to play and develop their cognitive functioning along intrapersonal skills as a result of independent play.

Guided play

Guided play in adolescence is related to playing under the facilitation and guided instructions. Guided play also involves various sports activities like water sports or sports competitions. In guided play adolescents play in a situation that is setup by them under adult supervision. An example of guided play for adolescents is model united nations and also another example is playing debate competitions.


Watching theaters together or arranging theaters is a good activity for adolescents. Theaters help the adolescents to develop their creative imagination and also have a joyful time with their pals.

Activity camps

Activity camps are set for the adolescents by their colleges, community setups and sports clubs. In activity camps, adolescents go away from their homes in the form of groups and live on their own in their camps. The activities in the camps are either pre scheduled or semi structured.

Volunteer works

Volunteer work in adolescence is based on the volunteer drives that are conducted for social work and community help by the adolescents. These involve collecting food for the poor and needy people, visiting chronically ill patients and spending time with them, setting up schools for the underprivileged adolescents and also conducting blood drives.


Sports are a healthy activity for adolescents. Indoor and outdoor sports are both equally important for adolescents. Indoor activities of adolescents are based on various games like badminton and table tennis. The outdoor sports activities are based on cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, squash, scavenger hunt and many others. The advantage of sports activities for adolescents is that adolescents are able to learn skills to enhance their interpersonal relationships, learn emotional regulation and practice sportsmanship.

Art classes

Art and drawing is a special type of activity for adolescents. Art helps adolescents through the various forms of coloring and drawing activity. Art  helps the adolescents to regulate their emotions. Art classes involve painting, coloring, drawing and sketching. Through art activities the negative energies of the adolescents get channelized. The adolescents are able to do a catharsis of their feelings and regulate their emotions effectively.

Educational Trips 

Educational trips are based on learn and play activities. Through educational trips the students learn about the historic places, increase their knowledge and develop interpersonal skills. Educational trips are also a great source of recreation for adolescents.

Game nights

Game nights are based on activities for adolescents that include various games based on the group games and competitions. These include playing  dumbcharades, playing quizzes, playing scavenger hunt, playing hide and seek, playing pictionary and many other board games including ludo, drafts, chess, scrabble, snooker along many others.


Zumba is a form of healthy physical activity for adolescents. The adolescents can all dance in a group on their favourite song together and practice fun moves that help them channelize their energy while having fun together.

Mimic me

Mimicking is a fun activity for adolescents. The adolescents can together pair up to mimic each other. Mimicking is a good way to build emotional connection and learn effective non verbal communication for the adolescents.


Semi structured or unstructured interviews are a great adolescent activity. Adolescents can role play different scenarios in the form of interviews. These include interviewing your favourite actor or actress, interviewing the president, interviewing the prime minister, interviewing any historic personality, interviewing your favourite teacher, interviewing your father/ mother, interviewing your enemy, interviewing the santa claus or another fun filled role play based on interviewing your favourite anime character.


The current blogpost was based on the question “What are adolescent activities?”. We enlisted the various activities that are recommended for the adolescents. We also learned the details related to each activity and discussed the impact of each activity.

Frequently asked questions : adolescent activities

What are age appropriate activities for adolescents?

Following are the age appropriate activities for adolescents :

  • Games such as hopscotch
  • Hopping, skipping, jumping
  • Jumping rope
  • Running
  • Sports such as gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tennis

How do you find the activity of adolescent skills?

Following are some of the activities that are based on adolescent skills:

  • Theater
  • Activity Camps
  • Volunteer Work
  • Sports Participation
  • Art Classes
  • Bonfire Night
  • Educational Trips

What do adolescents play with?

Adolescents can play with the following :

  • kick a ball around
  • create informal competitions between themselves
  • act out TV shows or invented stories
  • Play music 
  • form dance groups
  • Get involved in play and art therapy 

What is an adolescence example?

Adolescence is defined as an age based around the early teen years to the late teen years. Adolescence is based on puberty and the changes that involve physical, social, hormonal and emotional changes in the body of adolescents. This age is a transition phase for humans from childhood to adulthood.





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