7 Signs She Has a Crush on You

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Do you suspect that a lady could be crushing on you? Are you trying to find out for sure?

No matter what your age, it can be quite exciting to know that someone has a crush on you. It makes you feel seen, valued, and desirable; all of which are very pleasant feelings. If you experiencing anything like that around a woman,  it could be because she likes you.

There are many ways you can find out when you’re being admired by her. For example, she may confess her feelings, somebody else could drop the hint, or her body language might reveal it. 

In this video, we will describe how to know if she is smitten with you. Recognising these behaviours can help you understand better if a girl is attracted to you. 

But before we begin, we want our viewers to know that the best way to know for sure is to ask her directly instead of guessing.

Now, here are seven signs she has a crush on you.


She seems excited to see you.

Whenever she notices you, do her eyes brighten up? Does her facial expression suddenly lift with joy?

One of the most blatant signs that a girl likes you is if she genuinely seems pleased to see you. You can generally tell that’s the case if you notice a transition in her energy levels. She might suddenly get up, come towards you, or try to talk to you.


She smiles a lot when you’re around.

Being near you will make her very happy if she has feelings for you. You’ll be able to spot the happiness through her frequent smiles. Even if the two of you never introduced yourselves to each other, she might not be able to help her smile. It’ll make her seem more approachable and you’ll feel like she looks forward to seeing you.


She makes you aware of her presence.

When a woman is romantically interested in you, they’ll put in effort into looking good in front of you. As societal norms typically make women associate their appearance with their value, she will try to impress you with her beauty. You might observe her dressing up and displaying her femininity around you to grab your attention.


She finds you funny.

If you’re cracking average jokes and she still laughs hard, it’s a big sign she’s into you. When we like someone, we tend to make them feel wanted. Usually, this happens involuntarily so it’s possible that she truly thinks you’re hilarious. Thus, you can take her appreciation for your sense of humour as an indicator of affection.


She does favours for you.

This is applicable to anyone who has a crush on you, regardless of their gender. When a person admires you, they want to make you feel special. Consequently, they won’t mind going out of their way to help you. If any girl repeatedly tries to make things easier for you, she’s definitely quite fond of you.


She enjoys talking to you.

Is this person able to talk to you about a wide range of topics? Does she feel comfortable opening up to you about her personal life?

For most women, being able to talk freely is very important in intimate relationships. So, if the lady you’re considering seems to enjoy sharing her thoughts and ideas with you, she might be attracted to you.


She takes care of you.

Another way society conditions females is to expect them to be nurturing. That’s why, when a girl develops a crush on you, conventionally, she’ll do whatever she can to support you. This could mean taking care of your needs, staying beside you, or looking after you. You’ll know she likes you because she’ll make your happiness her responsibility.

Did any of these signs remind you of a special lady? Do you think she might have a crush on you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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