ADHD Organization Tools (25 Tools)

The current blogpost will be listing the best ADHD Organization Tools which can be helpful in improving productivity and performance in those who are living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

ADHD Organization Tools

The best ADHD Organization Tools that can help those who are living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are:

  • Whiteboards and markers
  • Mechanical timers
  • Organization containers
  • Binders for financial paperwork
  • Lists on the fridge
  • Planner Pads
  • Hardcopy calendars
  • Sticky notes
  • Asana app
  • Laundry-baskets with no lids
  • Bullet Journals
  • Command Centers
  • Smartwatch
  • Forest App
  • Aqua notes
  • Automatic Feeders
  • Shower Clock
  • Sunrise Alarm Clock
  • Standing desk
  • Balance-Ball Chairs
  • Website blockers
  • Fidget toys

Whiteboards and markers

Certainly one of the best tools that someone with ADHD can find useful is a whiteboard. This paired with bright markers can help in jotting down points whenever needed and also for creating timetables and schedules which can help in making the day more organized.

Mechanical timers

While the world is definitely using mainly digital tools increasingly, there are still many people who find comfort in mechanical ones. Mechanical timers can help those who have ADHD stick to a time limit in work tasks and even household chores.

Organization containers

Large containers can be great for organizing things at home, especially in the kitchen, pantry and the bathroom. While choosing containers, go for clear plastic ones so that you can easily see the internal contents.

Binders for financial paperwork

Handling finances can be a pain, especially due to the large amount of paperwork involved. If your finance papers are often found in a big, messy bunch, you can try using colorful binders with clips to help in planning and organization.

Minimalism at home

This is not exactly a tool but more of an organization tip. Creating a home with minimalism can be splendid if you have ADHD. You can even try the KonMari Method by Marie Kondo to keep what brings you joy and simply chuck out what does not.

Lists on the fridge

You can also use the very old system of lists on the fridge to help in your organization. Lists can be shopping lists, or even to-do tasks. Furthermore, you can also write down the food items that are present in your fridge on the list to prevent wastage.

Planner Pads

Planner Pads are definitely a splendid tool for anyone who is trying to live a more organized life, especially if they have ADHD. The best thing about Planner Pads is that you can choose between a paper-based notebook and even a digital app.

Hardcopy calendars

Another good old tool that can help those who have ADHD is a hardcopy calendar. Often, writing things down in a calendar and keeping it in an easily visible place can ensure more productivity and organization than any other digital tool.  

Keychain Pill Containers

If you are always forgetting to take your medication or your daily supplements, keychain pill containers may be the answer for you. You will never have to worry about your medication since it will always be attached to your house-keys.

Sticky notes

Many people who live with ADHD often swear by sticky notes. Use bright-colored sticky notes for absolutely anything, including motivating yourself through scripture or inspirational quotes. You can even stick them on your laptop or work computer to remind you about tasks.

Asana app

There are also plenty of software that can be used for planning and organization if you are living with ADHD or are just plain forgetful in nature. One of these is Asana which is free if you are planning on using it only for yourself.

Laundry-baskets with no lids

Another simple tool that you can use to improve your planning and organization is getting a laundry basket without a lid. Often, laundry is the last thing on people’s minds especially since they cannot see their dirty clothes. Baskets without lids can easily solve this.

Bullet Journal

Bullet-journals can not only help in venting your thoughts and your feelings, but even help in planning and organizing your day. The best thing about bullet journals is that you don’t need to fluff or explain much since only short and simple phrases are required.

Command Center

If you are living with a large family and are finding it hard to plan tasks due to your ADHD, you can try creating a command center. In this command center, you can place a small whiteboard, important phone numbers and even chore-lists for everyone.


If you are someone who does not mind technology, you can make use of a smart watch. Smart watches do much more than just count your steps or record your heartrate. They can also be useful for reminding you about tasks and important calls that you need to make.

Forest App

The Forest App is perfect if you are having a difficult time completing tasks because you get distracted too often. When you are starting any task or activity, you simply turn on the app which will plant a tree in the forest.

Your tree keeps growing as you work on your task. But, if you turn on your phone when you work, your tree will die. Once you are done with your task, you can open your app to find a fruitful tree in your forest.

Aqua Notes

Aqua Notes is another great tool that can come in handy for anyone who gets their best ideas in the shower. If you get a solution for work when you are in the shower, you can simply jot it down in your Aqua Notes pad without having to leave the bathroom.

Automatic feeders

If you have a pet, it can be difficult to remember to feed regularly, especially when you are living with ADHD and have a million other responsibilities. To avoid leaving your beloved pet to hunt for their own food, set up an automatic feeder in your home.

Shower Clock

This may seem unnecessary for most people, but those who are living with ADHD know well that they often lose track of time when they are in the shower. To prevent this from happening, take the help of shower clock in your bathroom.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

This might be just another clock to many people, but a sunrise clock can be truly a blessing for those who have ADHD. A Sunrise Alarm Clock can help you in waking up slowly at a comfortable pace; giving you the best boost you need for your day.

Standing desk

Standing desks are not just for burning calories but can be superb for spending the excess energy those who have ADHD might have. There are also many electric versions of standing desks which make customization even easier.

Balance-Ball Chairs

Balance-Ball Chairs are perfect for those who are living with ADHD, especially if they want to work for a longer duration of time. Balance-Ball Chairs give the best stimulation you need to refocus your energy for whatever task you are working on.

Website blockers

If you are someone who is living with ADHD, then you know how easy it is to get distracted by other websites when you are working on your computer. Website blocker software can truly help in improving your productivity levels at work and at home.

Portable organizers

Portable organizers, such as the one from Knomo, can definitely be a great solution for anyone who is finding it hard to organize things because of their ADHD or some other reason. These organizers can hold all your essentials and can be simply folded and packed into your bag.

Fidget toys

Fidget toys may not directly help with planning and organization, but definitely help in siphoning off your excess energy, which in turn makes you more productive as someone who is living with ADHD.


The current blogpost has listed the best ADHD Organization Tools which can be helpful in improving productivity and performance in those who are living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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