9 Signs an Introvert Likes You

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Do you know someone who seems to be an introvert but is comfortable in your presence? 

The term introvert originates from Latin and roughly translates to the act of turning one’s thoughts inwards in spiritual contemplation. 

People who are reserved or shy to be their authentic selves in front of others are also referred to as introverts. They prefer being alone and only open up about themselves to a selected few. 

Because of this reticence, it can be a bit confusing to figure out whether an introvert likes you or not. They could be quite fond of you but you’d never know for sure because they don’t show it overtly.

However, if you pay close attention to their behaviour, you can notice if they have a preference for you. This video will outline nine such signs that an introvert likes you. This information can help you recognise subtle expressions of affection that you might be missing otherwise.

We want our viewers to know that while these signs are commonly seen in all introverts, not every introverted individual will always behave this way. Only use this video to get a rough idea of what to expect.

Now, let’s begin.


They tell you about their interests.

Does this person reveal their likes and dislikes to you? Do they talk in detail about things that they’re passionate about? 

It’s rare for an introvert to be comfortable talking about their own preferences with others. Instead, they choose to stick to general topics like the weather or your shared environment. But if they’re telling you about their hobbies or opinions, you’re someone special to them.


They often show you that they care.

Because of their reserved nature, introverts can at times seem cold or aloof to others. Unless they have a soft spot for you, in which case they will show their affection more readily. You can tell that they care if they prove to be good listeners, support you in times of need, and check on your wellbeing.


They made the first move.

An introvert will almost never be the one to initiate an interaction. They may smile and respond but it’s unusual for them to drive the conversation. If you observe them taking initiative and coming to you first, you probably mean more to them than most people.


They stay in regular touch with you.

When an introvert starts liking you, they will want to speak to you more often than they typically do. They might text or call you often and try to make plans together. This is unusual behaviour since most introverts like their solitude.


They let you visit their personal space.

Has this person invited you over to their home? Or perhaps, they let you enter their room? It’s a big deal for many introverts to share access to their private space. So if you’re lucky enough to see where they spend most of their time, you can be sure that they like you.


They don’t mind doing special favours for you.

Generally, extroverts find it easier to offer help to others than introverts. It’s not that introverts aren’t kind or generous. They simply hesitate to put themselves in situations where they might have to get involved with someone beyond their comfort zone. Nevertheless, if an introvert likes you, they won’t mind going out of their way to make things easier for you.


They talk to you about their personal life.

Does this person feel comfortable telling you about their relationships, challenges, and personal experiences? Usually, introverts take a long time to start opening up about their lives with people they have just met. Talking about such things is a sign that they like you enough to let you in.


They offer you advice.

Much like offering help, giving advice isn’t something introverts frequently engage in. That is unless they’re growing fond of you. Once that happens, they might start giving you suggestions on little things like what to wear or which book to read. As the two of you start bonding more, they might even share their two cents about bigger issues in your life.


They’ve shared their secrets with you.

Secrets concern privileged information that even extroverts find hard to disclose. It takes sufficient trust for anyone to take you in confidence. So, when an introvert lets you know about something that they haven’t told many people, it’s more than obvious that they’ve started liking you.

Has any introvert you know shown you any of these signs? Do you think there’s a good chance they like you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.

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