5 Signs You’re Dating a Psychopath

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When you’re dating someone, it takes a while to get to know the other person. Depending on how much intimacy you share, it can take many months or years to understand each other truly.

Now imagine if the person you’re seeing is a psychopath. They’ve probably hidden that side of them pretty well; otherwise, you wouldn’t be with them. So how can you know their true nature before things get more serious?

The word psychopath is a clinical term used for callous, unemotional, and morally depraved individuals. If you’re dating someone like that, you’re at a greater risk of being exploited by them. This is because your trust gives them access to your personal information, which they can misuse for their selfish desires.

In this video, we’re going to cover five signs you’re dating a psychopath. This information can help you safeguard yourself and recognise when to have your guards up with a person showing romantic interest in you.

Please note that this video is only meant to be used for educational purposes and not to label or shame psychopaths. Additionally, only a licensed therapist is qualified to diagnose psychopathy.

Number One

The first meeting feels excessive.

Remember the first time you met this person. Did they shower you with compliments that seemed a bit exaggerated? Did you feel a little unsettled after the interaction?

A psychopath will try to charm their target by buttering them up. People who fall for the psychopath’s tricks are usually going through a vulnerable phase in life. They might feel lonely, abandoned, or unworthy of love. 

At such a juncture, the psychopath’s charm works and the excessive compliments are welcome. Otherwise, you’ll notice a discrepancy between the psychopath’s words and emotions.

They’ll also try to ask you many personal questions that you normally wouldn’t answer at the first meeting. Notice how you feel around this person, and usually, your instincts will tell you if you need to keep your distance.

Number Two

Sex with them is without intimacy.

It’s difficult for a psychopath to form a meaningful connection with another. So, when getting physically intimate, you’ll notice a lack of depth. Likewise, they might not show interest in the emotional side of sex like cuddling, prolonged eye contact, and vulnerability.

Instead, psychopaths see sex as a means to an end. They generally have some ulterior motive like pleasure, power, or manipulation. So if you’re engaging sexually with a psychopath, you’ll often feel like it’s more of a performance than actual intimacy.

Number Three

They are callous with your feelings.

Being inconsiderate towards others is a warning sign of psychopathy. It manifests as a general lack of empathy. For example, suppose you get hurt, or you need some kind of support. If your partner is a psychopath, you’ll find that you can’t rely on them to take care of you.

It might almost seem like they don’t bother about whether you’re in pain, upset, triggered, or in need. Instead, they only seem to care about themselves. And if you confront them about it, they won’t show any regret.

Number Four

They engage in socially irresponsible behaviour.

When you go out together, is your partner bent on making mischief? Do they purposely do things that could get you in trouble or hurt someone just for kicks?

In Stanley Kubrik’s 1971 movie, A Clockwork Orange, the teen protagonist Alex is a psychopathic delinquent who keeps doing horrible things that hurt innocent people. Of course, your partner may not necessarily do something of the same degree, but you can think of this character as a reference point.

Notice if they repeatedly behave in unethical without remorse. If so, then they may be psychopathic.

Number Five

They’re a pathological liar.

Does your partner lie even when there’s no need to? Do you frequently catch them trying to deceive others?

For psychopaths, money, power, and pleasure are the only motivators. They don’t care about the consequences or legal ramifications of their actions. As a result, lying isn’t that big of a deal for them.

In relationships, they might lie about their whereabouts, activities, or intentions. You won’t see any hesitation or anxiety when they’re lying to your face. And when you confront them, they’ll simply deny or gaslight you into thinking that you’re the one at fault.

Have you seen any of these signs in your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you think you’ve been dating a psychopath? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments. The Optimist Minds community could benefit from you sharing your story.

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