6 Samples of oral communication activities

The present blogspot will be based on 6 samples of oral communication activities. It will be based on enlisting 6 different activities that are used for oral communication. Each activity for oral communication will be described in detail.

What are the 6 samples of effective oral communication?

Following are the 6 samples of effective oral communication:

  • Extempore Speeches
  • Group Discussions
  • Role Plays
  • Talk Show
  • Short Presentations
  • Listen and Talk Activity

Extempore Speeches

Extempore speeches prove to be a great activity for oral communication.  It is an impromptu speech that is done without any prior preparation. The individual has to conduct the speech then and there. The individual is asked to speak at the spur of the moment. It gauge’s the individual’s ability to discuss, organize and plan spontaneously. 

In an extempore presentation, an individual has to do a quick analysis of the topic and choose a direction to speak. If the individual fails to analyze the topic effectively, it might lead to going in the wrong direction.

The core strategy behind extempore speeches is that the individual understands the main ideas that are central to the topic and then present them in a logical manner. The idea generation and the flow of ideas in an extempore speech requires the individual to present ideas in a coherent manner.

Along the sequence of the ideas and the spontaneous ideas generation, the articulation, fluency and modulation are the key components that strengthen the social skills and verbal communication among the individuals. 

Group Discussions

Group discussions are another effective activity for oral communication. A group discussion is a communicative situation that is centered around a set agenda. The group discussion has following purposes:

  • Group discussions are carried out to increase knowledge about a certain topic.
  • Group discussions are conducted to reach a final agreement leading to action.
  • Group discussions are organized to settle a disagreement to reach a conclusion.

The aim behind group discussion activities for oral communication is to :

  • Group discussions aid in gauging a person’s communication abilities.
  • Group discussions help to analyze an individual’s oral communication skills.
  • Group discussions help to boost the public speaking abilities in an individual.
  • Group discussions facilitate in enhancing socializing skills of individuals. 
  • Group discussions inculcate interpersonal skills among the individuals.
  • Group discussions help to overcome speech anxiety and social anxiety among individuals.
  • Group discussions prove to be an effective activity to gauge communication abilities of individuals while working in teams.

Role Play activity for oral communication skills

A very effective activity for oral communication is role play. It is a pretend play or make believe situation that is at times structured or semi structured. The individual is asked to play as any specific person or take the role of that person based on his prominent traits and the feelings the person associates to that role.

A role play activity is centered around changing one’s behavior to fit into another social role and adopt the major characteristics of that role consciously or unconsciously to adopt the social expectancy of that role. The individual assumes the character and behavior of the other person to pretend the role of that person.

The role play activity is used to enhance oral communication skills among the individuals. The oral communication skills strengthen as the individuals take other’s perspective and expand their thinking horizon. The oral communication enhances an individual’s vocabulary  for improved oral communication skills.

Talk Shows activity for oral communication skills

Talk shows are another efficient strategy to improve communication skills among individuals. The structured and semi structured talk shows are centered around building strong oral communication skills among the individuals.

The talk show activity is usually aimed at asking questions from the individuals and the individuals answer those questions in presence of other guests and audience. The talk show activity is used for boosting oral communication skills among individuals and confidently answering the open and closed ended questions related to various topics in front of other people.

Thus the talk shows activity :

  • Enhances an individual’s self-esteem
  • Enhances an individual’s ability to confidently face larger groups
  • Decreases an individual’s ability to feel social anxiety

Short Presentations

Short presentations are another activity to enhance oral communication skills among individuals. The short presentations are on flash cards or through multimedia. They could be in groups or in small teams. 

The individuals have to organize their ideas before they give a short presentation. They need to bring the content of the presentation down to the level of the audience or up to the expectations of the audience. 

Individuals in short presentation activities have to organize their work and convey their ideas to the audience in designated time. Thus individuals learn time management in oral communication through short presentations.

The short presentation activity for oral communication skills also enables individuals to learn to present their ideas and opinions in a way that is not threatening for the other team mates and audiences. As with short presentations, individuals have to respect the ethnicity and values of other people.


The short presentations activity also enables individuals to present an idea using different mediums like visual aids and other mediums like flash cards or audio aids to support their content  and make their point strong.

Listen and Talk Activity

The listen and talk activity for oral communication involves individuals to sit in a group. The first individual is given a line to start with for example “in a jungle far away..” the other person listens to this line and adds up another line”there lived a family..”. Turnwise each individual listens and adds a new line to the story loudly so that the other members can listen clearly.

The listening and talk activity promotes oral communication skills among individuals. It facilitates individuals to focus on the central idea that the story is being continued in. 

The individuals while doing the listen and talk activity learn communication skills for working in a team and learn communication tactics of respecting others and taking turns.


The present article was based on the 5 different activities that are used for building oral communication skills among individuals. We learned that extempore speeches,group discussions, role plays, talk shows, short presentations and listen and talk activities are activities that can be effectively used to improve oral communication and strengthen the various aspects that facilitate fluent communication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 6 Samples or oral communication

What are the examples of oral communication?

Following are the examples of oral communication:

Extempore speeches
Business meetings
Mock meetings
Group discussions

How many types of oral communication are there?

There are the following four types of oral communication:

Formal oral communication
Informal oral communication
Verbal oral communication
Non verbal oral communication

What are the 5 barriers to oral communication?

The barriers to oral communication are :

Physical barriers
Emotional barriers
Psychological barriers
Noise pollution
Language Barriers
Lack of focus
Information overload