Best Active Listening Paraphrasing Examples (35+ Exhaustive List)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are active listening paraphrasing examples?”. We will learn the various examples of paraphrasing in active listening that will help us understand paraphrasing as a skill necessary for active listening.

What are active listening paraphrasing examples?

Paraphrasing is an important aspect of active listening. Paraphrasing helps understand the listener of their understanding of the said message being in line with that of the intent of the speaker. 

Paraphrasing in active listening also allows the speaker to get connected to his own thoughts and feelings in a better way. The speaker also tends to make sense of the fact that the listener is attending well and trying best to make ssense of the speaker’s words and body language.

Through paraphrasing, the listener uses concise words to restate the information and the feelings gathered by the listener through observing and attending well to the verbal and non verbal cues of the speaker. 

Active Listening Paraphrasing Examples

The examples of paraphrasing include the following :

  • “Your plans for the trip are changed”
  • “You feel your husband has changed since last month”
  • “Your feelings for your workplace seem more negative now”
  • “What I just heard feels like you are no more interested in working at the same place”
  • “So you mean your gut feeling does not allow you to go to your aunt’s house”
  • “It sounds like what is most important to you at the moment is your education”
  • “If i am correct, you appear to be more irritable to your family as they assume you to be angry on your wife”
  • “Sounds like you are not much interested in the career path you are following at the moment”
  • “I feel there is a contradiction between what you actually need in life at the moment and what you believe you should be doing at this point in life”
  • “You think your parents have more been towards your sibling’s emotionally and less connected to you”
  • “You seem to have a difficulty in carrying out your new routine”
  • “You apprehend your future in this high school will be not as bright as it could be in any other high school in America”
  • “I feel you have some grudges related to your extended family due to your past experiences”.
  • “Your trust issues are something that keep you from sharing your true self with anyone in life”
  • “It seems that your dreams in life are making you move cautiously in each phase of life”
  • “Your emotions related to your ex girlfriend are not allowing you to be comfortable in life with anyone else”
  • “ It seems your low energy does not allow you to do things that you find pleasure in doing”
  • “You have been into counseling before and that is why you think counseling is not helping you”
  • “Your dark past is a reason for you to believe that life is not worth living”
  • “Your kids are not achieving high in school and you blame yourself for it”
  • “It feels that your husband’s abusive behavior towards you is a cyclic pattern that returns every 15 or 20 days”
  • “Your negative thinking seems to be the reason behind your distorted relations”
  • “You have not gained enough attention in life and thus you believe in showing off your tattooed body to get people notice you more often”
  • “Your dark complexion is the reason behind your belief that you are inadequate”
  • “Your life has been a mess that doesn’t allow you to enjoy your achievements and that is why you have a firm faith that with every step forward your life puts your happiness down a step”
  • “ it seems you have lost your sense of worth in life”
  • “ it appears that your life has been a struggle and thus you often compare your life position with other people’s life position”
  • “ I heard you saying that your wife is a source of shame for you due to her low academic background but at the same time you regard her caring nature”
  • “ i have been observing you feeling angry whenever you talk about your father in your childhood”
  • “I have noticed your spark throughout the conversation whenever you talk about your friend”
  • “Your energy seems to get high when you share your traveling experience and internship at the foriegn state office”
  • “Your eating habits makes it visible that you are more used to of punishing yourself by not eating anything at all when something does not happen to you as expected”
  • “ the history you shared in sessions make me believe that you have been quiet on the adventurous side in life”
  • “Your social life makes it sound like being much on the social media media rather then preferring friends in real life”
  • “ it seems that going through google and reading the diagnostic criteria for cancer makes you feel ill”
  • “Youu appear to be sick and nauseous since the day you saw the movie on the suicide murder in your city”
  • “Your psychological assessment seems to conclude that you have a great potential for performing better in life but your low motivation in life does not enable you to do so”
  • “You say you are alright but your mood suggests to me that you have been on the lowest energy level”
  • “I have understood that your life has been that of a self made person and i would like to know if there is anything else important that makes you come to me “
  • “You feel confused about the recent change in your father’s job that will make you shift to another station”
  • “You think that following religion makes you feel look awkward in your social circle and that is why you don’t want to follow your religious obligations anymore”
  • “What i have understood so far is that you are unable to reach office in time due to your physical health issues”
  • “The way you ignore your relationships at home makes it appear that you like living a life in isolation”
  • “The best moment that you have shared with me about your married life was 30 years ago and you don’t recall anything good happening after that in your married life”


The current blogspot was based on active listening paraphrasing examples. We discussed the various examples of active listening that are used in routine life and we understood the significance of paraphrasing in active listening.

Frequently asked questions : active listening paraphrasing examples

What is paraphrasing in active listening?

Paraphrasing means restating the same information using different words. In a concise way the words of the speaker are said back to him by the listener to test and confirm his understanding of the speaker’s words.

What are four examples of active listening?

The four examples of active listening are :

  • Neutral and non judgemental
  • Patient 
  • Reflecting back what is said
  • Clarification and summarizing

Is paraphrasing a form of active listening?

Paraphrasing involves restating the said message in a different set of words to seek clarification and confirmation of your understanding of the intent of the message being conveyed by the speaker.

How do you paraphrase when listening?

Following are the steps to paraphrasing when listening :

  • Listen for the main thoughts, feelings and intent of the statement of facts
  • Use your words to gain clarification of your understanding of the other person’s content
  • Be brief about your understanding of the key words.


Active Listening and Paraphrasing

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