List of 8w7 Personality Traits (+5 Distinct Strengths)

In this article we will discuss 8w7 personality Type. Enneagram is considered as a paradigm which encapsulates the personality types.

It explains the models that how an individual comprehends the world around him and how he manages his emotions.

The system of enneagram explains nine various personality types and portrays all these nine personality types on a nine-pointed diagram that is helpful in explaining how all these types are connected to each other and how they relate to each other.

The word enneagram is derived from Greek language. Ennea means nine and Gramma means something which is in a written form or drawn. 

Enneagram explains that all of these personality types have a specific view of the world and contemplates the world around them via their own filters or lens.

So, it is now easier, from this, to understand how and why people tend to show a certain behavior in certain ways.

Enneagram demonstrates the chances for the development of personality and also gives the necessary information about getting to know the other people by describing how the fundamental personality suits and reacts to different supportive situations and stressful situations.

Type Eight

The people with this type of personality are thought to be assertive, confident and strong.

These people can be egocentric too along with being straight forward, protective, resourceful and decisive.

These people think that they should take control of the environment and people around them and they tend to become intimidating and confrontational occasionally for this purpose.

These people also have to confront issues regarding the temperament and while they make themselves vulnerable.

These people are hardworking that’s why when they put their best efforts and strengths into something they would improve the lives of others playing key roles and inspiring people to bring a change in their lives. 

Basic Fear

These people are often afraid of being controlled by others or they are frightened of getting harmed. 

Basic Desire

These people desire to be their own protectors while steering their own lives according to their wishes and dreams.

The Eight with a Seven-wing are known as the Maverick and the Eight with a Nine-wing are known as The Bear. 

Key Motivation

These people are always willing to rely on themselves by showing their strengths and resisting their weaknesses.

They want to get importance in this world to be dominant in this environment while seeking to take control of their lives.

Levels of Development of type Eight

Healthy levels

Level 1

At level one these people are at their best. They try to restrain themselves and show mercy, being magnawand forbearing.

They master the art of self through their self surrender to a higher authority.

These people show courage and bravery and are ready to put themselves in any kind of danger in order to achieve their goals and fulfil their ambitions to make a long term impact.

They strive to attain heroism and greatness.

Level 2

These people are confident about themselves, they are self-assertive and stronger. They know how to take a stand about something they want.

They have a positive attitude and thirst to follow their passion. 

Level 3

At this level these people are commanding, decisive and have authority. They are born to lead the people. 

These are bold enough to make decisions and take initiatives to make things real.

They motivate people to be champions and make things possible.

These people are, provider, protective, and honorable, carrying others with their strength.

Average Levels

Average level or level four.

These people are concerned about being financially independent, self-sufficient, to have sufficient amounts of resources, become enterprising, pragmatic, “rugged individualists,” wheeler-dealers.

Risk-taking, hardworking, denying own emotional needs.

Level 5

People at level moves start to excel in their environment and start dominating it including the other people. T

hey want to know that people are supporting them and their efforts. Swaggering, boastful, forceful, and expansive: the “boss” whose word is law.

Those who are dominated by their ego and sense of pride wish to put their wills and opinions on everything, not treating the other people on the basis of equality and giving them respect.

Level 6

People at this level turn to be extremely combating and intimidate other people to achieve their goals.

They will confront others, will show aggression, putting handles in relationships.

Anything is the trial wishes and they will not step back while threatening and using reprisals to get respect from other people to make them feel insecure and off balance.

But, the treatment based on unjust will spread fear among others and will make them resent and also possibly band together against them. 

Unhealthy Levels

Level 7

At this level people defy the attempts which aim to take control of them becoming an utterly dictator and ruthless.

Level 8

People at this stage can create an imaginary picture of their authority, invincibility and capability to prevail. Feeling powerful and invulnerable. 

Level 9

If these people find themselves in any kind of dangerous situation they may prove destructed and destroy everything which is not complying with them instead of surrendering themselves before anyone.

Murderous, vengeful, sociopathic tendencies and barbaric.

Usually corresponding to the Antisocial Personality Disorder.


Self-pres/soc Eights are very self reliant. They are frequently entrepreneurial; the self-preservational instinct combines with the social to make a subtype that is very focused on the external environment.

Self-pres/social Eights are the least dramatic of type Eight. They are “no nonsense” types.

They can be introverted, especially when the Nine wing is dominant. But, even though they are often quiet, they are very much in control of themselves and their direction in life.

On the high side, they make great business owners. They show a sense of fairness and have an instinctual drive to do what needs to be done. 

Eight With Seven-Wing 8w7:

The characteristics of those people with eight and a seven wing strengths each other to create a belligerent subtype. 

Those who are 8w7 often are found to be very combative among all subtypes because all the other subtypes are also found to be aggressive. 

Sevens in their pursuit to get the possessions and experience while Eights in their desire to attain authority. 

The 8w7 subtype is considered as the lowest of all other subtypes regarding geocentric which makes things difficult for others to get along with easily.

