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In this brief blog, we will be talking about an ADHD forum, famous discussions in various ADHD forums, questions in ADHD forums, and more information about an ADHD forum. 

What Is An ADHD Forum?

An ADHD forum is an online platform where people get to ask questions and get answers relevant to ADHD.

Some of these forums with questions can be answered by mental health professionals or people who have their experiences with this kind of disorder. 

Most questions that are found in an ADHD forum are asked by parents who have kids with this kind of disorder.

This makes sense because this kind of disorder can affect the lives of their affected children and they are willing to help them in any way they can.

Frequently asked questions are also lingering in ADHD forums.

This is filled with questions that are related to what kinds of tips parents need to help their child with this kind of disorder. 

These ADHD forums have also been helpful to parents who are undergoing bereavement from their child having this kind of disorder.

This article will be filled with some frequently asked questions in these kinds of forums and what their responses are.

ADHD Forums For Adults With ADHD

There are some websites that have ADHD forums which are exclusive to the discussion of this disorder for adults.

Some of these websites would require you to get registered and this can require some payment on several websites. 

In ADHD forums for adults, you can ask anything about ADHD whether you’re an adult who has been currently diagnosed with this disorder or a parent who is currently struggling with a child with this disorder.

Overall, you can ask anything that you really need to know about this disorder.

Some people have been asking about how to deal with the child’s personal hygiene which he or she can’t learn easily due to the disorder.

In ADHD forums, you shouldn’t be worried about someone judging you for your question about this disorder since you are merely trying to get some information that can help you with yourself or the people who have this disorder that you care about. 

The following are the most frequently asked questions in ADHD forums.

  • Stubborn doctor: what can I do?
  • Physical activity causing hyperactivity
  • SEVERE mind blanking
  • Does anyone manage their ADD without medication
  • Generic Adderall Aurobindo side effects, how to get a new prescription ASAP?

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What Can I Do About Stubborn Doctor?

This question was asked since a patient was expecting his doctor to be understandable to his needs in having ADHD.

He realized that this doctor was not being a good listener in doing treatments that can meet his needs. 

The patient thinks that the doctor doesn’t believe in the symptoms that he was sharing.

He stated that the doctor didn’t seem convinced when he said that he felt muscle weakness and fatigue due to a higher dosage of the prescribed medication.

This patient was responded by another user in the forum that some doctors are not willing to be understood about the patient’s disorder.

The user who answered also added that he should try to express his symptoms more in a detailed manner. 

If this method doesn’t work, the patient should find another doctor.

This can help him feel less worried about another doctor not being accepting of his needs.

Severe Mind Blanking In ADHD

A user who has ADHD was very distressed that he tends to have episodes of severe mind blanking that has been affecting his life.

This user even wen to articles that are sharing some insights on how to deal with this episode in the disorder. 

Some of these blogs have suggested that the user should be writing something which he did and it kinda worked.

This action allows these affected people to be more aware about what they are thinking.

Other users responded to his question by giving him other articles that offer this advice.

Other blogs have even suggested that these affected people should be buying stress balls and using them.

These balls can help these affected people to focus on the task at hand and make them be more productive in life.

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Does Anyone Manage Their ADD Without Medication?

This question has been answered since people with ADD would rather stick to their self-diagnosis and be able to find some tips that can help them deal with this disorder in their lives.

Although these people should still ask some advice from the doctor to help them adjust if they are able to do these self-help strategies.

The users who answered this question said yes that the user can control his symptoms even without the prescribed medication.

Although medication is the first-line intervention for these affected people.

This situation is based on the chronicity of the symptoms of this disorder in affected people.

If you have physical symptoms of this disorder, you are obligated to take prescribed medication to reduce your symptoms which is either Ritalin or Adderall.

You should also take therapy that can help minimize your symptoms as well.

Then, you can find some time to do your self-help activities that can minimize your symptoms.

Physical Activity Causing Hyperactivity

A parent of a child with ADHD was questioning if physical activity in her child can make the child more hyperactive.

After all, children with this disorder or a subtype of this disorder can be hyperactive. 

She stated that her son was doing physical activities like play since she believed that this can help express his son’s hyperactivity.

However, it only made this symptom worse in her son.

The users who answered this question stated that the son should be placed in occupational therapy.

This therapy can help the mother know what to do about her son’s hyperactivity.

Other users have suggested that the mother should schedule the son’s time to engage in physical activities which can also help them focus on priorities that need to be done such as assignments at home or school.

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ADHD Forums For Parents Dealing With ADHD Child

There are also these ADHD forums exclusively for parents who have children who are dealing with ADHD.

They can meet with other parents who are also struggling about keeping their child comfortable despite their disorder.

This kind of forum can also let questions be answered and the situations that these kinds of parents will land into dealing with their child with this disorder.

These kinds of forums can also give parents what kinds of psychological interventions should their child engage in to reduce their symptoms.

In this case, these kinds of parents are only doing what’s best for their children.

Some of the questions given by parents are answered by mental health professionals who specialize in this kind of disorder.  

There are also frequently asked questions in these kinds of forums made by concerned parents.

The following are some of the most recent questions.

