Best ADHD Activities (9+ Fantastic Options)

The current blogspot was based on the question “what are adhd activities?”. We will enlist the various activities that are used with individuals suffering from adhd. We will also discuss and elaborate each activity in detail.

What are adhd activities?

ADHD activities are the activities that are based on tasks that help the people suffering from ADHD to focus better in life and overcome their symptoms related to hyperactivity and inattention. 

Following are some of the ADHD activities:

  • Mandala
  • Coloring sheets
  • Ripped paper collage
  • Bean activity
  • Jumping jacks
  • Simone says
  • Scribbling
  • Room decoration
  • Cupboard organization/fridge
  • Graffiti painting
  • Racing/jumping


Mandala is a form of art activity that can be used with individuals with adhd symptoms. Mandalas are circles filled with geometric designs that are colored to make them appear more attractive. Mandalas tend to be complicated geometric designs. Coloring the mandalas requires energy and concentration. Thus mandalas tend to take away the distractions and hyperactivity of adhd individuals by channelizing them with coloring the mandalas

Coloring sheets

Coloring sheets with various patterns and sceneries is another engaging activity for individuals with adhd. Coloring in the sceneries and action figures tend to relax the mind and decrease the hyperactivity in the brain. The coloring of favourite scenes also tends to improve concentration and inattention.

Ripped paper collage

Ripped paper collage techniques is a recommended activity for adhd individuals. Ripping off paper and making collage out of it tends to channelize the hyperactivity and impulsivity of individuals suffering from hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms.

Ripped paper collage technique is based on tearing papers into pieces and making collages out of it. The papers could be newspaper sheets containing advertisements and  could also be pages from a colorful magazine.

Bean activity

Bean activity is an activity to improve concentration among the adhd individuals. The beans in bean activity can be replaced with colorful marbles also. Bean activity is based on a bowl full of different types of colorful beads, lentils or marbles . The adhd individual is tasked to seperate them out in different bowls while counting the beans of each color separately.

Jumping jacks

Physical activity and exertion tends to help the adhd individuals by helping them with their hyperactivity. The increased energy in adhd individuals tends to get channelized through jumping jack activity. After doing jumping jacks the individuals are better able to concentrate and focus on their tasks.  

Simone says

Simone says activity is a great activity for individuals with adhd symptoms. Simone says focuses on physical energy channelizing by giving commands in groups.  The group members enjoy the light humorous activity together by following the commands given by the member who is chosen to be the simone. 

The simone says activity is based on commands like “simon says standup”, “simone says raise your hands”, “simone says clap” and so on. The group members follow all the directions that have the phrase “simone says “. if any member follows a command that does not include the phrase simone says, that member is not allowed to continue the game.


Scribbling with pastels, crayons or pencil colors on paper sheets is an activity to vent out the negative energy in adhd individuals. Scribbling activity can also be done on a blackboard with chalk sticks.

Scribblings take no form or shape thus no meaning can be drawn out of it. It is a substitute of destructive impulse oriented activities among adhd individuals. 

Room decoration

Decorating a room is an activity for adhd individuals that tends to involve the physical and mental energy of individuals suffering from adhd symptoms. Hence being involved in room decoration makes them more focused on various tasks and get to use their increased bouts of energy.

Cupboard organization/ fridge organization

Cupboard organization involves taking out all the cupboard shelves material and rearranging them in the cupboard. The cupboard organization activity among adhd individuals tends to channel their physical energy and use their mental capabilities by placing things in an orderly manner.

The cupboard and fridge organization activity is useful for decreasing the symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention among individuals. 

Graffiti painting

Graffiti painting involves painting on a large wall as a canvas. The graffiti painting activity involves the adhd individuals to paint large walls based on a theme  or based on abstract colors. Thus painting the walls while standing enables them to manage their hyperactivity and focus on the walls and paint colors on the wall. 

Racing/ Running

Racing / running are forms of physical activities that help the adhd individuals to get at ease when they are hyperactive. These activities can be used to cope with the excessive inner build of energy among the adhd individuals. Racing tends to utilize the negative energy of individuals and running also helps them to overcome the impulsive energies and helps them to focus better on the surroundings.

Music and dance activities

The adhd activities on music and dance include energy channelizing through singing songs, playing karaoke and dancing wild on the music to convert the energy into dancing activity and thus inattention minimizes and it gets easier for adhd individuals to focus.


The current blogspot focused on the question “what are adhd activities?”. We learned the various activities that can be used with adhd individuals. We also discussed the various activities that are used with adhd children and adults.

Frequently asked questions : adhd activities

How do I keep my ADHD busy?

You can keep your adhd busy by :

  • Making them seperate beans of different colors
  • Getting them arrange their organizers
  • Involving them in assembling kitchen cabinets
  • Playing jumping jacks with them
  • Making them physically active



What activities do children with ADHD like?

For children with adhd the best and favourite activities are :

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Jumping


How do you calm an ADHD mind?

An ADHD mind can be calmed down through breathing and relaxation exercises. Breathing in through your diaphragm can help shift focus from various distractions.


Does ADHD worsen with age?

Adhd does not worsen with age in any individual. If a person knows the ways to manage their symptoms and distractions well in life.

Does ADHD go away?

ADHD tends to have a decreasing impact on the brain even when the symptoms are being effectively managed.Hence ADHD does not completely go away from someone’s life.


What to do when you’re bored with ADHD?

Being bored with ADHD gets to know yourself and the things that please you in order to decrease your boredom. Boredom can be decreased by :

  • Trying new things
  • Enjoying your favourite movie
  • Enjoying your favourite book


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