List of 2w1 Personality Traits (5+ Unique Strengths)

In this article we will discuss 2w1 enneagram.

Enneagram is considered as a paradigm which encapsulates the personality types.

It explains the models that how an individual comprehends the world around him and how he manages his emotions.

The system of enneagram explains nine various personality types and portrays all these nine personality types on a nine-pointed diagram that is helpful in explaining how all these types are connected to each other and how they relate to each other.

The word enneagram is derived from Greek language.

Ennea means nine and Gramma means something which is in a written form or drawn.

Enneagram explains that all of these personality types have a specific view of the world and contemplates the world around them via their own filters or lens.

So, it is now easier, from this, to understand how and why people tend to show a certain behavior in certain ways.

Enneagram demonstrates the chances for the development of personality and also gives the necessary information about getting to know the other people by describing how the fundamental personality suits and reacts to different supportive situations and stressful situations.

Every Enneagram Type with a wing has a different meaning and traits. For example, 2w1, 2w3 or 2w4.

Enneagram Type Two

The people who belong to type two are usually known as Helping beings or the helpers.

These people have a quest to help people in their needy hours. They do so usually to get their own needs fulfilled.

They have a clarity of emotional sense and precision and they experience and perceive the world through the eye of their heart which means that they see it with the eyes of feelings and relationship.

These people are aware of themselves very well and also they have knowledge of others around as well by having good relationships and exercising self care.

The people of enneagram type two care about other people selflessly and play a role of mentor in their lives.

These people are always willing to get into a situation where they can offer their help to others whenever people need them.

They also tend to find new avenues for bringing improvement in their lives.

In their unconscious these people have these thoughts of providing their help, empathising with others sacrificing for the sake of acceptance and affection from other people.

These people also expect the same thing from other people in return. When these expectations are not met they get hurt. 

They have an emotional awareness of surroundings and generosity.

They are always seeking chances to bring a positive change and get warmth from other people.

These people can usually go to an extent to get and contain the love from other people which can lead them to psychological problems eventually.

Due this it becomes vital for the people with this enneagram type to get face to face and combat their hidden feelings of being afraid and worthlessness. 

At the lower end of their being, these people struggle to utilise their love and relationships to leave the people of their community in a better place than it was before .

Although these people seldom push themselves very much and refrain from their own needs, These people ultimately get to know how to think consciously  and feel for themselves, which is of immense importance to the growth of these people. 

Type Two with a One Wing (2w1)


Those people who belong to enneagram Two with One-wing are often have sense of warmth, to get along, affectionate, generous and have shadows of moral obligation and determination thrown into the mix.

The wish of these people to be good and to do good for the people around and try to fulfil  needs of the people around is amplified by the One wing motivation of correctness.

2w1 genuinely wish to bring a constructive and positive change in the world as their generosity is always leaned towards social justice.

Riso and Hudson in their book “The Wisdom of Enneagram” explain that these people are always empathetic and are always more than happy to accept those tasks which do not offer any glamour or thankfulness in return.

People with enneagram type two are in Heart Centre Triad while one-wing comes up with measures of the body centre.

This is an additional advantage for the type two one-wing as it is helpful for them to process the actual energy in their body and to recognising their feelings  which attempt to overtake them more easily.

The one wing empowers the enneagram type two with a sense of backbone and physical appearance. 


When these people are under stress the 2w1 experience the need for the perfection of type one.

These people desire to be given and needed by the one-wing forces them to think that these people are best known.

When people with enneagram 2w1 get stressed it will start imposing their help on others, invading their personal lives to make those people do right things.

These are talkative people as they will mostly be seen as preachy talking endless about the thing which they consider to be right in the lives of other people not in their own lives and will try to alter the wrong ways of others.

2w1 under stressful circumstances will start judging themselves severely.

people find it hard to get to know about what they feel and what they actually need and their one-winged these people to think further that having personal wishes are in some ways wrong or selfish.

These people will go beyond limits to help other people but they will mostly get frustrated about the fact that their work is not being recognised. 

Being under severe pressure these people can start to forget their body, melding together the body shame of Type Twos and the attempt towards being physically perfect of Type Ones.

It may get you into bodily neglect, extreme exercise and eating disorders. 

People with enneagram type two and with a one-wing mainly known as type twos but they possess the attributes of type ones as well.

These people tend to be altruistic and have a purpose shown in their behavior.

These people have the desire to eliminate the suffering of human beings and are usually seen to be reserved and quieter than other twos.

Enneagram 2w1 Personality Traits:

Basic Fear of 2w1:

People with this type of enneagram with one-wing are afraid of not being wanted by those people whom they love the most.

2w1prefer to be playing the role of a caretaker for the purpose of serving the other people and avoiding the thoughts of insecurity.

Basic Desire of 2w1:

Major focus on the people with this enneagram type is to get acceptance and love from others.

These people are humble and service oriented who are always willing to be helpful for the betterment of the people of the community.

These people try to suppress their negative feelings, thoughts and emotions and their desires.

They can get into an internal conflict as they strive to meet the needs of everyone but not theirs. 

In short, those people with this personality type of 2w1 have following characteristics;

  1. They can understand the needs and the feelings of other people. 
  2. These people want to be accepted and loved. 
  3. These people are always at the service of those around them. 
  4. These people tend to suppress their negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. 
  5. They are afraid of not being loved. 