  • Symptoms, Diagnosis And Beyond
  • In-Home Parent Coach? Is There Such A Thing?
  • How To Get Your Kid To Take Their Meds
  • Undiagnosed Child and School Issues
  • Learning more about ADHD

You can use this ADHD workbook to work with your kids with this kind of disorder which you can buy on this website. 

ADD Moms

You might be a mom with ADD or having a child with ADD and you need some information and how guidance on how to deal with this disorder which you can find on the ADD Moms website.

This forum is made by Brenda Nicholson who is a mom with this disorder and can coach you into the things you will be tackling with this disorder.

She has taken care of children with this disorder despite her own struggles with this disorder.

This forum will be able to give you some tips to help you connect with your child with this disorder.

This forum can give you strategies on how to develop your relationship with your child who has this disorder.

This forum can also provide you with assistance and support with your dealings with your child who is suffering from this disorder.

With this forum, you are ensured that you are given the proper support for your child with this disorder.

ADHD Parenting Blog

This is also another forum for parents who are inquiring about what to do with their children with ADHD.

This ADHD forum can give you details, psychological interventions, insights on how to give discipline to your affected child, and overall support. 

Parents can state questions about what needs to be accomplished with your child who has this disorder and is distressed about the symptoms.

You may have realized that your child is going to have a hard life due to his or her disorder.

With this forum, you can help your child and yourself to handle the challenges that will come to your ways.

You can also get some guidance on how you can get your child to listen and understand what you’re saying. 

You can buy your child this toy set for children with this kind of condition which is available on this website.

How Can I Help Support My Child With ADHD?

The following are strategies that you can do to help support your child with ADHD according to a blog sent to a forum:

  • Visit the GP or school if you are concerned that your child may have this kind of disorder. A diagnosis can help you move towards dealing with this kind of disorder.
  • This kind of disorder is a whole-family concern. You need to be guided that all family members understand what is going on, normalise it, and try to maintain a balance of attention in the family. 
  • Prevent providing your child with this kind of disorder the bad reputation in the family.
  • It is important to sustain boundaries and discipline and not put up with negative behaviours such as disobedience, swearing or violence.
  • Make sure you help your child live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, daily activity and sleep routines.
  • Provide your child simple instructions such as to get close, get them to look at you when you speak, talk slowly and calmly.
  • Compliment your child when they have done what is obligated, however small but be cautious not to overcompliment.
  • Make supportive lists and post them up somewhere presentable such as fridge/backdoor.
  • Chunking appropriate sit-down times like meals and homework into smaller, structured chunks like 15-20 minutes.
  • Prevent food additives and colourings since there are some studies that children with this kind of disorder are particularly vulnerable to these. Address this kind of concern with a GP or dietician if you are uncertain.
  • Search local parenting programmes and support groups which can really support you and your child.

There has been evidence that most children who were diagnosed with this kind of disorder as a child will be more likely to get it away when they become adults.

Children with this kind of disorder who were given psychological interventions when they were children were able to learn more, have healthy friendships, and able to learn life skills that made their job productive.

This kind of diagnosis will always obligate for a specialist in this kind of disorder.

You can also find out if your child has this kind of disorder by looking at his or her structures of behaviours, getting reports from school about your child’s behaviours, and some psychological tests will also be involved.

These kinds of details can help make doctors be able to conclude an effective intervention for the affected child.

You can also help your affected child by supporting him or her while he or she is being assessed and treated.

Your child might find this intervention of yours interrupting at first but when they grow into adults, you will find yourself receiving some gratitude from your affected child.


In this brief blog, we have talked about an ADHD forum, famous discussions in various ADHD forums, questions in ADHD forums, and more information about an ADHD forum. 

If you have any questions about an ADHD forum, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

FAQs: adhd forum

Is overthinking a symptom of ADHD?

Yes, overthinking is a symptom of ADHD.

This is where people with this kind of disorder get their negative feelings which can worsen this kind of psychological disorder.

If these kinds of patients keep engaging in this activity, they are more likely to suffer suicidal thoughts when they grow up as adults.

What is the best book on ADHD?

The best book on ADHD is the CBT Toolbox for Children and Adolescents due to its help to these kinds of patients.

Although there are other books on this kind of disorder that can also help parents to help their children who are suffering from this kind of condition.

Are kids with ADD smarter?

No, kids with ADD aren’t smarter in comparison to normal kids.

There isn’t enough research on this kind of inquiry. Although this kind of disorder shouldn’t be a barrier to learning since there are ways of helping these children be more knowledgeable.

These kinds of people can even do puzzles to have fun and gain intelligence.

How do I know if my child has ADHD or ADD?

You will know if your child has ADD or ADHD by seeing these kinds of signs which are they are constantly interrupting, self-centred behaviour, impatient waiting their turn, constantly fidgeting, emotional struggles, many unfinished tasks, having complications playing quietly, and lacking concentration.

How do you calm down with ADHD?

You can calm down ADHD children or people by letting the child follow instructions, break their homework into activities, be persistent in your parenting, form a good behaviour, let your child engage in play before doing big tasks, permit your child to fidget, and help your child practice meditation.


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