21 Reasons to Live

This interesting post will be checking out the best reasons to live so that you can make the perfect use of your life today. During difficult times, you may think it is hard to find a reason to live. But in fact, there are still numerous reasons for you to keep going.

21 reasons to live

21 reasons to live are listed as follows,

1) There’s only one you in this world

The first and most important thing that you need to realize is that there is one and only one ‘you’. Yes, there might be doppelgangers and people who have similar personalities. But no one can replace you, your essence and your uniqueness.

2) There are always solutions

Whatever the problem may be, there is always a solution. The solution may not come to you today but is going to turn up sooner or later. If you are finding it hard to live because of this problem, hang on, the solution may be nearer than you think.

3) You are needed more than you can imagine

You might feel that nobody needs you. But in fact, you are needed much more than you can imagine. Not only your loved ones, but your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends, your pets, all of them need you in some way or the other.

4) Tomorrow is a brand new day

You might have heard people say, “It is a bad day, not a bad life!” This is so true. Today may have been the worst day that you have experienced in your life. But tomorrow is coming with a fresh and clean slate.

5) Nothing is permanent in this life

Nothing is permanent in this life, not your emotions, not your thoughts, not your financial status, not your relationship status, nothing. While it can be anxiety inducing at times to know that everything is temporary, we can also rejoice in the fact that even suffering is temporary.

6) You are yet to cross many milestones

There are so many milestones to cover in your life. Whatever your age may be, there are so many more things to achieve and savor. You might be in your 90s but you always have 100 to go. You might be in your 20s and have family, kids, careers, travel, among other milestones to live for.

7) You have many adventures to go on

The world is huge and big enough to have you going on adventures every other day. Traveling and exploring is one of the best joys of this world. Even if your current status may not afford it, there is still a whole unpredictable future for you to wait for.

8) Loved ones make life more meaningful

Your life just does not consist of one person. Your loved ones, your parents, your extended family, your friends, all of them add more meaning to your life. Enjoy their company as much as you can since these are your people.

9) Pets make life more beautiful

It is not just people who add more spice to your life, but even your pets. Your pets are the best examples of how to live with spunk and joy in a worry-free manner. If you are questioning your reasons for life, just take a look at the happiness your dog gets from a mere ball.

10) You have a chance to help someone else

In this life, you not only help yourself but help many other people along the way. You may have already helped many people without realizing its importance and there are so many lined up to be helped by you in the future.

11)  You have a chance to make this world better

As said before, you are so unique that no one can replace you. And you are armed with what you need to make this world better for you and for those around you. Whatever your cause may be, world hunger, global warming or free health care, make it happen step by step.

12) There’s plenty of art to be enjoyed

 The world is filled with art and creativity for you to enjoy and relish. You are also integral to making art of your own for the world to see. Whether you are an artist or the audience, delve in art and imagination every day.

13) You have immense strength

On your worst day, you might have felt that you are too weak to go another day. But this is not true. You have immense strength to make it to this day, to this post, to this word. Do what strengthens you, and what weakens you, let it go.

14) There are many things to do right now

Maybe the solution for your particular problem may not be here today, but meanwhile, there are many other things to make your life better instantly. It could be that pile of unfolded laundry on your chair, or it could be that dresser that could use a new coat of paint. Whatever it is, do it.

15) You have plenty of learning to do

Life itself is one big lesson and there are new things to be learned every day. This is not just about philosophy but even new skills and talents. If you have always wanted to learn to play an instrument, there’s no better time than now.

16)  There’s no wrong way of living

Everyone’s life is different and no self-help book or philosopher can tell you how to lead yours. Your life is your very own and you create your rules. While some people live for fame and success, others just live for day to day happiness and nothing is wrong about it.

17)  Your mistakes are not failures

If you are feeling guilty about mistakes which you may have committed in the past, learn to let go. Your mistakes are lessons and don’t define you. No matter how big they may be, they are certainly not failures and can be used to push you onward and forward.

18)  You don’t have to prove anything to anyone

Living a life, just to please others can be brutally exhausting. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. As mentioned earlier, there are no concrete rules for living. You set your own rules and your principles and go at your own pace.

19)  You have plenty of shows to watch

Life is not just about the huge milestones and landmarks, but even the smaller ones like TV shows. There are plenty of shows and movies to watch in this world. If you are not into movies, you always have music, art, and plenty of entertainment to enjoy.

20)  There are no second chances at life

This life is the only one you are given and there are certainly no second chances here. There is no second chance to enjoy the warmth of the sun, no second opportunity to go on a first date, no second chances for anything.

21)  You are not always going to be the same

You might have been a terrible person before or may not be proud of yourself right now, but you are not always going to be the same. You are going to grow and develop and change. You have lots of time to be the best person you can be in any way you want.


This interesting post has checked out the best reasons to live so that you can make the perfect use of your life today.

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