Activities to improve communication skills in English

The current blogpost will be based on the question “What are the  activities to improve communication skills in english?”. We will discuss the various activities that help to improve communication in English. We will also explore each activity in detail so that we are able to learn the various activities that facilitate improving communication in English.

What are the  activities to improve communication skills in english?

Improving communication skills in English requires certain practices that help us polish our skills and also facilitate us practice our learnings. Inorder to improve the communication skills in English, following are some of the activities based on techniques, exercises and games that can be utilized :

Join English speaking clubs or voice chats

Joining an English speaking club or a voice chat club helps an individual to enhance their English communication. Such activities help you to practice your speaking skills and also enhance your listening skills of English language. As we listen better, we also tend to speak better with time. We can also use social media groups to enhance our speaking and listening skills for improving communication in English.

Use a mirror and focus on fluency

Being fluent is a key to communicating better in is always recommended to stand in front of a mirror and practice English. Standing in front of a mirror and speaking  for a particular time everyday helps us to overcome our anxiety related to English language communication. While standing in front of the mirror and speaking English, a person can analyze their speech pattern, focus on their pronunciation and learn to express their ideas without being struck midway.

Use English pronunciation exercises

Pronunciation and right pronunciation in particular is a crucial aspect of English communication. It is a lot easier to learn correct pronunciation at the start instead of unlearning the mistaken pronunciation and overcoming your weakness by practicing the actual pronunciation later. When learning and improving your skills of English communication it is important that you learn and practice accurate pronunciation.

An effective strategy to improve english communication is through  recording your speech, this way you will be able to assess your pronunciation and make corrections.

Use Online courses and conversation starters

Online courses often provide us with opportunities to learn English communication skills and also practice them. For an enhanced one to one experience related to English communication, it is suggested to get in contact with a one on one English tutor. 

The online tutors provide facilitation with regards to various principles and strategies that help us master the art of English language communication.

English listening exercises

Listening to the English language also improves our communication in English. Listening to songs in English or podcasts in English is a great activity to improve English communication skills.

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Practice listening during downtime

Listening and practicing English communication passively is also a good way to achieve improvement in your English communication skills.Listening passively to English songs or audiobooks helps us to achieve a better communication level in English.


Watch movies, TV shows, and news

Watching movies, TV shows and news helps us improve our English communication skills effectively. Through observing the accent of actors in movies and songs along the news, we are able to analyse our accent and pronunciation of the same. Thus observing the English language being communicated is a great activity to improve the English language. 

Reading exercises

Reading exercise is a good activity to improve English communication skills. Reading articles based on the English language, reading English newspapers and reading English novels helps us to improve our English language speech and writing.


Change the language on your phone to English

Another activity to improve English language communication skills is to change the language mode of your gadgets into English. This way we can be more familiar with the English language and also use it in our routine activities.

English writing exercises

Doing activities that are based on English writing also helps us to improve our English writing skills. Writing stories, dramas or diary writing are some of the activities that help us to improve our English communication skills.

Create your vocabulary list

Creating a vocabulary list activity also helps in improving English language communication. It is recommended to read books and mark out the difficult words that are not known. This way, we can learn new words and improve our vocabulary in the English language.

Describe pictures

Describing random pictures and making stories through creative imagination is also a recommended activity to improve English language communication. Describing pictures helps us to improve verbal speech and also oral speech.

Write comments in blogs

Writing random comments in blogs helps to improve English language communication. Randomly writing comments helps in learning and improving English writing skills.

Do English grammar exercises online

Doing English grammar exercises online helps in learning the grammar rules for the English language and improves communication skills.


The current blogpost was based on the question “what are the activities to improve communication skills in English?”. We learned various activities that facilitate communication skills in English. We also discussed each activity in delta to explore the various strategies that help in facilitating English communication.

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Frequently asked questions : activities to improve communication skills in english

How can I improve my communication skills in English?

Following strategies can be used to improve English communication skills :

  1. Keep talking
  2. Find a good speaking rhythm
  3. Make sure you’re understood
  4. Repeat what you’re told
  5. Ask clarifying questions
  6. Watch your body language
  7. Use appropriate language
  8. Practice empathy

What are 12 ways to improve communication skills?

Following are the 12 ways to improve communication skills :

  • Show Respect & Appreciation
  • Listen Actively
  • Ask Questions And Paraphrase
  • Make Eye Contact
  • Pay Attention To Body Language
  • Get Rid of Conversation Fillers
  • Be Brief, But Specific
  • Put away your gadgets
  • Validate other’s thoughts and feelings
  • Never talk over people
  • Watch your tone
  • Smile and have a positive attitude


What are the 5 ways to improve your communication skills?

Following are the 5 ways to improve your communication skills :

  • Listen. Paying attention and truly listening to someone underpins good communication
  • Be aware of body language
  • Ask questions
  • Be brief and to the point
  • Take notes

What activities can be performed to improve the communication skills of our students in the classroom?

Following are some of the activities that can be performed in the classroom to improve the communication skills of the students :

  • Back-Back
  • Role Playing
  • Picture-Telling
  • Movement Sticks
  • Stand Up for Fillers
  • Blindfold Game
  • Find It Together


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