List of I-Statements (65+ Empowering Quotes)

The present blogspot will be based on a list of I statements that are used in our daily life. The “i” statements are perfect for the assertive style of communication.the “i” statements do not threaten the listener and the listener thus accepts whatever is being communicated with a more open mind.

What is the list of I statements? (70 effective “I” statements)

Following is the list of “I” statements. The “i” statements include:

  • I felt sorry when i heard about your loss
  • I felt apologetic when I heard you got late from your work as my car broke down.
  • I felt broken as you shouted so loud at me.
  • I felt angry as you did not wish me on my birthday.
  • I got frustrated as you did not show up for the party. I assumed that you no longer love me.
  • I wanted to cry out loud as I got my lunch late during break time.
  • I get anxious when you don’t pick up my call.
  • I get nervous when you come late from the office.
  • I get irritated when children don’t sleep on time.
  • I enjoyed the ice cream you sent me to cheer me up.
  • I felt lost during the meeting after knowing about my sister’s death.
  • I feel numb when you yell at me infront of other family members.
  • I get confused when your friends come to visit us unexpectedly.
  • I feel frustrated when you leave your clothes on the washroom floor.
  • I feel awful when you beat the kids to displace your anger. 
  • I feel embarrassed when you mistreat the maid.
  • I feel lonely when you spend more time with your office colleagues.
  • I feel disconnected when you don’t reply to my text.
  • I feel overburdened when you don’t help me with the house chores. 
  • I feel unappreciated when you don’t praise the taste of my dishes that I cook for lunch and dinner.
  • I feel stressed when you don’t bring the grocery items as per the list.
  • I feel discontented when we don’t spend much time together.
  • I feel less affectionate when you dont hug me before going to the office. 
  • I feel less loved when we donot have sex at night before bedtime.
  • I feel unwanted when you sleep before me at night time.
  • I get the feeling of being unimportant when you miss dinner for attending your calls.
  • I get the feeling of being hopeless when you don’t listen to me compassionately.
  • I get the feeling of being helpless when you turn a deaf ear to me.
  • I feel distant from you when you go along out on weekend nights.
  • I feel resentful when you take the kids out to park without me.
  • I feel jealous when you talk to your female friends long at night.
  • I feel ashamed when I can’t pay my bills  on time and our dues get pending for next month.
  • I feel tired when I am trying to sleep after night shift during the day time and the kids make noise in the hallway.
  • I feel frustrated and irritable since we both have moved in together. Can we please sit down and talk about it to figure out things that are a block to our healthy relations.
  • I feel annoyed when water chokes in my kitchen drain as I am unable to do the dishes before leaving home for the office.
  • I am not comfortable doing the assigned task as I have previously not been successful at doing them since they lay out my speciality. 
  • I feel insecure when you threaten to leave me in front of kids. We get normal after some time but kids suffer from our yelling for a long time.
  • I feel shy in front of my supervisors as I once fainted in front of them during a morning brief.
  • I feel confident about moving to a new city as my job offers good settlement plans for the new station.
  • I am feeling unworthy of love and care from my husband as I cheated on him and dated a male friend of mine. 
  • I feel low due to feelings of social ineptness and loneliness.
  • I am furious when the car is not cleaned after you return from the office.
  • I often feel that my concerns are not being paid attention to at all. 
  • I often feel that I am not living the life I am capable of living.
  • I often feel I am over concerned for the babies since they last got diarrhea. 
  • I feel angry since my promotion because the salary structure in this company is updated very late.
  • I would prefer that we discuss things in private instead of discussing them in front of the family.
  • I would prefer to talk to the customer care department and launch a complaint against an unpleasant experience that I recently had with your company.
  •  It is usually hard for me to handle criticisms after a presentation.
  • It is usually hard for me to compliment people who are older than me. 
  • Being a child psychologist, it is usually difficult for me to maintain professional boundaries since I love playing with children and showing affection towards them.
  •  I need professional counseling as I have a tough time coming up to the expectations of my husband.
  • I feel like undergoing career planning sessions to take up a career path that is more related to my skills.
  • I would like to apologize for any intentional or unintentional behaviors that you found unpleasant and disturbing during the course of my training with you.
  • I would beg to disagree with your opinion as my experience with the same vendor has been different then that of yours.
  • I would like to draw your attention to a recently surfacing problem of global warming across the world.
  • I would like to raise my concern over the inhumane treatment of wild dogs in developing countries.
  • I would like the officials of my company to formulate a policy for the medical leave of women on their monthly cycles.
  • I would like our company to raise donations to serve the old house people and give them whatever is needed by them.
  • I am afraid that my parents feel lonely during the lockdown.
  • I feel like going to visit the farms since it has been raining heavily and I am worried about the fields and orchids.
  • I am fortunate that you got saved after the road accident.
  • I am lucky that I knew how to swim and saved our pet from drowning.
  • I am unlucky that I got sick on the day of my interview at the university office.
  • I am unfortunate to miss my lucky draw coupon just before the lucky draw.
  • I love to go for a long walk after the hectic schedule of a busy day at work.
  • I enjoy cooking as the fragrant aromas help me relax.
  • I hate to correct the subjective papers of students as they are getting trained for language writing and make a lot of mistakes.
  • I envy my neighbour as she has a potential of quickly losing accumulated fat through walk and exercise whereas my body takes much time to get toned up.
  • I feel like taking a vacation to enjoy my bonus from work and take a break from all the conflicts.


The present blogspot focused on the list of “I” statements that are used in healthy and effective communication skills. The “I” statements are utilized for assertive style of communication. They prevent us from conveying the message with a tendency of blaming the other person. Starting statements with “I” makes the listener feel less threatened and insecure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): A list of ‘I” statements

What is the purpose of “i” statements?

The “i” statements are used to communicate your message effectively and efficiently without threatening or blaming the other person. It is used in assertive style of communication.

What is the structure of “i” statements?

The “I” statements are written with a focus on feelings. They are written as “I” followed by feeling and finally the reason for the feeling. “I feel —- because —-” is the complete structure of the “I” statements.

What is an example of an “i” statement?

Following are some of the examples of “I” statements :

I feel naughty when my childhood friends are around.
I feel disgusted when our car pass through the underpass nullah.
I feel loved when you praise my efforts for you and our family.


How to use “I-statements”

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