7 Things To Say To Someone Having A Baby

This article will focus on 7 things you need to say to someone having a baby to ensure they have your support. Furthermore, the article will also apprise the readers as to how they can be more supportive to someone who is expecting.

Things To Say To Someone Having A Baby – 7 Things

Here are 7 things you need to say to someone having a baby:

  • I Am Here For You.
  • You Are Doing Great!
  • You Look Perfect.
  • How Can I Help You?
  • Don’t Bother About Them!
  • Everything Is Going To Be Fine.
  • You Can Handle It

Before we look at when and how to say these comforting words to someone who is about to have a baby, let us look at why women need support during this exciting but uncertain time!

Why Do Women Need Comfort – The Pregnancy Diaries

Expecting a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences two people can have together. Both partners are overwhelmed by joy but at the same time uncertain what to expect despite so much information availability in today’s time. Nonetheless, people look forward to having a baby and all the ups and downs that come along with it – human nature is indeed strange sometimes!

However, pregnancy can be a scary and stressful time particularly for the woman especially if it is her first time. She will experience many changes in her body not only internally but also her physical appearance will change drastically. Her body will produce hormones on new amounts that will affect her eating habits, moods and feelings as well as thoughts. All of these changes while knowing that you will soon be giving birth to a baby can be overwhelming hence she needs all the support she can get.

Over the duration of the pregnancy, women will be conscious about their appearance and how quickly they gain weight. They will no longer be able to fit into their old clothes or do things that they could previously do such as something so simple as bending over and picking something up. This can affect a woman’s confidence greatly.

Furthermore everyone is concentrating on the newcomer and this may make the woman feel left out; she needs the attention too especially because of the entire experience she went through over the last 9 months.

Hence, the purpose of this article is to guide those around her on what to say when she is having a baby so that she feels loved, comforted and not alone.

7 Things To say To Someone Having A Baby

This section will explain what 7 things you can say to someone who is having a baby. Remember, it is not just the ‘to be mother’ who needs support but the ‘to be father’ – so feel free to throw some of these, if not all, to the future dad too! He will also be under a lot of stress.

I Am Here For You.

There are going to be many times when she is going to feel alone. Of course her partner can’t be there all the time for her because he has to go to work. Yes, with some countries such as New Zealand taking the initiatives to introduce family friendly policies for both men and women, partners can be assured that they will get the time they need to prepare for their new family. However, much work still needs to be done!

Nonetheless, one of the most important things to say to her is that you are there for her. Don’t say it too many times that she gets irritated! You need to be careful because she is already in a sensitive mood and is trying her best to do the things she used to do – even if her efforts are going in vain. Let her experience how it feels to go through these changes but when you think the time is right, slide in those few words to her without expecting a real conversation about it. Remember, you need to let her know you are there for her and not get a thank you letter from her.

Just by telling her you are there for her will assure her she can call on you when she needs it. Many times, we say all the sweet things we can to someone who is expecting a baby but not the most needed words. Hence, when she is down, she will remember your words and talk to you for support.

You Are Doing Great!

There will be times when you notice she is panicking because of the experience she is going through. She is overwhelmed by all the new changes and is finding a hard time adjusting to those. At the same time she will start doubting her abilities to deal with the situation at hand especially when she sees all those instagram models revelling in the experience – they tend to show the good side of things mostly. 

It is at this point you need to tell her she is doing great. She may not respond positively or give you the silent treatment but those words will mean a lot to her. Make sure you say them convincingly and she hears them. It will give her great support because when one doubts themself, they need someone else to help them think clearly.

You Look Perfect.

As we mentioned before, a woman goes through many changes when she is expecting. Not only are those changes internal but they take a great toll on the woman’s body – she gains weight no matter what! Women are already conscious about how they look – not to mention the high standards our media and society has set for them – hence when going through pregnancy they may feel upset or bad about themself. To make it worse, they won’t even be able to fit into their clothes anymore. A huge put off for women.

This is the time when you need to tell them they look perfect. This is how they were meant to look and they need to see the beauty in what they are going through. If it helps, you can remind them this is temporary and you will eventually go back to your own form – with effort. Hence don’t waste this experience thinking about all the negative things. A little pep talk can go a long way.

How Can I Help You?

Some women are too independent to admit they need help. They are not proud but it is just the way they roll. However, once they realize they can’t do something as simple as picking up their favorite book that fell down, that is when they realize they do need some assistance at home.

It may be hard for them to reach out for help so keep offering it. Eventually they will come around and open up to you! So keep thinking of ways to help them and articulate them!

Don’t Bother About Them!

No matter what happens, people always have something to say about you! They will no doubt pass comments that are actually passive aggressive and hence hurt her feelings. You need to remind her of that and to tell her not to bother about them. It is a habit they just can’t let go of.

Everything Is Going To Be Fine.

Ever noticed when you are extremely panicked you go to the point where you just need someone to slap you and bring you back to your senses. Yeah well that may happen sometimes during a pregnancy; the body changes, hormone levels fluctuating and the inevitable birthing experience can make someone lose their mind.

We are not advising you to slap her but sit her down and hold her firmly while telling her everything is going to be alright!

You Can Handle It

You need to keep telling that someone that they can handle it. They may feel unconfident about their capabilities and this is where you come in! You need to keep giving them reminders that you believe in them. This will greatly lift their self esteem and make them feel good about themselves.

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This article explained the 7 things you need to say to someone who is having a baby to ensure they get the support they need. Furthermore, the article explained why women need support at this time – men too – and provided reasons and examples of how this experience can be overwhelming for women and how someone they know can help them get through it happily.


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