Activities to boost confidence (Top 9)

This blogspot will be based on the question “what are the activities to boost confidence?. It will be enlisting and discussing the various activities that can be utilized to boost confidence. We will learn the various strategies that can be used to enhance confidence.

What are the activities that can be used to boost confidence?

Following are the activities that can be used to boost confidence:

  • Talking to self in the mirror
  • Dressing as you would like to be perceived
  • Maintaining effective communication
  • Set achievable goals
  • Practice social skills effectively
  • Talk to your inner critic
  • Setup thoughts alternate to the negative thoughts
  • Exercise 
  • Emotional regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Write a diary daily to notice your confidence
  • Act and think positively

Talking to self in the mirror

Self-talk while looking into the mirror is an excellent activity for boosting confidence. It enhances confidence by enabling the person to maintain eye contact while looking into the mirror and notice how the person looks while speaking in a certain way or standing in a certain way.

The person while practicing self talk can modify the way they stand, the way they present themselves to make themselves comfortable to their mirror image.

Dressing as you would like to be perceived

Dressing helps a lot in enhancing and boosting confidence among individuals. The key is to dress appropriately for the event that you are going to attend, choose appropriate cuts, choose appropriate colours and make sure your outfits add to your overall persona. Selecting appropriate shoes and accessories also adds to your confidence as it takes away the eyes of the listeners from your shortcomings and creates a distraction.

If an individual dresses well and grooms well, he/she feels presentable and successful to face the world. A well maintained attire and a confident look with a pleasant smile is always appreciated more as compared to a loose dressing and a shabby look.

Maintaining effective communication

Effective communication lies at the corre of confidence. Being confident doesn’t mean being aggressive or overpowering others. In order to communicate with others effectively so that you seem confident, it is always necessary to practice effective verbal and non verbal communication skills. 

The verbal communication skills involve speaking assertively as that adds to a person’s confidence. Using a firm tone that is neither too loud nor too slow, speaking at a low speed without shouting or yelling at the people around you is a key to boost confidence in yourself.

Similarly, nonverbal communication skills help to boost confidence. Practicing to walk in a firm gait and avoiding lousy postures while sitting or standing, using hand gestures while talking to someone, maintaining appropriate eye contact, doing a firm handshake, nodding your head while listening to the other person, a pleasant smile and a firm sitting posture are add ons to a person’s confidence.

Set achievable goals

Achievements are a crucial content for boosting confidence. Setting realistic short term goals that are achievable will boost your confidence while working to achieve them. Achieving short term goals is always related to a high sense of self and it fulfills the person’s purpose of life. 

Practice social skills effectively

Inorder to boost confidence, it is always recommended to practice social skills. Learning strategies to build better interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and thus appear more confident by knowing how to meet whom and when to say what to anyone around. 

Socialization always leads to a confident individual as it enhances an individual’s exposure to various people of different age groups and helps them overcome their social anxiety and fears related to meeting new people or certain group of people.

Talk to your inner critic

Often it happens that the low confidence is a result of an individual’s own negative thoughts and self criticism. An individual with negative thoughts in the mind about the self, the world or others will have comparatively less confidence.

Such an individual who criticises self for little things in life and has a distorted thinking pattern aht is filled with fear of future events and being evaluated or judged by others negatively are less confident and have a low self esteem.

It is always good for such individuals to talk to themselves about the negative thoughts that they have about themselves and seek evidence in support of the negative thoughts to weaken their strength. and establish alternate positive thoughts that are more justified.

Setup thoughts alternate to the negative thoughts

Having negative thoughts abbott self often puts an individual in a position where they feel less confident and shaky. Using thought challenging and establishing alternate new thoughts in place of the negative automatic thoughts can enable an individual to focus more on the positive aspects of life and self.

As a result of the positive thoughts individuals feel more competent of themselves and are able to confidently deal with the outer world and other people.


Exercising provides more strength and more power to the body parts. While exercising more oxygen is sent to muscles that aids in feeling more strength. Exercise helps in maintaining proper shape of the body and thus enhances body language for non verbal communication.

Exercise also leads to production of the positive hormones known as endorphins. These hormones enable a person to feel good about themselves. Increasing physical activity and body exertion leads to less negative thoughts and influences confidence positively. 

Emotional regulation

Learning emotional regulation to boost confidence is aimed at identifying, recognizing,expressing and managing pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Emotions regulation activities enhance a person’s confidence by enabling the individual to manage the unhealthy emotional states so that they don’t interfere with their personal and professional life.

Often a person’s confidence is shattered due to unpleasant feelings about the self and others that they tend to displace at the wrong time at the wrong moment with the wrong person.

Mindfulness activities

Mindfulness activities to boost confidence involve not thinking with a very logical or very emotional mind about anything. By practicing using a wise mind, individuals boost their confidence about themselves and confidently deal with various scenarios across the life spheres by being in the moment.

Mindfulness activities suggest that individuals don’t think much about the past or the future matters as the negative feelings associated with the past and present often keep a person from confidently dealing with a scenario.

Surround yourself with positive people

Inorder to act positive and confident, an individual needs to surround themselves with people who are positive and enhance positivity among them. A confident person needs to practice to keep a positive perspective in life and practice tolerance and forgiveness.

Having people who make you feel more good about yourself and give you positive vibes is a recommended strategy to boost your confidence.

Write a diary daily to notice your confidence

Taking note of your confidence on a daily basis and trying to move forward on the confidence scale with one little step everyday is a good activity to boost your confidence. Before going to sleep take out 10 minutes to think about a moment that makes you feel most confident about yourself. Thus feeling accomplished and appreciating a more confident you every night before going to sleep will make you wake up with a greater sense of confidence.


The present blogspot focused on the various activities that can be used to boost confidence in an individual. We learned that practicing positive self-talk, effective verbal and non verbal communication skills, overcoming negative thoughts, forming new alternate thoughts, using mindfulness and emotional regulation are some of the activities that can be used to boost confidence.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Activities to boost confidence

What are 5 ways to improve self esteem?

The 5 ways to boost self-esteem are:

Use [positive affirmations
Identify your inner strengths for problem solving
Decrease the self criticism
Appreciate yourself for simple achievements

What activities help to build a positive self esteem?

Following are the activities to build positive self esteem:

Practice gratitude
Learn a new skill 
Value your needs
Set small and realistic goals
Practice forgiveness
Learn to use mindfulness strategies as a healthy coping

What are the 5 activities to boost confidence?

Following are the 5 confidence boosting activities:

Focus on yourself, your needs, thoughts and feelings.
Practice positive self affirmations
Appraise yourself for small achievements in life
Count your blessings
Have a positive perspective in life


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