99 Coping skills (That work)

The current blogspot will  be based on the question “what are the 99 coping skills?”. We will discuss the various coping skills that are utilized as healthy strategies to get over the life distress and manage the anxious and unpleasant scenarios well. The 99 coping strategies are based on various tasks and activities that help us to cope in healthy ways with our routine stressors.

What are the 99 coping skills?

The 99 coping skills are as follows:

  • Get involved in exercise
  • Do yoga 
  • Meditate
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Write stories or a diary
  • Watch favorite movie
  • Watch a humorous program
  • Listen to music/favourite tunes
  • Wash your garage or car porch
  • Eat your favourite food
  • Have a cup of warm drink
  • Play crossword or scrabble
  • Scribble on a paper with colors or pencil
  • Go out for a walk in nature
  • Punch a punching bag
  • Do a pillow fight with your siblings/friends
  • Meet your friends
  • Play your favourite indoor games with friends
  • Play your favourite outdoor games with friends
  • Cry to let your emotional build up settled
  • Use progressive muscle relaxation 
  • Play with your pet
  • Take a nap 
  • Sing your favourite songs
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Take a warm water bath
  • Read your favourite book
  • Read your religious book
  • Go for grocery shopping
  • Go window shopping with your friends
  • Clean your cupboards 
  • Organize your books/shoes/clothes
  • Knit a new thing for your home decor or knit a sweater
  • Get involved into cooking
  • Do baking
  • Hug a pillow or a stuffed toy
  • Plan your dream room
  • Dance to channelize your negative energy
  • Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or a hot drink
  • Build a fort with pillows
  • Makes models with a play-doh or modeling sand
  • Go to a long drive with your favourite person
  • Write a letter to God
  • Write a letter to your best friend
  • Make your childhood timeline
  • Place red marks with a pen instead of cutting your arm
  • Write your negative thoughts in a diary
  • Make a story of your trauma experience
  • Read your holy book
  • Pray to God
  • Attend spiritual lectures
  • Attend comedy shows
  • Attend social gatherings
  • Attend motivation lectures
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Play with children
  • Get connected with elder people at a old house
  • Draw your feeling
  • Spend quality family time
  • Go for jogging
  • Join a gym
  • Join a focus group
  • Talk to friends over social media
  • Paint your thoughts
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Try a body massage
  • Take a nice pedicure/manicure
  • Rearrange your bedroom
  • Make a fresh or dry flower arrangement
  • Clean and organize your shoes and bags
  • Make a bird feeder to feed the birds outside 
  • Rip a paper into tiny pieces for getting away with your thoughts
  • Perform house chores
  • Start a new hobbies
  • Watch your favourite netflix show in a  single go
  • Get involved in a social support group
  • Do a voluntary work
  • Get involved in art work
  • Go to a sea side for a walk
  • Set small achievable goals for yourself
  • Follow your cravings
  • Make a list of pleasurable activities and follow them to limit your distress
  • Make yourself your favourite fresh juice
  • Get a head massage
  • Plan a sleepover with friends
  • Water your plants
  • Sow new seeds
  • Go to a flower exhibition
  • Design new dresses
  • Plan a vacation
  • Go for a weekend trip
  • Do positive self talk
  • Hug a friend or a family member
  • Feel something other then the negative emotion
  • Think something other then the negative thought
  • Change your reactions into responses
  • Understand your situational triggers
  • Take professional help from a counselor or a therapist
  • Learn emotional regulation to manage emotional expression.

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The current blogspot focused on the 99 coping skills that can be used in daily life to overcome the cognitive and emotional distress and lead a healthy functional life. We learned that various physical activities can help us take our focus away from the problem area and contrate on the present life. We also learned breathing exercises are a good source of coping skills to release anxiety.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): 99 Coping skills

What are the  healthy coping strategies?

The healthy coping strategies include:

Releasing inner build of emotions
Distracting oneself
Deep breathing

What are some good coping skills?

Some good coping skills are:

Taking nature walk
Talking to a friend
Writing in a diary

What are the 5 types of coping skills?

The 5 types of coping skills are:

Take professional help
Have a social support group
Channelize negative emotions
Establish alternate thoughts to negative thoughts
Take a time out from triggering 






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