9 ways to make yourself cry

This article will show the best ways for you to make yourself cry when you just need to let your emotions out. The article will also explain why a good cry can be helpful at times.

The best 9 ways to make yourself cry  

Sometimes having a good cry can be a great way to let your feelings out. So if you are feeling like you require crying, here are the best ways to do it.

Recall the saddest of times 

If you feel you need to let some of your feelings out, and you need a good cry to do that, you may want to try and recall some of the saddest times of your life. 

You may have gone through other situations before that led you to feel sad, and even cry at the time. May recalling them will connect you to the emotions you felt back then, and it will help you put it all out.

Accept your emotions

If you have been going through something at the moment, and feel you have been bottling up your emotions, you may need to exercise acceptance. It may be difficult to own up to your emotions and recognize that it is okay to feel sad, angry, or stressed.

You can fear this will make you look weak, or the vulnerability of it can make you embarrassed. But keep in mind that it is completely normal to feel emotions. And sometimes you can feel overwhelmed. But it is only through accepting your feelings that you will be able to let your emotions show, and then maybe you can allow yourself to cry.

Stop yourself from blinking 

Aside from getting deep in your emotions, you can also make yourself cry through some strategies you can do with your face. One of them is to stop yourself from blinking. 

The lacrimal duct is not only connected to making you cry, but it will also release water to keep your eyes moist. So if you stop yourself from blinking there is a huge chance your eyes will dry out, and the tear ducts will bring a lot of water to moist your eyes. 

So if you need some help just bring in the first few tears, not blinking can be a good way for that.

Open your throat 

Another way of making yourself cry that is not related to your emotions is opening your throat. You may have done this before, and as you are sleepy, or yawning, your eyes can become watery.

So if you feel you need a good way to start crying but don’t want to dig too deep into your emotions, you can try yawning.

Look at a photo

You can also make yourself cry by looking at an old photo. This is something that will most likely trigger some emotions. Try to find a picture of a moment in your life to which you feel deeply connected. It can be a good or bad moment.

But looking at it, remembering that time in your life, how you felt, and how it affected you can easily be a way to bring you to tears.

Think of something negative 

If you feel you need to cry but you can’t find a concrete matter in your life to think about that would make you cry, you can think of something negative that is happening. 

Try to think about things that are going on on the planet that you feel deeply touched by. You can think about wars, the refugee crisis, or some other event that can make you sad, and maybe bring you to tears.

Watch something sad 

Another way to assess some sad feelings, that will make you cry, is by watching something sad. You can choose a scene from a movie, a tv show, or even a sad documentary. As you watch it, you might begin to feel you are emotionally connected to the events, and that can lead you to start crying.

Sit and think in the dark 

We will often say that sitting in the dark and being left with your thoughts can bring a lot of negative thoughts, and deep emotions. When you want to have a good cry, this thing that can be often called depressing may help you canalize your emotions, and start crying.

Move away from the comfort 

When you are in your comfort zone you may find it harder to assess emotions that you may have been avoiding. But when you move out of your comfort zone, you can begin to feel overwhelmed and the emotions can flood you, which can often make you cry.

Why is crying good sometimes? 

There are many reasons why a person can cry. It is something common for people to do, and it is often associated with expressing emotion. Most of the time people will cry when they are feeling sad. They can cry when they lose someone close to them, end a relationship, or even lose their job.

It can be a way for you to get a sense of release. So when you are too stressed, or anxious, you can also begin to cry as a way to recalibrate your emotions. 

But people can also cry when they are experiencing positive emotions. Some people can feel so touched when they are experiencing something that makes them happy, that they can begin to cry. 

Sometimes crying can be hard because you may begin to fear it is a sign of weakness or vulnerability. Because of that, there is a societal thought that boys and men are not supposed to cry, which can be a burden to them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the ways to make myself cry? 

Is crying a sign of depression? 

Yes, it can be that crying is a sign of depression. When a person is depressed, they can take over an overwhelming sense of sadness, and that can often lead them to cry more often than they did before. So having crying spells can be a sign of depression.

But there is also a chance, especially when the person is going through clinical depression, that they will have trouble crying. In some cases, when the person’s depression is intense, they may even feel the urge of crying, but they are so apathetic that they find it impossible to do so.

Why do women cry more often? 

It is a known fact that women cry more often than men. It seems they will cry twice more than men. And this may be related to a cultural aspect, but also a genetic matter.

In the cultural aspect, we know that men are often perceived as people that should be strong, and that they shouldn’t show their emotions. Because of that, it can be common to, unfortunately, see boys, and men, holding back their tears. By doing so they want to prevent themselves from being seen as weak, and vulnerable.

Aside from that, it is also known that men may cry less because it seems that the high level of the hormone testosterone, which is common in men, will inhibit the tears. As to why women may cry more, it can be related to the higher levels of yet another hormone called prolactin, which will promote a person to cry more.

Why do children cry? 

Children, and especially babies, will often cry as a way to communicate with others. When you have a newborn baby, they will cry to show you they are hungry, they are cold, or they need affection. It is the main tool they have to let the outside world know how they are feeling.

As children grow, they may have learned how to deal with their emotions a little more, and may even recognize and name some of them. But crying is still an important tool that will help them communicate how they feel. 

They can cry to express sadness, frustration, anger, or even pain. It can be a way for them to externalize how they are feeling, and tell their parents that something is not going well.

Why can’t some people cry?

There are some reasons why some people may find it impossible to cry. Some are related to the body’s inability to produce tears, and ophthalmologists have called this condition” dry eyes”. 

But being unable to cry is also related to social and emotional conditions. If a person can’t cry, sometimes it can be related to a difficulty in identifying, and understanding their emotions, which would make it extremely hard for them to express it anyway, even though crying.

This seems to relate to what was said before that in some cases of depression the person may lose their ability to cry. That is because they can feel so numb, that they won’t be able to distinguish any emotions, making it harder for them to express any of them, even if it is by crying.

How can I control my crying?

If you feel you are crying too much, and it is deeply affecting you, you may need to look for strategies to help you deal with your crying. The first thing you can do, as you are going through a crying spell, is to focus on your breath.

Try taking deep breaths, getting the air in through your nose, and letting it out through your mouth. This will help you calm yourself little by little, and may also reduce the volume of tears.

When we are crying, parts of our body will begin to tense up. One example of that is your face. Try to relax it, and make a neutral facial expression that will help you calm down. If you want to step out of the crying spell, you can also try to focus on something else that can seem to calm you.

You can direct your attention to something that can be repetitive, such as poems, or even nursery rhymes. In the same way those work for calming babies down, they can help you center yourself again. 

Another way out of the crying spell is by taking a walk or removing yourself from the scene, or space that is leading you to cry. By doing so you will find some calm and direct your attention elsewhere.


This article showed the best ways you can make yourself cry. It also explained why crying can be, at times, a good way to externalize your emotions. 

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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