5 Types of Toxic Friends

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Isn’t it wonderful to have friends you can rely on for love and support? It’s easier to face your troubles if you have a friend you can talk to about them. However, not all friends show up for you when you need them. And even if they do, they might not be helpful.

Toxic friends can be draining. They don’t seem to care about you genuinely but instead make it hard for you to be yourself around them. Spending time with such friends leaves you feeling unsettled.

In this video, we’ll describe various types of toxic friends. Keep in mind that there can be many overlapping behaviours, and this is certainly not an exhaustive list.

Here are five types of toxic friends.

Number One

The self-centred one.

Does your friend boss you around or always want things according to their preference? When you’re talking, do they try to shift the focus of the conversation back to them?

Some friends tend to be quite self-absorbed despite saying that they love you. They may be superficially sweet to you at times, but they’d much rather be the centre of attention. 

Whatever they’re going through seems to be more important than your experiences. As a result, you end up keeping things to yourself because the two of you are too busy discussing their life events.

Number Two

The complainer.

Ever met someone who always manages to find something to whine about? As the name suggests, this friend is hardly ever satisfied with things. It’s almost like they have a dark cloud hovering over them wherever they go. 

You might find that there’s at least something positive about a situation. But instead of giving it a fair chance, your friend is preoccupied with finding faults and making sarcastic comments.

It can be exhausting to hear them go on and on with their negativity.

Number Three

The unavailable one.

Is your friend usually busy when you’re feeling low? In contrast, when they need someone, you’re expected to be there no matter what.

You know a friend is toxic for you when they are unable to carve out time for you, especially when you need it the most. Perhaps this friend doesn’t mind your company when you’re in a cheerful mood or when you can give them what they want.

But when it’s time for reciprocity, they either ghost you or tell you that they can’t make it. Then, rather than just telling you that they can’t be bothered, they come up with endless excuses.

Number Four

The gossip.

This is the friend who appears so warm and considerate towards the beginning of the friendship. They make you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down, and then they find out what makes you vulnerable.

Before you know it, your secrets get shared with other people, and you feel embarrassed. 

Generally, you can recognise this type of toxic friend if you hear them gossip about others relentlessly.

Number Five

The infallible one.

All four types of toxic friends mentioned so far can also fall into this category. The infallible friend is the one who will never take accountability for their actions.

They might have hurt you in some way, and you wanted to talk to them to resolve the issue. But this friend has no intention of accepting their faults.

Instead, they either ignore your complaint, dismiss it, mock you, or shift the blame back to you. Infallible friends tend to make you feel guilty for stuff that’s not even under your control.

Were you able to relate to the scenarios we described? Do you think you have a friend who falls into any of these categories? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

A link for further reading and the studies & references used in the making of this video are mentioned in the description below.

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