5 Activities and games for motivation training

The current blogpost will be based on the question “what are the activities and games for motivation training?”. We will enlist the various activities and games for motivation training. We will also discuss each activity and game in detail. 

What are the activities and games for motivation training?

There are different games and activities that can be used with individuals to build their motivation. These games and activities  are based on various exercises that are a blend of work and play integration of employees. 

The idea behind these activities and games is that a fun filled work atmosphere is related to improved communication, enhanced productivity and increased motivation among employees. 

There are many advantages of the games and activities that are used for motivation building that include the following :

  • Gaining insight about the strengths and weaknesses and mapping ways to get done with them
  • Enhanced out of the box thinking
  • Increased creativity
  • Learning new strategies
  • An open minded approach
  • Learning ways to master problem solving and negotiation
  • Increased motivation of employees
  • Reduced burnout among the employees
  • Decreased levels of stress among the employees

Following are some of the the games and activities that can be done in order to enhance the motivation of employees at the workplace :

  • A trip down the memory lane
  • Can you guess the lie
  • Tell me a story
  • Enter the shark tank
  • Create a scrapbook
  • Feelings wall 
  • Board games
  • Escape room
  • The egg drop

A trip down the memory lane

A trip down the memory lane is an activity that is based on team building and improving connections. All employees are divided into teams of 3 to 4 people. Each group is given a set of cardboard coins that have years mentioned upon them. Each member picks out a coin that has a year upon it. The member then shares something significant that he achieved during that particular year in life. 

In this way all members of the team are able to know eachother better and build positive connections with each other.

Can you guess the lie

This activity for motivation building is based on the classic game “3 truths and a lie”. The employees are all gathered in a circle. All members of the group tend to write 4 things on a paper about themselves among which 3 statements are true and one is false. Employees are then asked to mark out the false statement for each of the members.

Through this activity the introverted employees are able to get connected with other employees of the company and all members of the company are able to know each other in a non threatening way.

Thus the motivation to break comfort zones and connect with each other is strengthened among the employees.

Tell me a story

This game is based on a storytelling activity. In this activity the employees are divided into small groups. The team members share their experiences that were a miracle point for their life at their previous workplace, as a result all members of the team are able to know the experiences of each other and learn from their mistakes in professional life. 

Reliving old experiences and understanding the common experiences with each other is a way to normalize the overgeneralized experiences and thus increase employee motivation by lowering the level of stress associated.

Enter the shark tank

This technique of motivation building among the employees is related to creative thinking, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.

The employees are picked up to be placed in groups that have to come up with a unique business idea for the company. The business idea of each employee group is then presented to a group of employees known as “Sharks”.

The “Sharks” group critically evaluates the ideas of business development. The one idea that is chosen to be the best is given a reward in the form of a free meal from a company cafe or a nearby restaurant. 

Create a scrapbook

Creating a “first day at office” or “my first year at workplace” scrapbook is another great activity to induce motivation among employees. The employees are able to go through their journey at the workplace and narrate incidents through pictures and art in the scrapbook that can be presented at lunchtime.

The employees can also have a large book placed in a common area where all employees can write and paste pictures of their memories that were funny or that were significant for them.

This will enhance creativity, fun and play among employees and thus employees will be able to motivate themselves by feeling secure at the workplace.

Feelings wall 

Feeling wall idea is to help the employees to get rid of their unpleasant feelings and thoughts that nag them at the workplace and affect their productivity. Often some scenarios at the workplace leave the employees in stress. As a result they have built in feelings that they are unable to vent out. 

Inorder to encourage the employees to take out their unpleasant feelings, the feelings wall is a blank whiteboard with sticky notes that enables the employees to write down their thoughts and feelings that feel heavy in a very confidential way.  

The feeling wall is wiped off everyday so the employees do not feel burnout and low motivation due to routine pressure and stress at the office.

Board games

Giving employees the opportunity to play board games is another way to induce motivation and energy among them. Often the employees are bored or frustrated due to being overburdened with deadlines or hectic schedule of meetings. During such scenarios, providing the employees with an opportunity to play a boardgame of their own choice gives them relief and helps them bring back their motivation with a new spirit.

Placing board games in a common area or lounge is a great way to help make the employees feel at ease in times of distress.

Escape room

Escape room activity is a great initiative for connection, team building and motivation strengthening among the employees. The escape room activity is based on a number of hints and clues that the employees use in a room to find the key in a span of 60 minutes. This activity can be based on 2 to 3 small groups competing against each other or one large group . It is a challenging activity that enables analytical reasoning and creative thinking.

The egg drop

The egg drop activity is a fun game used to induce motivation among the employees at the workplace. The employees are all divided into a team of 4 individuals. They are asked to imagine one unboiled egg in each team. The task of the team is to drop the unboiled egg from the 2 floor to the first floor without breaking it.

The employees in each team are instructed to only use the resources that are available in the office. This game helps to induce collaboration and team building among the employees. The employees are thus given an opportunity to build their motivation.


The current blogspot was  based on the question “What are the activities and games for motivation training?”. We learned about various activities and games for motivation training. We also discussed  each mentioned activity and game for motivation training.

Frequently asked questions : activities and games for motivation training

What are some motivational activities?

Following are some of the motivational activities :

  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Give Responsible Tasks
  • Work in Groups
  • Positive Competition
  • Evaluation Programs
  • Switch Roles
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Field Trips

How do you motivate employees’ activities?

The following strategies can be use dot gamify employee’s activities :

  • Gamify, with incentives
  • Recognize accomplishments regularly
  • Demonstrate trust
  • Be positive
  • Allow flexibility as much as possible
  • Give them a chance to lead
  • Gather feedback for reward

What are 7 ways to motivate employees?

Following are the 7 ways to motivate employees:

  • Make work comfortable
  • Walk the walk.
  • Talk the talk
  • Accentuate the positive
  • Ask for feedback
  • Be fair and consistent
  • Recognize individuality

What are some fun group activities?

Following are some of the fun group activities :

  • Mystery Dinner
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Trampoline Park
  • Something Touristy
  • Painting Class
  • Cooking Class





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