5 common reasons to go to therapy

This article will explain in a detailed manner what are the most common reasons that cause people to go to therapy. The article will also show what are the professionals that you can reach when you need therapy.

What are the most common reasons to go to therapy? 

There are many reasons why someone would go to therapy. Here are the main ones.

You are dealing with addiction

Dealing with addiction is never simple. It can be that if you use alcohol, drugs, smoke, or even gamble, the compulsive behavior around the addiction can lead to a lot of trouble in your life.

By going to therapy, you will likely begin to learn what is the root of your addiction, why it leads to these sorts of behaviors, and also how to create better strategies to deal with your emotions than the path of the addiction. 

To deal with addiction a person may go to the individual, or even group therapy, in which they will be in touch with people that are going through similar matters. It is also possible to go to therapy as a family member of someone that has an addiction since it can help them cope with this situation.

Anxiety is taking a toll on you 

When someone is dealing with an anxiety disorder, such as generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, even panic attacks, or a stressful situation that is demanding too much of them, it may be a good idea to go to therapy.

In this process, you will work with your therapist in trying to figure out what has been triggering your anxiety, but also on developing more positive coping strategies. It is always important to keep in mind that untreated anxiety can lead to a lot of troubles such as heart problems, or even depression. So if you are going through it, open yourself up to therapy.

You are dealing with confidence issues 

Therapy can also be a place in which you will work towards building a more positive view of yourself. It can be that you are having confidence issues, or even low self-esteem because of the moment you are in, or because you have been a victim of abuse or neglect in your lifetime.

Either way, therapy can help you understand what are the good things in you. It will also help you create a more motivated, and skillful version of yourself. In that case, some people may think that talking to a therapist would be the same thing as talking to a friend.

But you should keep in mind that a therapist is someone that will listen to you without any judgment, and they can even challenge you at some point to recognize what are the patterns you are stuck in that haven’t been helpful to you.

You are depressed 

Dealing with depression can be extremely painful, and hardly something someone should do on their own. As more and more people get depressed with each passing year, we should know that being in therapy to cope with depression will allow us to maintain some sense of self-care during this time when it all seems hopeless.

During the process, you may come to terms with what has been causing your depression, and develop better strategies to deal with the symptoms of it.

You have lost someone you love 

Dealing with the loss of someone you love be it by grief or because a relationship has ended can make you feel lost. Sometimes you can share with your friends, but it can happen that they don’t know exactly what to say in those situations, or consider that you should just move on.

Doing that can only make the pain worse since denial will only let it simmer until it finally resurfaces. When you go to therapy because of this you can find a caring listener that will help you through the pain, but also in discovering what your life will be like without that person.

You are dealing with an illness 

Dealing with illness, be it yours or of someone you love can make you vulnerable. You can begin to think about the path of life and mortality. You can experience a lot of emotions, and they can be extremely intense.

And that is not all. Dealing with illness also implies that you will have to cope with the signs and symptoms of the condition, making everything even harder. Having a therapist at this moment allows you to share your emotions, and be supported by someone.

There are issues in your relationship

Having issues in your relationship can have a huge impact on your life. And it is not only the romantic relationship that we are talking about. But having trouble in your relationships in school, at work, or even with friends can take a toll on you.

When that is the case, some people may turn to therapy to understand why their relationship has been causing them to feel like this. It is also a process in which you can define what are the relationships that are important to you, and how to care for them.

You are having trouble with your sleep 

Having trouble sleeping can either be a sign of mental health issues, or it can be detrimental to your well-being. Either way, going to therapy when that is your problem can help you identify the roots of it, and help you think of better ways to promote sleep hygiene.

You have been dealing with trauma 

Dealing with a traumatic situation, or even worse, dealing with one that led you to develop PTSD can bring you a lot of suffering. At any moment you can relive the experience and be flooded by emotions.

In these cases, therapy can help you identify the triggers, but not only that, but it can also help you manage the symptoms of PTSD.

You are changing the paths of your life

Therapy is not only for people that are going through a lot of pain in life. Sometimes it can also be a useful tool to help people that are changing things in their life. Even though you are excited about what is next, it can also come with a little fear, and having someone to listen and support you through that can make all the difference.

To what professional should I go to when I decide to go to therapy? 

There are a few professionals that you can go to go to therapy. They will likely offer you some sort of counseling, some can offer you a diagnosis, and even make tests in the process of doing so.

So when you are in need, you may try to get in touch with a psychiatrist, which is a doctor that specializes in mental health. They can diagnose disorders, and prescribe you medication. But if you don’t feel you need medication, you can go to a psychologist.

They are also able to diagnose, but they can also give you counseling services. A nurse that specializes in psychiatrists can also offer you counseling, and education so you can learn more about what you have been going through, and in some states, they can even prescribe medication. 

Counselors are people that are licensed professionals that can help you with many matters such as the abuse of alcohol, drug use, being a war veteran, and so on. So they will focus their counseling on the area they are licensed to work on.

Although some of them may be able to diagnose conditions, they are not allowed to prescribe medication. And finally, if you are looking for therapy, you may get in touch with a clinical social worker. They can offer individual or in-group counseling, and they also can’t prescribe medication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the most common reasons to go to therapy? 

Can only therapy cure mental illness?

Therapy can be extremely important in the process of coping with mental illness. But one should be aware that there is no defined answer to that. In some cases, like moderate depression, the person may be able to improve only by going to therapy.

But in other conditions like schizophrenia or even major depression, it may be necessary for the person to get other forms of support, for example, being cared for by a psychiatrist. This doctor that specializes in mental health will be one that will be able to prescribe you medication to help decrease the intensity of the symptoms of the condition you have.

Are all lines of therapies the same?

No, usually each therapy line has its particular view on how the person’s emotions work, and what are the best ways to cope with the suffering they are going through. So when you are looking for therapy, make sure you look for a professional that has a similar understanding of human emotions as you do.

But you should also be aware that sometimes the line of therapy can not be the most important thing, but rather having someone you feel comfortable with, and that you feel you can talk about the deepest things in your life.

Is it okay to break up with my therapist?

Yes, sometimes it is normal to think that you need a new therapist. But before you just disappear from your previous one, you should make a point of discussing it with them. That is because sometimes you can be resistant to what they have been saying to you, and maybe you want to quit on them just as a way of not facing what they have been saying.

But if you realize it is because you feel that the work the two of you have done together has reached its end, it may be time to talk about it with them, look for a new therapist, or even take some time off of it. You can always return if you feel there is a need for it.

Does everyone need therapy?

It is not possible to assume that everyone needs therapy, but it is important to know that we all have questions and deal with matters in our life, and it may often be a lot easier, or even better, to deal with them with the help of a professional.

But you should never look for therapy if you feel that it is something you are doing for others. You should only do so if you understand that it is something that will have a positive effect on your life, and it is a process that you are open to going through since it is not always easy.


This article showed you what are the most common reasons that take people to therapy. It also discussed what are the professionals you should look for when you decide to do it.

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