Prominent examples of this subtype are, Mikhail Gorbachev, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Indira Gandhi, Ferdinand Marcos, Lee Iacocca, Henry Kissinger, Richard Burton, Barbara Walters, Billy Jean King, Bella Abzug, Norman Mailer, Frank Sinatra, Mike Wallace, Muhammad Ali, Aristotle Onassis, J. Pierpont Morgan, John DeLorean, Al Capone,Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Howard Hughes, the Shah of Iran, Muammar Qaddafi, Idi Amin, the Reverend Jim Jones, and Don Vito Corleone.

People belonging to 8w7 subtype are extreme extroverts, goal oriented and highly motivated.

They always focus on taking initiatives from their romantic engagements to their business related deals with great confidence of success and great gusto.

The charisma of being a healthy Eight binds with the capability of Seven’s to show excellent personality traits and enjoy life at its full.

Their potential and their vitality can be that much excellent to allow Eights with Sevens to create a historical and public impact.

The magnanimity of these people would be practically focused on the concerns that they demonstrate for the well-being of other people.

The average people who fall under 8w7 show more interest in becoming powerful, having money, these are the forces which push them.

Their business senses are usually more strong and they are extremely extroverted and they have an inner excellent drive that these people put into their tasks, passions and adventures.

8w7 are materialists, earthy and robust. Their feet are strongly standing on the ground. These people find it easy to dominate the people around them and their environment entirely.

They have an aggression and derive to go hungry for what they want. There is a possibility that these people may show up to be highly ego driven, rapacious and also selfish.

The people under 8w7 utilise their money for manipulating other people. They treat them like their possessions or as pawns in their game for power.

8w7 lack compassion or don’t have it entirely and there are no feelings of guilt about what they do.

However, they can betray their particular insecurities for power and money as they do not feel that they now possess an enough amount of it which is sufficient for living a balanced and independent life.

Unhealthy 8w7 are impulsive and ruthless.

They have the ability of doing something which can at later stages be regarded as a foolish mistake or a stroke of genius.

These people are aggressive practically, tyrant, can harm others physically or even verbally. Offending those who have frustrated them or tried to hinder what they want.

They are short tempers and can be extremely violent which can get them into a quarrel quickly. Their delusions of omnipotence are reinforced by their manic tendencies.

8w7 can use the power of their money to feed their inflated notions of themselves. They cannot control themselves while feeling threatened or being anxious.

As these people are vulnerable to being anxious they adopt a defensive mechanism against this through acting out, being impulsive and striking first and will attempt to destroy before they get destroyed. 

Personality Traits of enneagram 8w7:

Basic Fear

People of this subtype are afraid of giving away their control to someone else.

These people do not like any authority over them and thus like to work alone.

Basic Desire

The people who fall under this subtype wish to have the control of their lives in their own hands.

They also wish for others to be free and mostly speak in favour of those who do not have much control of their lives. 

Those who are nonconformists will be defending themselves by negating the fact that they are vulnerable.

These people do not wish to be seen as being weak thus they will refrain from those situations which are not suitable to them and can expose them leaving them defenseless. 

In short, Enneagram 8w7 personalities tend to:

  • Speak for the legitimacy of other people. 
  • They will think rationally, creatively and practically. 
  • They are afraid of being controlled. 
  • They are idealists with big dreams. 
  • These people struggle to be emotionally vulnerable anf honest. 

Enneagram 8w7 highly developed traits

It is believed that people with enneagram 8w7 personality tend to identify the most with the eight types but still share some of the attributes that characterize the seven types.

They are characterized by being self-confident, sociable, pragmatic in their behavior, with a desire to control their own lives but tend to struggle to be emotionally honest.

Strengths of enneagram 8w7

People of any personality type of subtype must have some weaknesses and strengths.

These strengths and weaknesses are often exposed in settings where we come across people of different groups, value systems and backgrounds. 

Strengths which are usually seen in Enneagram 8w7 personality are:

  • Do fair and logical  decision making 
  • Build relationships with other people. 
  • Coming up with innovative and optimistic ideas. 
  • Inspiring other people effectively. 
  • Capable of sharing their views and thoughts unhesitatingly. 

Weaknesses of enneagram 8w7:

The weakness which are usually seen in the people with this subtype are, 

  • They struggle to be calm and patient. 
  • Tendency to overindulge themselves. 
  • They find it hard to listen to authoritative figures.
  • They lack sensitivity about what others feel.

FAQs about 8w7 Enneagram

What is enneagram?

Enneagram is considered as a paradigm which encapsulates the personality types.

It explains the models that how an individual comprehends the world around him and how he manages his emotions.

What is personality type Eight?

The people with this type of personality are thought to be assertive, confident and strong.

What is personality type Eight with Seven-Wing?

Those who are Eight with a wing seven often are found to be very combative among all subtypes because all the other subtypes are also found to be aggressive.

What are the notorious examples of Eights?

Following are they few famous people who are Eights:

Mikhail Gorbachev, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Indira Gandhi, Ferdinand Marcos, Lee Iacocca, Henry Kissinger, Richard Burton, Barbara Walters, Billy Jean King, Bella Abzug, Norman Mailer, Frank Sinatra. 

What are the strengths of Eights with Seven-Wing?

These people are considered logical and do fair decision making. 

These people are good at building good relationships with others. 

What are the weaknesses of Eights with Seven-Wing?

It becomes difficult for them to listen to their seniors and authorities. 

They have a lack of sense of feeling about what others feel.


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