7 Signs He Is Over You

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Are you in love with a man, but you’re not so sure if he still feels the same way? Maybe at one point, the two of you were inseparable. But lately, he doesn’t seem too keen on spending time together.

In many relationships, there comes a point where one partner is no longer in love with the other. Perhaps you’re wondering if you and your guy are at that juncture now, but you’re not sure.

This video will describe seven signs he is over you. This information can help clarify your doubts and accept the situation, which you need to do in order to move on.

Before we begin, we want our viewers to know that it can never be easy to see someone you love get over you. So if you feel overwhelmed at any point, take a few deep breaths and pause to check in with yourself. We recommend that you consult a mental health professional if necessary.

Now, let’s begin.

Number One

He has stopped communicating.

Has it been a while since he contacted you? Does he avoid responding to your calls and texts? Sometimes, when people want to convey that they’re no longer interested in you, instead of telling you directly, they ghost you. 

But perhaps your partner did share how he feels and the conversation didn’t give you closure. Now, you’re still processing everything but he’s stopped talking to you entirely. It’s painful to go through something like that but it does indicate that he’s done with the relationship.

Number Two

You’re the one always initiating things.

If the two of you are still technically dating and he’s over you, you’ll feel the relationship become one-sided. Suddenly, it’s only you who wants to spend time together or makes plans for date night. There won’t be any initiative from his side.

It’s likely that his heart is no longer in it but he is afraid of admitting it to you. So instead of ending things with you, he has checked out emotionally.

Number Three

He doesn’t have time for you anymore.

Does your partner turn down all your invitations to spend quality time?

When things were better, he probably found ways to carve out time for you. Maybe he even skipped important tasks and meetings just to be with you. But now, even when he’s idle, he finds things to do that don’t involve you. It almost feels like he has time for anything that isn’t you. 

Number Four

He doesn’t encourage intimacy with you.

Intimacy can be both physical and emotional. If your man is over you, he doesn’t show any interest in either. Maybe he was fine with sexual activity at some point, but even then, it was more robotic than erotic. But once he’s lost all interest, even sex is off the table.

Number Five

He keeps you waiting.

When someone cares about you, they make sure they don’t inconvenience you in any way if they can help it. A loving partner would inform you if he was running late and apologise for it later. But if the love is gone now, he might just forget about the plan and show no remorse when you confront him about it.

Number Six

He prioritises others over you.

Does your guy hang out a lot with his friends now? Does he choose to be with them at times when you’re expecting him to be with you? 

So far, you’ve stopped feeling like you matter in his life but to make things worse, you can clearly see that it’s not because he’s too busy with work or preoccupied. It’s because he doesn’t care anymore.

Number Seven

He’s interested in other people.

The most obvious sign that he’s gotten over you is if he’s flirting with someone else. If you have broken up, or if he doesn’t care about doing the right thing, he might even go out on dates or market himself as available. 

Once the guy starts showing romantic interest in people other than you, you can be sure that he’s no longer into you.

Did any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? Do you think that the man you love might be over you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Our other viewers could benefit from hearing your story.

A link for further reading and the studies & references used in the making of this video are mentioned in the description below.

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