Activities to build sibling relationship (17+)

The present article is related to the question “what are the activities that can be used to build sibling relationships?”. It will elaborate on and discuss the various activities to build sibling relationships. We will also learn how to enhance bonding and positive connection among siblings.

What are the various activities to build sibling relationships?

The various activities to build sibling relationship are:

  • Sibling trivia
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Memory tray game
  • Balloon toss up
  • Cup switch -up
  • Allowing kids to be messy 
  • Taking family vacation
  • Competition against parents
  • Encourage family time
  • Build a fort
  • Make them incharge of groceries
  • Spider game 
  • Blind treasure hunt
  • Pillow fight
  • Making an indoor cardboard slide
  • Potato drop
  • Freezing Game

Sibling trivia

Sibling trivia is an activity based on questions and answers. The questions are asked about one sibling from another sibling and the answers are then compared to each other to know which sibling’s answers are the closest to others.

Scavenger hunt

Turn wise each sibling is asked to make a list of items to be found by another sibling. The siblings then find the list items in the designated places.

Memory tray game

Make a tray with different items that represent various memorable life events. The tray is visible to each sibling for a span of time. Then each sibling is asked to write whatever items they can recall from the memory tray.

Balloon toss up

A single balloon is tossed up in the air and each sibling is asked to take turns to toss it up in the air. The siblings can also use toy bats to toss up the balloon in the air.

Cup switch -up

This is a fun activity to be done with siblings. Siblings sit around a table with three plastic paper cups that are non transparent. A coin is placed under one of the cups and the cups are all inverted. The cups are then rotated many times and finally a sibling asks other siblings to tell which cup has the coin.

Allowing kids to be messy 

Allowing the kids to be messy and have fun together by playing in the mud, on the beach, having water fights or tomato fights instills in them healthy binding and connections. They accept each other as fun partners.

Taking family vacation

Taking family vacation and letting the kids make memories together is an activity that strengthens bonding between the siblings. Siblings spend quality time together and enjoy pleasant life events. 

The bonding established at the time of vacations often continues after the vacations returning to routine life.

Competition against parents

Siblings pair up with each other against the parents. This strengthens their emotional affiliation and trust upon each other. Siblings play together against the parents to achieve the goals of the game and win the competition.

Encourage family time

Encouraging family time together instills feelings of positivity and togetherness among the siblings. They learn that they are equally important to their parents. Siblings have the equal opportunity to share the love and care of their parents. Such family times help the siblings to make and enjoy good memories together. For example, gathering to celebrate good results or birthdays.

Build a fort

Building a fort together out of sand, playdough, pillows for packing material is a great activity to enhance the skills of support and collaboration among the siblings. 

Siblings learn to support each other for mutual goals by getting involved in fort building activity.

Make them incharge of groceries

Making siblings incharge of grocery lists and collecting grocery items when they reach an appropriate age is very crucial. It boosts their confidence and trust. It helps them to grow together and strive together towards a mutual goal.

Spider game 

Tie a hanging rope in the garage or car porsche. Let the kids swing with the rope or reach a typical mark in the car porsche or the garage floor by swinging through that rope.

Blind treasure hunt

Get the siblings involved in blind treasure hunts individually or in teams. One of the siblings gets blind folded and the others give him directions to blindly hunt the treasure in a room.

The blind treasure hunting activity builds trust and collaboration among the siblings.

Pillow fight

Pillow fight among the siblings is a source of fun and takes out negative energies related to each other in a humorous way. It lets the siblings get away with the negative feelings in a humorous way without expressing it directly.

Making an indoor cardboard slide

Giving the siblings a task to make a cardboard slide inside the house by using different materials already available at home. For example if cardboards or packing materials are available. This makes siblings learn compromise and pretend to play with each other.

Potato drop

Potato drop activity is intended to have a race competition between siblings. Siblings are made to hold a potato between their knees and reach the finish point without dropping the potato. The siblings have to carry out the potato to the finish point and drop it there. 

The one who reches and drops the potato first wins the race. 

This activity promotes healthy competition between siblings.

Freezing game

Freezing game involves the siblings in a fun activity to prompt each other to freeze behaviors and actions whenever they are prompted to do so. This activity instills taking commands and directions from each other and acting upon them then and there. 

The rozen sibling is then made to unfreeze by making him laugh through humorous actions by the other sibling.

T-shirt walk

T-shirt walk is a race that both siblings have to achieve by walking towards the finishing line by being in the same t-shirt. They learn to walk with each other towards a mutual goal. In this race, if one falls both siblings fall. So the siblings need to take care of their steps and pace.


The present blogspot discussed the various activities that can be utilized in order to build and strengthen healthy relations among the siblings. We learned various activities that are based on structured and unstructured activities for promoting healthy relations among siblings.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Activities to build sibling relationships

How do you strengthen a sibling relationship?

Sibling relationships can be strengthened by:

Listening to and attending to all the siblings uniformly
Not comparing the kids with each other
Not letting down the needs of one sibling  while favouring another sibling

What is a toxic sibling relationship?

Toxic sibling relationships are relationships that are formed on the basis of one sibling overpowering another sibling and putting down the needs of one sibling to fulfil their own needs.

What are fun things to do with your sibling?

The fun things to do with your sibling are :

Playing indoor games
Playing outdoor games
Pretend playing 
Playing legos 


5 Activities to Help Strengthen Sibling Relationships