Enneagram 2w1 Strengths

People with any kind of personality type have some weaknesses and strengths and these are mostly amplified at the workplaces where one can have interaction with the people of different groups, family backgrounds and value systems. 

Average 2w1 combines oneish judgment with twoish people-pleasing.

People with enneagram 2w1 are stronger and  show rigidity as compared to those two with three-wing, but show less excitement as compared to ones with two-wing.

2w1 behaviour regulation is based on care to be staying polite and patient.

As a whole, these people tend to show a happier face but that is because they tend to repress their anguish and also they tend to repress their needs.

Their expressions of being happy are usually squeezed with tension.

These people are not interested in looking glamorous and sexy as compared to enneagram two with three-wing.

2w1people show extreme interest in becoming wanted as compared to ones with two-wing.

These people show an idealistic commitment to unconditional affection through helping other people.

Unluckily, these people may tend to be other oriented to an extremely self destructive extent.

People with enneagram two with one-wing can be easily recognised by the encouragement, warmness and overall sense of acceptance.

These people enjoy throwing smiles, giving compliments, hugs and being grateful. 2w1s are committed to provide their services with full enthusiasm.

As 2w1 main source of being influenced is the perspective Two they are really honest about being helping to others. 

 Although 2w1 can give their services to other people in a quiet person , One is their secondary perspective, which provides these people a motivation to do their duty  and purpose that may nudge them toward community work or business instead of being family man or doing their own service.

There is a risk factor with people of this type which is giving too much of themselves .

These people are not able to say no and somatizing is a defense mechanism used against this.

Enneagram type two with one-wing struggle to be unattached and fair towards their commitments but mostly get involved into emotionality and impulsivity.

When these people permit the difficulty of fulfilling the needs of others to get their approval, it may get them to despondency and may arise the feelings of being worthless and abandoned.

2w1 can avoid the feelings of total despair by adopting the strategy of illness or escapism.

But these approaches can be proved to be time wasting and can restrict these people from getting their own goals. 

2w1 INFJ

A 2w1 INFJ is likely to be someone that cares very deeply about society as well as those around them, and they can be very involved in trying to make the lives of everyone better, whether they know them or not.

The 2w1 INFJ can be extremely concerned about the welfare of others and their intuitive function as well as the caregiver attitude of the type 2 personality can make them very sensitive to feelings of rejection or criticism.

The type 1 wing in 2w1 INFJ makes them very giving, altruistic, and sympathetic to the cause of others and they may be very concerned about whether they are doing the right thing, whereas their intuition may inform them of just what they need to do for the people around them.

A 2w1 INFJ will also likely be quite tactful, polite, and thoughtful and they may almost certainly have a strong distaste both for being rude, and they don’t stand people who are rude either.

A 2w1 INFJ is also likely to be concerned with behaving in a morally upstanding way  but because they want to be so proper and correct all the time they can become incredibly passive-aggressive when they’re angry, irritated, or hurt instead of just confronting the other person directly.

2w1 vs 2w3

The primary difference between the 2w1 vs 2w3 personalities is that while the 2w1 is someone who is likely to be concerned with doing the right thing and making people feel better, the 2w3 might be more concerned with doing the thing that will get the best results, both for themselves as well as people around them.

Another distinction between 2w1 vs 2w3 is that the 2w3 is likely to be more extroverted as well, while 2w1 may be more concerned with their immediate circle, and the 2w1 might be more concerned with doing the right thing even if the society digresses, but 2w3 may care more about what they and others want to so and also what might be better from an image perspective.

Furthermore, 2w1 are also likely to be more proper and prim, and they may be quite polite and refined in their mannerisms, whereas the 2w3 personality may be more playful and casual, they can be vocal, loud, competitive, maybe even manipulative, which makes for another crucial difference between 2w1 vs 2w3.

The difference between 2w1 vs 2w3 that stands out the most is that while the 2w3 is very concerned about being competent in whatever they do and feeling like they are worthy, the 2w1 may be more concerned about being right and morally correct and not hurting anyone in the process of achieving things.

Lastly, one of the chief differences between 2w1 vs 2w3 is that the 2w3 personality may find it easier to make new connections and they may have some degree of trouble keeping up with their social circle, but the 2w1 is more likely to have a smaller circle in general.

FAQs about 2w1 enneagram

What is enneagram? 

Enneagram is considered as a paradigm which encapsulates the personality types.

It explains the models that how an individual comprehends the world around him and how he manages his emotions.

What is enneagram Type two?

The people who belong to type two are usually known as Helping beings or the helpers.

What is enneagram type Two with One-wing?

Average 2w1 combines oneish judgment with twoish people-pleasing.

People with enneagram two with one-wing are stronger and show rigidity as compared to those two with three-wing..

What are the strengths of enneagram type two with one-wing? 

Following are the few strengths which are associated with enneagram two with one-wing;

These people can recognise the needs of other people. 

These people are about their own personal grooming. 

These people provide necessary support to others.

What are the weaknesses of enneagram type one with two-wing?

Following are the weaknesses which are associated with 2w1:

They can be extremely self critical and insecure. 

Always trying to look for compliments from other people. 

These people can sacrifice their personal needs for others.


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